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Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 5 Answers

Level D Unit 5 Choosing the Right Word Answers

CatalystMost historians agree that military disasters during World War I were the catalyst that sparked the Russian Revolution of 1917.
ExodusDuring the summer, urban “sun worshippers” begin their weekly exodus from the city at around 3:00 p.m. on Friday.
ArbitrarySince they are firmed based on the logic of a sentence, the rules of punctuation should not be considered purely arbitrary.
MilitantsMilitants, disguised with the government’s policies, took on the streets to register a vote of no confidence.
LatentIt is up to us to get rid of any latent prejudices that we may still unwittingly hold against members of other races and nationalities.
IncorrigibleHe has deceived me so many times that I am forced to conclude that he is simply an incorrigible liar.
PrattlingThe brook prattling along its rocky course seemed to be conversing wordlessly with the wind murmuring in the trees.
ParamountFor the world’s starving millions, finding enough food to keep body and soul together has become the paramount concern in life.
AnnihilatedWith their bigger, faster, more experienced players, South High simply annihilated our team, 56 to 7.
RebutThe best way to rebut the contention that something is not possible to do is to go out and do it.
SuccumbI refuse to believe that our society will succumb to the weaknesses which have destroyed other nations.
AccomplicesWhile his accomplices acted as decoys, one of the youngsters attempted to flinch a couple of apples from the unguarded bin.
FacilitateHer excellent command of both French and Spanish should facilitate her efforts to get a position in the foreign service.
ServitudeEven people who appear to be free may be in servitude to their own passions and prejudices.
BrazenThe leaden silence of the afternoon was shattered by the brazen voices of trumpets braying fanfares for the returning hero.
SlapdashPeople who never give any assignment more than a “lick and a promise” may be said to belong to the slapdash school of working.
ReprimandOn rare occasions, the U.S. Senate will reprimand one of its members who has violated the rules.
StagnantUnemployment will stay at a high level so long as a nation’s economy remains stagnant.
MoroseI don’t think it is fair to call him a morose person just because he was in a dejected mood when you met him.
OpaqueYou may think that his explanation is perfectly clear, but I find it confused and opaque.
ReprimandThe boss’s reprimand stung his employee especially hard, as it was delivered in front of the entire staff.
BrazenHis brazen demeanor might help him to be a successful salesperson, but it could also alienate potential customers.
ServitudeThe family’s servitude to the local lords had begun generations earlier, when an ancestor’s misfortunes had resulted in a loss of wealth and status.
ParamountAfter the police secured the evidence, it became paramount to track down the witnesses before they left the scene.
PrattleI worried that the toddler’s prattle would continue throughout the film.

Level D Unit 5 Completing The Sentence Answers

No matter what make of automobile you have, it is of ______ importance that you learn to drive safely before you use it.paramount
After the opposing speakers had both presented their cases, they were allowed time to _____ each other’s arguments.rebut
The fact that you cannot control those small children does not mean that they are ______.incorrigible
Mom and Dad said nothing when I failed the exam, but the disappointed looks on their faces hurt more than the most severe _____.reprimand
It is an unfortunate fact that the _____ attitudes of Germany’s kaiser and his saber-rattling cronies helped make World War I inevitable.militant
Fighting is considered such a(n) _____ violation of the rules of a game that the offending players are usually severely penalized.brazen
Many people came to the New World after they had been sentenced to terms of penal ______ for crimes they had committed.servitude
In large areas of the huge swamp, there were _____ pools of water covered with unmoving masses of green slime.stagnant
“If you spent more time and effort on your essays, they would cease to be such _____ affairs,” my older sister wisely observed.slapdash
The helpful librarian did much to ______ the research for my term paper.facilitate
The doctor warned relatives that if the patient’s condition deteriorated any further, he would ____ to pneumonia.succumb
It is a frightening fact of modern life that we now possess the weaponry to ____ not only our enemies but all humankind.annihilate
In guaranteeing the right to “due process of law,” the Constitution protects Americans against _____ arrest and imprisonment.arbitrary
Even though the youngster did not actually steal the vehicle, he acted as one of the thief’s _______.accomplices
The second book of the Old Testament is named for the story it recounts of the ____ of the Israelites from the land of Egypt.exodus
Her friends call her “Motormouth” because she has a remarkable capacity to ______ on endlessly about the trivial matters.prattle
If we are going to use this space as a dark room for photography, we must have a completely _____ covering over the window.opaque
Though they had been there all along, Grandma Moses did not discover her _____ artistic talents until well into her seventies.latent
When he was suddenly deprived of everything he valued in life, the poor man became extremely gloomy and ______.morose
In certain industrial processes, _______ speed up the desired reaction by lessening the amount of energy needed to produce it.catalysts

Level D Unit 5 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

accomplicepartner in crime, confederate
annihilateobliterate, decimate, demolishfoster, promote, encourage, nurture
arbitrarycapricious, high-handed, autocraticreasoned, rational, objective, equitable
brazensaucy, bolddeferential, respectful, self-effacing
catalyststimulus, spur, instigator
exodusemigration, escape, hegiraimmigration, influx, arrival, entrance
facilitateease, smooth the way, simplifyhamper, hinder, obstruct, impede
incorrigibleunruly, intractable, incurable, inveteratetractable, docile, curable, reparable
latentdormant, inactive, undevelopedexposed, manifest, evident
militanttruculentunassertive, peaceable, passive
morosemorbid, dolefulcheerful, blithe, jaunty, buoyant
opaquehazy, cloudy, foggy, murky, dull, obtusetransparent, clear, bright, perceptive
paramountsupreme, foremost, primary, dominantsecondary, subordinate, ancillary
prattlechatter, twaddle, gibberish, piffle
rebutdisprove, confute, shoot holes inconfirm, corroborate, substantiate
reprimandreprove, reproach, reproofpraise, pat on the back
servitudecaptivity, bondage, thralldomfreedom, liberty
slapdashcursory, perfunctory, sloppy, slipshodpainstaking, meticulous, thorough, in-depth
stagnantstill, motionless, inert, fetidflowing, running, fresh, sweet
succumbsubmit, die, expireovercome, master, conquer

Level D Unit 5 Vocabulary in Context Answers

1. C
2. A
3. B
4. C
5. A

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