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Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 9 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 9 Choosing the Right Word Answers

the Hindu god vishu is most often associated with ten _ do all the god also has about 10,000 names

in all great philosophers we find common standards that must be regarded as __ values, equally valid at all times and in all places

I will go as a nation and a society must be to free ourselves completely of the __ racial prejudice

surely you can make an honest effort to please your employer without _ to the vanity of the person who pays your salary

you did nothing to help me but now I have to achieve some success you have the gal to claim me as you _

we can now recognize that many institutions that seemed, at a particular time, to be in their _ we’re actually already on the decline

when I saw the beautiful girl you had bought to the prom, I understood the reason for your smile of _ self satisfaction

the lowering clouds and mounting wins did not _ well for our hopes for perfect beach weather

I have no desire to be known as nonconformist, but I am not going to allow fear of public disapproval to become a my __
bete noire

My criticism of his statement is not merely that it is _, but that it uses words to obscure rather than to reinforce the meaning.

the emergency room nurse is the very _ of patience and generosity, as he or she often stays at the hospital late to comfort patients

his zest for life and his boundless optimism were expressed perfectly, it seemed to me, in his _ smile

in the twilight of her long career, she began to receive the _ that her brilliant but unconventional writings so richly deserved

her composition was seriously weakened by __ such as an older woman who was approaching the end of her life span

scientists have for some time been correlating the functions of human consciousness with the neural __ of the brain

the corporate __ did succeed in climbing the ladder of success for a few years, but his repellent behavior eventually caught up with him

I was paid generously for my work, but the kind smile and gracious words were a delightful _

I felt that I could not continue to live any longer in that ______atmosphere of prejudice and hostility

she was such a ______supporter of the Los Angeles dodgers that she seemed unable to speak of anything else

when the sanitation strike continued into a second week, people began to complain about the ______smell that hung over the city

after a long investigation, detectives arrested two con artists who had __ many elderly victims into giving the con artist their life savings

the crashing thunder and piercing lightning seem to summon an ______that haunted the child in her sleep

surrounded from childhood by flattering courtiers , the monarch grew to adulthood unable to distinguish a friend from a __

the reporter _____herself into the private courtroom proceedings by convincing the bailiff that she was his childhood friend

to choose giving over receiving is to reap eternal _

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 9 Completing The Sentence Answers

Falstaff is a behemoth personality, whose _ appetite, especially for sack and sleep, never seem to be satiated.

Once I created an inexact __ for the new dancing video game, O became inexplicably motivated to exercise.

After I read one of your _ and repetitive reports, I always have the feeling that you have never heard of the expression “less is more”

I think it was terribly naive of us to expect to get a fair hearing from such __ partisans of the opposing party.

It was a subject of heated debate in the early 19th century whether the federal government should play any part at all in building the __ to support the fledgling American economy.

Was it our imagination, or was the room still __ with the smell of stale cigar smoke?

I was happy enough when she agreed to go to prom with me, but her suggestion that we use her car was and unexpected __.

The atmosphere of mistrust and hostility did not __ well for the outcome of the peace talks.

In David Copperfield, Dickens described with heartbreaking realism the period of his own childhood that he spent toiling in a(n) _ cellar.

At the risk of losing the election, I refused to __ to the fleeting passions and prejudices of a small part of the electorate.

The lame-duck president looked back with nostalgia on the power he had wielded during the _ of his administration.

To maintain that, because human beings are aggressive animals, they will always be involved in conflicts seems to me a mere _.

May I say, in all modesty that i don’t deserve such _ just because i was all-state in football and led my class academically.

I consider the vogue use of “hopefully” illogical, inept, and pretentious; it has become my linguistic _.
Bete Noire

Far better to receive sincere criticism, no matter how severe, than to endure the groveling adulation of a(n) _.

The speaker emphasized that in the modern world the barriers between different groups are rapidly being broken down and that we must try to think in truly _ terms.

In the dreamy _ of their first love, nothing I might have said would have had the slightest effect on them.

Like most people, I enjoy flattery, but I can’t be _ into doing something that in my heart I know is wrong.

THe memory of my ghastly blunder and of the harm it had done to innocent people weighed on my spirit like a(n) _.

As the _ of one of the great violinists of our times, she has had an unrivaled opportunity to develop her musical talents.

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 9 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

WordAntonym/Synonym 1Antonym/Synonym 2
avatara: computer users: embodiment, virtual identity, manifestation
beatitudea: misery, despairs: bliss, rapture
bodes: presage, augur, foreshadow
danka: dry, arid, parched, desiccateds: clammy, moist, soggy
ecumenicala: parochial, regional, insulars: general, comprehensive, worldwide
fervida: apathetic, indifferent, cool, blasis: ardent, fervent, earnest, zealous
fetida: fragrant, aromatic, perfumed, sweets: smelly, putrid, noisome, foul, malodorous
gargantuana: tiny, minuscule, infinitesimal, dwarfishs: huge, colossal, mammoth, gigantic
heydeya: formative years, twilight years, declines: golden age, prime
incubusa: muses: hobgoblin, millstone, burden
infrastructurea: superstructures: base, basis, underpinning, foundation
kudosa: boos, disapproval, condemnations: glory, praise, accolades
inveigles: induce, beguile, cajole, wheedle
prolixa: laconic, succinct, pithy, terses: garrulous, verbose
protegea: sponsor, mentor, benefactors: ward, charge, discipline, trainee
sycophants: yes-man, flunky, bootlicker, toady
tautologya: concise statements: pleonasm, redundancy
trucklea: resist, defy, stand up tos: kowtow, stoop, grovel

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 9 Vocabulary in Context Answers

1. If something BODES ill, itB. WarnsB
2. To be FERVID is to beA. PassionateA
3. When something is FETID, it is NOTD. AromaticD
4. An INCUBUS causesC. DistressC
5. To TRUCKLE is toB. ComplimentB

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