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Vocabulary Workshop Level A Unit 13 Answers

Level A Unit 13 Choosing the Right Word Answers

Everything that I have learned about Theodore Roosevelt from history books (*stupefies, affirms*) my reverence for this great president.
Who (*prowled, empowered*) you to speak for everyone in our class?
A loud groan went through the class when we got the (*unscrupulous, disquieting*) news that there would be a full-period test later in the week.
I would love to be half as (*fluent, sulky*) in Spanish as Jose is in English.
All those smooth words and vague promises are not going to (*adhere, deter*) us from doing what we know is needed to improve conditions.
There is no one (*trait, optimist*) that makes him so likeable; it is the overall effect of his personality.
When everything went wrong for Stan, and he saw no way out of his troubles, he muttered to himself, “I just can’t (*mangle, cope*)!”
Come what may, I will (*adhere, affirm*) to the great ideas and ideals for which our ancestors suffered so much.
Jonathan was furious when his (*optimistic, unscrupulous*) boss stole his ideas for an advertising campaign.
My yoga class helped improve my breathing and (*supplemented, affirmed*) my training for running the marathon.
My definition of a(n) (*optimist, misapprehension*) is someone who looks at an almost empty bottle of juice and says, “This bottle is one-quarter full.”
The City Council has approved funds for a new playground, but we expect a (*lag, surge*) of several months before construction begins.
When I saw the (*disquieting, mangled) vehicle, I thought for sure that the driver had to be seriously injured; amazingly, though, he walked away from the wreck.
Even though some animals are ferocious and attack livestock, we should not be (*mangled, deterred*) from protecting their dwindling populations.
It is far better to know you are ignorant of something than to act on the basis of wrong information and (*misapprehensions, recitations*).
Shortly after World War II, Japan began the great economic (*surge, trait*) that put it among the world’s top industrial nations.
My friend took one look at the statue I fashioned from stray pieces of junk and exclaimed, “That’s not a sculpture, it’s a(n) (*lag, atrocity*)!”
The worst way to deal with disappointments is to become (*fluent, sulky*); the best way is to smile and make up your mind to try again.
Ms. Edwards is having us listen to professional speakers to help prepare us for our poetry (*recitations, supplements*).
Jacks and other scavengers now (*prowl, deter*) through the ruins of what was once a great city.
Have all these years of peace and good living (*disquieted, stupefied*) us to such an extend that we are not even prepared to defend ourselves?
I agree fully with what the previous speaker has said, but I should like to (*cope, supplement*) his ideas with a few remarks of my own.
The play went along smoothly until it came to Mark Antony’s funeral oration, which Fred (*empowered, mangled*) beyond all recognition.
A true friend would not have been so (*sulky, unscrupulous*) as to take unfair advantage of your trust and confidence.
Which stylistic (*traits, surges*) of Van Gogh’s paintings do you find more enthralling?

Level A Unit 13 Completing The Sentence Answers

In spite of our best efforts, collections for the Community Fund this year have __________ far behind last year’s figures.
Since she has a large family, she finds it necessary to __________ her income by working at a second job at night and on weekends.
Do you think that it is possible to become __________ in a foreign language without actually living in a country where it is spoken?
If you think that I would go to a party without being invited, you are under a complete _________.
As the young girl began her __________, her mouth became dry and her voice began to crack.
In World War I, soldiers in the trenches endured one __________ after another, such as contaminated food and water, diseases, and gangrene.
He is so careless in handling his textbooks that by the end of the term he has practically _________ all of them.
Naturally we were upset when we received the __________ news that our uncle had been taken to the hospital.
The unfavorable weather reports did not __________ us from holding the picnic that we had planned for so long.
In spite of all his talents, he will never gain high public office because so many voters feel that he is __________ and cannot be trusted.
We were so __________ by the bad news that for a few moments we just sat there without moving or speaking.
When he gets in one of those __________ moods, he is as unreasonable and unpleasant as a cranky child.
The Constitution __________ the president to name the people who will fill many of the most important positions in the government.
As soon as the doors were opened, the shoppers, eager for the advertised bargains, __________ into the store in great waves.
Throughout her long and noble career, her outstanding __________ has been her deep love for her fellow human beings.
If you are having so much trouble with a program of four major courses, how do you expect to __________ with a fifth course?
It is hard to be a(n) __________ when nothing works out for you.
As the robber __________ the streets looking for victims, he was unaware that undercover police officers were watching his every move.
Now that the job has been completed, I have finally become skillful in hanging the paper so that it __________ firmly to the wall.
The witness solemnly __________ that the evidence she was about to give was true.

Level A Unit 1 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

(Synonym) DAMAGED the bicycle’s lock while stealing it
(Synonym) did not welcome her GROUCHY attitude
(Synonym) OUTRAGE that stunned the world
(Synonym) the most unique ATTRIBUTE of the breed
(Synonym) hikers who DROP BACK to the rear of the group
(Synonym) drafting a SMOOTH AND EFFORTLESS speech
(Synonym) a special ADDENDUM to the book
(Synonym) a letter containing some TROUBLING news
(Synonym) his dramatic DELIVERY of the poem
(Synonym) unsure how to MANAGE without her help
(Antonym) comments that DETRACT FROM your main point
(Antonym) witnessed the SPONTANEOUS OUTBURST on the stage
(Antonym) known for her SUNNY disposition
(Antonym) HALTING for public-speaking skills
(Antonym) practicing CARING ACTS everyday

Level A Unit 13 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. B
  2. C
  3. D
  4. A
  5. C

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