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Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 14 Answers

Level D Unit 14 Choosing the Right Word Answers

cornerstonesSeparation of powers is one of the ( ) which the American form of government is built.
inciteWe learned from the film that Spartacus was a Roman gladiator who ( ) his fellow slaves to armed rebellion.
embroilThe President said in his inaugural address that he firmly believes that we must not ( ) ourselves in the quarrels of other nations.
profuseThe couple thanked me so ( ) for the small favor I had done them that I was almost embarrassed.
debacleMy campaign for the class presidency ended in an utter ( ) when I forgot my speech as I was about to address the assembly.
haphazardSome people think that, because she wears mismatched clothing, her approach to dressing herself is ( ), but I think she plans her outfits very carefully.
cordialAlthough I had never even met her, the emails she wrote to me were so ( ) that I felt we were old friends.
pedigreeThe ( ) of that dog cannot be in question; the breeder has extensive documentation to prove that he is from a line of award-winning collies.
shackleAfter he was brought in by the police, he remained ( ) to a chair for about half an hour.
glibWhat we need is not talkers with ( ) solutions for all our problems, but doers who are prepared to pitch in and help.
XHow can he ( ) his claim that he is a “good citizen” with the fact that he doesn’t even bother to vote?
pallorThe famous actor applied a layer of ashen makeup to simulate the ghastly ( ) of a ghost.
improviseLet’s ( ) a shelter from these fallen branches before it gets too dark to see in the woods.
threadbareWe are tired of listening to those ( ) old excuses for your failure to keep your promises.
exonerateThe story of his unhappy childhood aroused our sympathy, but did not ( ) him from the charge of criminal assault.
annexThe disaster was so great that the overcrowded hospital was forced to house some patients in a makeshift ( ).
haphazardWith such a ( ) way of keeping accounts, is it any wonder that your budget is a disaster?
pedigreeTrue, he comes from an aristocratic family, but he won that promotion on the basis of merit, not because of his ( ).
precipitousRunaway inflation can cause a ( ) decline in the value of a nation’s currency.
devitalizeModern processing methods ( ) many foodstuffs sold today, resulting in a loss of both taste and nutritional value.
influxTo seaside resorts, to annual ( ) of tourists marks the true beginning of the summer season.
cleaveIn a time of unrest and bewildering change, it is more important than ever to ( ) to the basic principles that give meaning to our lives.
improviseHe is the kind of speaker who is more effective when he ( ) his remarks that when he reads from a prepared script.
profuseThe glade was resplendent with ( ) flowers.
shackleIn spite of all the progress made in recent years, we are still not entirely free from the ( ) to prejudice and superstition.

Level D Unit 14 Completing The Sentence Answers

reconcileAs we grow older and perhaps wiser, we _____ ourselves to the fact that we will never achieve all that we had hoped in life.
embroiledThree customers fought noisily over the last sale-priced sweater until they finally ______ the store manager in their dispute.
haphazardHis books are scattered around in such a(n) _____ manner that it is a mystery to me how he can find the ones he wants.
devitalizedThe illness so _____ her that it was several weeks before she could return to her job.
glibHe is certainly a(n) __________ talker, but does he have a firm grasp of the subject he’s discussing?
cornerstoneThe roman numeral MCMXCVI is inscribed on the commemorative plaque that adorns the _____ of the building.
pedigreeMy dog Rover may look like a mutt at first glance, but in fact he has a distinguished _______.
threadbareHis old-fashioned clothes were patched and _____, but we could see that he had made every effort to keep them spotlessly clean.
exoneratedBy proving that his 18th birthday came one day before the election, the student was ______ of the charge of unlawful voting.
improvisedThe entertainer cleverly ___________ limericks and other comic rhymes on subjects suggested by the audience.
debacleOur dress rehearsal was a disaster: actors blew their lines, doors on the st got stuck shut; it was a complete _____.
influxThe heavy rains of June brought a(n) ________ of mosquitoes into the neighborhoods bordering the marshland.
cleaveWith one flashing stroke of his mighty axe, the skilled woodsman was able to _________ the heavy branch from the tree trunk.
profuseIn the untended garden the weeds were so ______ that they all but smothered the few flowers that managed to blossom.
cordialWe certainly did not expect to receive such a(n) ______ greeting from someone who had been described to us as cold and unsociable.
shacklesOf the millions of immigrants who came to America from all over the world, only the Africans arrived here in _________.
pallorHer deathly _______ and distraught expression told us she had already received the tragic news.
inciteRebels would find it difficult to _________ people who are reasonably well satisfied with their government to rise up against it.
annexedWith the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, Jefferson _____ a vast territory that doubled the size of the nation.
precipitousI saw nothing but peril in the prospect of trying to scale a cliff so sheer and ______ that even expert climbers shield away from it.

Level D Unit 14 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

annexsyn: join, acquire, appropriate, procure
cleavesyn: sever, halve, sunder, adhere, clasp
cordialsyn: hospitable, affable, warm, convivial
cordialant: gruff, unfriendly, unsociable
cornerstonesyn: foundation, base, underpinning, support
debaclesyn: disaster, fiasco, calamity
debacleant: success, triumph, victory, coup
devitalizesyn: enfeeble, sap, enervate
devitalizeant: enliven, stimulate, energize, excite
embroilsyn: entangle, ensnarl
embroilant: disentangle, separate, disconnect
exoneratesyn: absolve, acquit, vindicate, exculpate
exonerateant: implicate, incriminate, inculpate
glibsyn: superficial, pat, oily, unctuous, facile
glibant: halting, tongue-tied, speechless, awkward
haphazardsyn: random, accidental, slapdash
haphazardant: deliberate, purposeful, orderly, meticulous
improvisesyn: ad-lib, play it by ear, wing it, extemporize
improviseant: plan, rehearse, practice prepare
incitesyn: spur, kindle, provoke, instigate, prompt
inciteant: check, curb, impede, restrain, smother
influxsyn: inpouring, inrush, invasion
influxant: outpouring, exodus, departure
pallorsyn: wanness, lividness, bloodlessness
pallorant: flush, blush, rosiness, bloom
pedigreesyn: lineage, ancestry, genealogy
precipitoussyn: sheer, abrupt, sharp
precipitousant: gradual, shallow, graded, incremental
profusesyn: extravagant, lavish, bounteous, plenteous
profuseant: sparse, scanty, meager, insufficient
reconcilesyn: unite, conciliate, mend fences
reconcileant: antagonize, alienate, drive a wedge between
shacklesyn: manacle, enslave, handcuffs, bonds, irons
shackleant: free, unfetter, emancipate, liberate
threadbaresyn: frayed, seedy, ragged, shopworn, trite
threadbareant: luxurious, plush, costly, sumptuous

Level D Unit 14 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. D
  2. C
  3. B
  4. D
  5. A

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