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Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 15 Answers

Level D Unit 15 Choosing the Right Word Answers

dormantDuring the Great Depression, millions of Americans were out of work, as much of the nation’s productive capacity lay dormant.
bruntWhen the referee called back a touchdown by the home team, he had to bear the brunt of the crowd’s anger.
avertWhenever I even suspect that a gory scene is about to start in a movie, I avert my eyes or even cover them with my hands.
protractedAfter World War II, the United States and the Soviet Union became locked in a protracted struggle known as the Cold War.
liberalityYour liberality is to be admired, but it must be controlled so that it is not out of proportion to your means.
harangueAt a time when we need goodwill and cooperation, nothing will be gained by an emotional harangue about old abuses and mistakes.
boorishPeople who only think of themselves, with no concern for the feelings of others, are bound to be boorish.
dubiousThe applicant’s list of accomplishments, which went on for two pages, was dubious at best.
plaintiffI think that we can settle this dispute in a friendly way, without either of us becoming a defendant or a plaintiff.
legionThe dinner to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mrs. Roth’s teaching career was attended by a legion of her former students.
combatantsFor many years after the Civil War, thousands of combatants in the great battle of Gettysburg met in annual reunions.
quarryWe’ll need to quarry for the large stones necessary for securing the foundation.
subterfugeHe pretended to be speechless with anger, but we recognized this as a subterfuge to avoid answering the charges against him.
probeAlthough we were fairly certain that the ice would be thick enough to hold us, we used a long stick as a probe to see if any part of the ice was too thin.
actuateA new popular singing idol will often actuate changes in clothing fashions.
abaseI was ashamed of my poor behavior at the debate and hope I did not abase myself in the eyes of the moderator.
dormantIn the school library, all activity seemed to have become dormant as students napped with their heads and arms draped across desks.
quarryThe detective story was so cleverly constructed that the character whom we took to be the pursuer turned out to be the quarry.
dubiousWe began with confidence in his success in the election, but as he made one mistake after another, we grew more and more dubious.
avertLet us not avert our attention from the sufferings of the people living in the slums of our community.
knaveSince his absurd scheme was never really intended to harm us, we regard him as more of a fool than a knave.
probeWe demand that the committee is made up of legislators who will probe fearlessly into the causes of the energy crisis.
impenitentSince the prisoner remained defiantly impenitent, the review panel saw no reason for granting him parole.
harriedA pack of reporters harried the senator with pointed and persistent questions even as he was being whisked into his limousine.
spurnHow can that heartless beauty spurn

Level D Unit 15 Completing The Sentence Answers

abaseWhy should you ? yourself by begging to be admitted to a club made up of snobs and phonies.
actuatedWe learned that the bizarre sequence of events was ? by an accidental tug on the switching device.
avertThe police were quickly ordered to the scene as a precautionary measure to ? a threatened riot.
boorishFortunately the loud and generally ? behavior of a few of the guests did not spoil the party for the rest of us.
bruntThe entire boardwalk at the beach was smashed to bits when the full ? of the hurricane struck it.
combatantsThe two ? fought it out with words rather than with fists.
dormantIn AD 79, the sudden and violent eruption of a volcano that had been ? for many years destroyed Pompeii in two days.
dubiousIsn’t friendship with a person who mistrusts you of ? value?
harangueThe speakers’ corner in London’s Hyde Park is home to the soapbox orators who ? idlers and passersby.
harriedBands of guerrillas ? the straggling soldiers as they retreated in disarray.
impenitentOn the surface, she seemed stubbornly ?, but secretly she regretted the damage her thoughtlessness had caused.
knavesThe Mississippi river boats were home to crooks and ? of every description from cardsharps to confidence men.
legionThe soldiers of the mighty Roman ? were organized in battle units called cohorts and maniples.
liberalityHis many donations of large sums of money to organizations dedicated to relieving world hunger are evidence of his ?.
plaintiffAs a lawyer for the ?, you will have full opportunity to cross-examine the witnesses for the defendant.
probeDivers from the salvage ship will try to ? the ocean floor where the Confederate warship sank in 1863.
protractOur planned stopover in Denver was unexpectedly ? when a blizzard prevented us from leaving the city for days.
quarryThe bloodhounds pursued their human ? through the swamps.
spurnedBecause his feelings were hurt, he ? any attempts on my part to provide help.
subterfugeHis sudden fainting spell was a ? to get out of taking me to the spring dance.

Level D Unit 15 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

abaselower, humiliate, prostrate, demeanelevate, ennoble, exalt
actuatetrigger, incite, instigate
avertstop, deflect, ward off, precludeinvite, induce, provoke, cause
boorishvulgar, crude, uncouth, ill-mannered, gauchesuave, urbane, polished, courtly, well-bred
bruntblow, shockaftershock, aftermath, repercussion
combatantsoldier, disputant, warrior; hostile, battlingcivilian; peaceful, neutral
dormantresting, still, quiescentawake, active, lively, productive
dubiousquestionable, suspect, unsettled, undecidedcertain, positive, indubitable, reliable
haranguerant, lecture; tirade, diatribewhisper, murmur, undertone
harrybadger, pester, hound, pillage, ravage
impenitentremorseless, unrepentant, incorrigibleashamed, remorseful, contrite, apologetic
knaverascal, rouge, scoundrel, miscreant
legionmultitude, host, throng, division, regimentsquad, platoon; few, sparse
liberalitylargesse, magnanimity, broad-mindednessstinginess, miserliness, marrow-mindedness
plaintiffcomplainant, accuserdefendant, accused
probeexplore, scrutinize; inquiry, detectorconceal, hide; cover-up, whitewash
protractprolong, extend, elongate, spin-outcontract, compress, concentrate
quarryprey, game, victim, excavation, pit, minehunter, predator, pursuer
spurnturn down, reject, decline, snub, repudiateaccept, welcome, greet
subterfugedodge, blind, ruse, deception, artifice

Level D Unit 15 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. C
  2. A
  3. D
  4. B
  5. C

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