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Vocabulary Workshop Level A Unit 14 Answers

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Level A Unit 14 Choosing the Right Word Answers

In Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic story, a chemical potion (*tallies, transforms*) the good Dr. Jekyll into the evil Mr. Hyde.
He enjoys (*abstaining, enumerating*) all the factors that enabled him to rise from poverty to great wealth, but he always omits the important element of luck.
I didn’t have time to write a letter to Lucy, but I (*appended, enumerated*) a few sentences to my sister’s letter, expressing my congratulations.
My trainer wants me to (*abstain, enumerate*) from eating highly processed foods, especially those made with sugar and wheat.
We cannot have a peaceful and just society so long as any one group is required to be (*responsive, submissive*) to another.
When he felt low, he found that singing (*exalted, amalgamated*) his spirits.
Each member of the basketball team was awarded a trophy to (*transform, commemorate*) the championship season.
On the weekends, my parents are (*taskmasters, upheavals*), handing out lists of chores for all the children to do.
Financiers are planning to (*accommodate, amalgamate*) various businesses in the United Station and England into one huge multinational corporation.
Ms. Wilentz is the kind of manager who does not try to (*extort, exalt*) cooperation from the people under her, but earns it by being a real leader.
Isn’t it a little (*far-fetched, self-seeking*) to suggest that the pollution of our environment is mainly caused by creatures from outer space?
Nina is not very (*submissive, responsive*) to the idea of hiking up Mt. Kilimanjaro for her honeymoon.
Experience has taught me that people who constantly boast about their unselfishness are often secretly quite (*submissive, self-seeking*).
After a complete makeover, the scruffy young man was (*exalted, transformed*) into a distinguished-looking gentleman.
The detective’s suspicion was aroused when the suspect’s story failed to (*tally, commemorate*) with the known facts of the case.
The mayor had to choose between (*allegiance, tally*) to his political party and his judgment of what was best for the city.
The United States has a long history of providing (*upheaval, sanctuary*) to those fleeing persecution abroad.
If you look so (*far-fetched, glum*) just because you can’t go to the party, how are you going to react when something really bad happens?
Unless the poor people of the country see some hope of improving their lives, there will probably soon be a great social (*sanctuary, upheaval*).
The new hotel is spacious enough to (*accommodate, extort*) large groups of people attending conventions and banquets.
Only seven members of the Security Council voted on the resolution; the others (*abstained, tallied*).
Instead of working so hard to prepare (*replicas, allegiances*) of famous works of art, why don’t you try to create something original?
Because she sets extremely high standards for herself and is always pushing herself to do better, she is her own most severe (*taskmaster, replica*).
It remains to be seen how (*glum, responsive*) the students will be to the new method of teaching mathematics.
To (*tally, commemorate*) Paul Bunyan’s birthday, my uncle made flapjacks.

Level A Unit 14 Completing The Sentence Answers

I love basketball games, but I have decided to abstain from attending them until I can get my grades up to where they should be.
Imagine how glum we felt when a sudden wave of warm weather melted all the snow and ruined our plans for a winter carnival!
Is there anything more despicable than trying to extort money from innocent people by threatening them with bodily harm?
Remember that the Pledge of allegiance is not a formula to be repeated mechanically but a summary of our sacred duty to our country.
On Memorial Day, Americans gather in ceremonies across the country to commemorate the nation’s war dead.
Every entertainer likes a(n) responsive audience that shows it appreciates and enjoys a performance.
I know that Mother has given you all kinds of instructions before you leave for camp, but let me append some extra advice on my own.
Anne usually seems to be quiet and submissive but she has a way of flaring up when she feels that anyone is being unfair to her.
Can you see why it was logical for various labor unions in the clothing and textile industries to amalgamate into a single organization?
Under the U.S. Constitution, officials are never exalted to a point where they are more important or more powerful than the law.
Good employees don’t need a(n) taskmaster to keep them working.
In just a few years, she was transformed from an awkward tomboy into a charming young woman.
The driving instructor enumerated carefully the bad habits and practices that are likely to lead to accidents.
We learned in our science class how upheaval of Earth’s crust has resulted in the formation of mountains.
Though an injured hand kept Larry from actually bowling, he took part in the tournament by keeping a careful tally of the scores.
I enjoyed the first part of the detective story, but the surprise ending was so far-fetched that I couldn’t accept it.
When we visited New York City, we bought a small replica of the Statue of Liberty as a memento of our trip.
I would like to accommodate you, but I don’t think it is right to allow you to copy my homework.
A portion of the forest has been set aside as a bird sanctuary for the protection of endangered species in the area.
When Ben Franklin said, “God helps those who help themselves,” he did not mean that the most important thing in life is to be self-seeking.

Level A Unit 14 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

Synonym: Isolate
Synonym: Merchant
Synonym: Disowned
Synonym: Expunge
Synonym: Routine
Synonym: Dull
Synonym: Turned/Upside-Down
Synonym: Era
Synonym: Fluid
Synonym: Truce
Antonyms: Organized
Antonyms: Spur-of-the-Moment
Antonyms: Completely broke
Antonyms: Acknowledged
Antonyms: Conflict

Level A Unit 14 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. D
  2. B
  3. A
  4. D
  5. C

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