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Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 1 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 1 Choosing the Right Word Answers

Famous for his monosyllabic replies to questions and a somber and (taciturn,germane) nature, President Coolidge had the nickname “Silent Cal”taciturn
In that moment of grief, the conventional expression of sympathy I had always considered (tenable, banal) were surprisingly comforting.banal
I am proud to have it said of me that I am stubborn and (invidious, intransigent) when genuine moral issues are involved.intransigent
Ethelred the Unready was so reluctant to face the Vikings who invaded his kingdom that in effect he (arrogated, temporized) himself off the throne.temporized
What evident can you offer to (substantiate,eschew) the assertion that capital punishment does not deter potential murderers?substantiate
Suddenly a band of ruffians set upon us and began to (congeal, belabor) us with blows and curses.belabor
Even a very imperfect human being may sometimes have virtues of mind or character that are worthy of (carping, emulation).emulation
Aristotle had such a (tenable, acquisitive) mind that his writings are a veritable gold mine of odd and interesting information.acquisitive
The mood of easy cordiality with which we began the meeting soon (congealed, temporized) into icy politeness.congealed
The poor woman was in such a state of shock after the accident that she couldn’t give a (coherent, taciturn) account of what had happened.coherent
The new batting champion in our softball league is a (insatiable, taciturn) young man who prefers to let his bat do his talking for him.taciturn
The speech was so filled with (encomiums, reconnaissance) that I found it hard to believe that the subject of all this acclaim was plain old me.encomiums
“That word has such (invidious, germane) connotation in modern American parlance” I said, “that I would hesitate to use it, even in jest.”invidious
His figure bears witness to his (acquisitive, insatiable) appetite for the pleasures of the table.insatiable
In our attempt to improve the quality of life in America, we should not be too quick to (eschew, cohere) old ideas simply because they are old.eschew
When the evidence of his misconduct became irrefutable, he saw that his position was not (banal, tenable) and resigned.tenable
After the editor read the story he returned it to the author with only a few (carping, coherent) criticisms of minor faults penciled in the margin.carping
The Constitution is uniquely designed to provide protection against those who might seek to (substantiate, arrogate) undue power to themselves.arrogate
Aerial (reconnaissance, encomium) of he enemy’s positions provided the general with information he needed to plan his attack.reconnaissance
After I mowed the lawn for an hour, he gave me a while dollar with the air of a feudal lord bestowing (largesse, intransigence) on a grateful serf.largesse
Your critical comments about my “lack of social background” may be true, but they are not (coherent, germane) to my qualifications for office.germane
Because this committee has (belabored, emulated) the issue of zoning laws for months, we will not invite public comments on it again in tonight’s meeting.belabored
The historian needed to scrutinize additional handwriting samples before he could (eschew, substantiate) he signature on the document.substantiate
Instead of opening voter’s minds to new ideas, the debate actually (arrogated, congealed) their previous objections to the proposed legislation.congealed
The (carping, largesse) of grateful patients made the clinic’s expression possible.largesse

Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 1 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

HARP ON the same point again and againbelabor
the GRASPING real estate developeracquisitive
tries to COPY her social gracesemulate
tends to HEDGE when confronted by direct questionstemporize
the NIT-PICKING comments of a perfectionistcarping
the VORACIOUS hungerinsatiable
led the SCOUTING EXPEDITIONreconnaissance
was thanked for her MUNIFICENCElargesse
could not VERIFY the alibisubstantiate
received a well-deserved COMMENDATIONencomium
blood that does not COAGULATEcongeal
was PERTINENT to the investigationgermane
OBDURATE on certain pointsintransigent
a JUSTIFIABLE reason for disagreeingtenable
tried to USURP control of the financesarrogate
made a very COMPLIMENTARY (ant.) remarkinvidious
questioned the GARRULOUS (ant.) witnesstaciturn
the NOVEL (ant.) lyrics to that songbanal
a DISJOINTED (ant.) essay of foreign policycoherent
ADOPTED (ant.) the use of technologyeschewed
acquisitivegreedy, avaricious, retentivealtruistic
arrogateexpropriate, commandeerrenounce, abdicate, abandon
banalstale, insipidfresh, original, new
carpingnit-picking, cavilingapproving, uncritical
coherentconnected, unified, consistent, cohesivemuddled, chaotic, disjointed
congealharden, jell, solidifyliquefy
emulatecopy, mimic, rival, match, measure up toembrace, adopt
encomiumpanegyric, eulogycondemnation, castigation, criticism
eschewabstain from, steer clear of, forgoembrace, adopt
germanepertinentirrelevant, extraneous, inappropriate
insatiableunquenchable, ravenous
intransigentuncompromising, unyielding, obduratelukewarm, halfhearted, yielding
invidiousmalicious, spiteful, prejudicial, pejorativeflattering, ameliorative
largesseliberality, bountystinginess, miserliness, niggardliness
substantiateconfirm, validate, authenticaterefute, disprove, invalidate
taciturntight-lipped, uncommunicative, laconicgarrulous, loquacious, prolix, verbose
temporizedillydally, procrastinate
tenabledefensible, justifiable, maintainableindefensible, unjustifiable

Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 1 Completing The Sentence Answers

some of the episodes in the series were wonderfully fresh and original; others were just plain ______banal
i don’t object to the inclusion of anecdotes in a serious lecture, but they should at the very least be _______ to the subjectgermane
there is nothing wrong with ______ the great singers of the last as long as you eventually develop a style that is all your ownemulating
when the temperature outside dropped suddenly, the muddy water in the ditch _____ into a mass of icy sludgecongealed
the purpose of military ____ remains the same whether cavalry or helicopters are used: to learn as much as possible about the enemyreconnaissance
in any crisis, the longer a person _____, the greater danger is likely to becometemporizes
in spite of his size, he was so _____ that we tended to forget he was even in the roomtaciturn
the novel contains an interesting study of a miser’s _____ lust for gold and its evil effects on those around himinsatiable
by whose authority did you _______ to yourself the right how the club money would be spent?arrogate
she received housing vouchers and food stamps as a result of the government’s _______largesse
students who seek high grades must learn to ___ the joys of that one-eyed monster, the televisioneschew
“there is now need for you to ____ the point,” i replied, ” when i already understand clearly what your criticism isbelabor
as a result of recent research, earlier theories about the origin of the universe are no longer ______tenable
I doubt very much that he can ______ his assertion that he won two gold medals in the 1956 olympicssubstantiate
in my opinion, there is absolutely no justification for making such ______ distinctions between the two types of productinvidious
your essay would be a great deal tighter and more _______ if you removed all the extraneous information it now containscoherent
how can we “meet them halfway” when they are so _____ in their opposition to what we propose to do?intransigent
even the most severe critics showered _____ on the young writer for the remarkable narrative power of her first novelencomium
never having any money in one’s pockets can be a real trial for someone born with the ______ instincts of a pack ratacquisitive
despite the ______ and nit-picking of the few petty minds, I feel we have a substantially improved out local school system of latecarping

Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 1 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. D
  2. B
  3. D
  4. A
  5. B

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