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Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 10 Answers

Level G Unit 10 Choosing the Right Word Answers

Oscillatesmoves back and forth in a regular rhythmA grandfather clock works by gravity; when the pendulum _____________,it moves a system of weights attached to the clock’s hands.
Obsequiousobedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degreeAt an autocrat’s court, free speech is usually replaced by the _____________ twaddle of flunkies and toadies.
Benigngentle; kindlyWe believe that classes taught by teachers with specialized training will have a _____________ effect on the troubled children.
Foiblesa minor weakness or eccentricity in someone’s characterThough I admire the woman’s strong points, I find her _____________ comic.
Luminousbright or shining, especially in the darkOver the years, her _____________ descriptions and scintillating wit have helped her students master the difficult subject she taught.
Cavilsmake petty or unnecessary objectionsSince he didn’t want to give me credit for having done a good job, he took refuge in endless _____________ about my work.
Peremptoryinsisting on immediate attention or obedience, especially in a brusquely imperious wayThough the small nation was always ready to sette a conflict peacefully, it was not afraid to use _____________ force when necessary.
Attenuatedweakened in force or effectWe must never allow our passion for justice to be _____________ to mere halfhearted goodwill.
Sporadicoccurring at irregular intervals or only in a few places; scattered or isolatedI have learned that _____________ sessions of intense “cramming” can never take the place of a regular study program.
Shamblesa state of total disorderSomehow or other, a bull go into the china shop and turned it into a complete _____________.
Decimatedkill, destroy, or remove a large proportion ofDuring the Civil War the ranks of both armies were _____________ as much by disease as by enemy action.
Askancewith an attitude or look of suspicion or disapprovalWhen I found that people I admire were looking _____________ at my unconventional clothing, I resolved to remedy the situation.
Penitentfeeling or showing sorrow and regret for having done wrong; repentantThe _____________ youths agreed to work without pay until they could make restitution for the damage their carelessness had caused.
Rebuffreject (someone or something) in an abrupt or ungracious mannerHow could you have the hear to _____________ those people’s piteous appeals for aid?
Inuredaccustom (someone) to something, especially something unpleasantEven though my experiences in battle have _____________ me to scenes of suffering, I was horrified by the devastation wrought by the tornado.
Fraughtfilled with or likely to result in (something undesirable)Their relationship has been so _____________ with strife and malice that I don’t see how they can even patch things up.
Obtuseannoyingly insensitive or slow to understandAll angles are classified as acute, right, _____________, or straight, according to the number of degrees they contain.
Charlatana person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill; a fraudImagine the general disappointment when the so-called “miracle cure” was exposed as a fraud promoted by a _____________.
reconnoiteringbank robbers often spend a good deal of time ____ the neighborhood where the bank they intend to rob is located
forgoDo you want to be a ballet dancer enough to _____ all other activities?
cavilsalthough the judge offered two minor ___ about our choreography, our dance troupe won first place
obsequiousThe play featured the stereotypical ______ butler who treated his employer’s family with excessive and artificial politeness.
benignWas it Juan’s gentle stroking of the frightened dog’s neck that produced a _____ change in the animal’s mood
penitentThe ______ young woman begged her mother for forgiveness.

Level G Unit 10 Completing The Sentence Answers

sporadicAlthough there had been some _____ fighting earlier, the real battles of the Civil War did not begin until Bull Run in July, 1861.
luminousAlthough the moon appears to be a(n) _______ body, the fact is that it only reflects light from the sun.
inuredLife on the family farm has _______ me to hard physical labor and long hours of unremitting toil.
benignI was relieved to learn that the officials were _______ and that I would only have to pay a small fine.
obsequiousDuring imperial times, the Roman Senate was little more than a collection of ________ yes-man, intent upon preserving their own lives by gratifying the emperor’s every whim.
penitentNo doubt he’s very sorry he got caught, but that does not mean that he’s at all ________ about what he did.
rebuffedI was totally taken aback when they ________ my kind offers of assistance so rudely and nastily.
decimatingDuring the fourteenth century, the Black Death suddenly swept across Europe, ________ the population and paralyzing everyday life.
obtuseHis statements have been so uniformly ________ that I get the impression that he is wearing a permanent pair of mental blinders.
attenuatedThough my childhood recollections have been ________ by the passage of time, they have not been totally effaced from my memory.
askanceWe look ________ at any program that makes it harder for city dwellers to get out and enjoy the beauties of nature.
reconnoiterThe general sent scouts on ahead of the army to ________ the area for a suitable site to pitch camp.
peremptoryGood supervisors know that they can get more cooperation from their staff by making polite requests than by issuing _________ orders.
charlatanAny “investment counselor” who promises to double your money overnight must be regarded as a(n) ________ or a crook.
forgoUnless the title Special Aide to the Assistant Section Manager involves a salary increase, I would just as soon _________ it.
foiblesThe man’s personality was a strange mixture of strengths and weaknesses, fores and _______.
fraughtIn a typical James Bond movie, Agent 007 has a series of adventures that are _________ with tongue-in-cheek peril.
oscillatedAs all kinds of wild rumors ran rampant through the besieged city, the mood of the populace ________ between hope and despair.
shamblesThe riot converted the quiet streets of that suburban community into a ghastly ________.
caviledThough critics _______ at minor faults in the new Broadway show, the general public loved it.

Level G Unit 10 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

QUIBBLE over who is at faultCavil
Exposed him as a complete FRAUDCharlatan
A SALUTARY effect on consumer confidenceBenign
VACILLATED between two choicesOscillated
Looked SKEPTICALLY at their proposalsAskance
Feeling SORRY about the decisionPenitent
Willing to overlook its DEFECTSFoibles
Will SPURN his offer of marriageRebuff
His HIGH-HANDED challenge to our authorityPeremptory
Embarrassed by his STUPID questionsObtuse
A TENTATIVE request for moneyPeremptory
Set the fan to STAY STILLOscillate
Her ACUTE handling of the issueObtuse
An entirely UNREPENTANT gambler and thiefPenitent
Prone to PRAISE unnecessarilyCavil

Level G Unit 10 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. B
  2. A
  3. C
  4. C
  5. D

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