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Vocabulary Workshop Level B Unit 3 Answers

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Level B Unit 3 Choosing the Right Word Answers

Even those who do not like New York must admit that it is a truly _ city, quite unlike any other in the world.Unique
The American people must take action right now to deal with the problem of pollution that _ so large on our horizon.Looms
You might make friends very easily, but if you continue to be so _, you aren’t going to keep them for so long.Peevish
The _ of her reputation as of humanity has grown brighter with the years.Luster
All of the students in Sandra’s advanced weaving class are making small rugs on their portable _.Looms
Glenn has such a store of _ information in his head that we have nicknamed him “The Encyclopedia”!Miscellaneous
It’s all right for us to disagree, but let’s argue about the facts only, without _ in name calling.Indulging
“If you choose to play with fire”, I warned them,”you run the risk of _ your fingers.”Singeing
Probably no _ in American history is so well known and beloved as Lincoln’s address on the battlefield of Gettysburg.Oration
Neither threats nor force will _ me into doing something that in my heart I know is wrong.Goad
Instead of _ about the misfortunes that have befallen you, why don’t you go out and do something to correct the situation.Brooding
The man was not just “a little careless” in handling the club funds; he was _ dishonest!Downright
It was really difficult to hear the speaker because of the steady _ of airplanes landing, taxiing, and taking off.Drone
Each year the professional football season _ in the Super Bowl.Culminates
Modern scientists often try to _ their ideas and theories by conducting extensive experiments in their laboratories.Verify
This magazine is published not for a mass circulation but for a very small audience of highly _ people.Literate
By Friday afternoon, all of us were _ for a relaxing, enjoyable weekend.Hankering
I have my doubts about people who spend too much time telling the world how noble and _ they are.Upright
The school board candidate delivered a stirring twenty – minute _ on her plans for lowering the district’s dropout rate.Oration
An important _ of what is commonly called luck is the willingness to take chances when an opportunity arrives.Constituent
The last thing I heard before falling asleep was the _ of their voices as they continued their endless discussion of politics.Drone
In his many years of Congress, he has been _ mainly by a strong desire to help the underdogs in our society.Underdogs
Anyone who strives to be _ in American literature should be familiar with the strange, mysterious tales of Edgar Allan Poe.Literate
Though the colonies had long _ seethed with resentment at the British, the cauldron of their discontent did not boil over into rebellion until 1776.Seethed
On a cold night, what I _ for most is a hot bowl of chicken soup.Hanker

Level B Unit 3 Completing The Sentence Answers

I’m normally fairly even-tempered, but I can become _____ and irritable when I’m tired or frustrated.
The dull conversation became much more _____ when it turned to a subject in which we were all interested.
Indian elephant keepers usually use a short wooden _____ to control and direct the movements of their huge charges.
Those books that do not fit logically under any of the subjects indicated will be placed in a group labeled “_____”.
I don’t know which is worse – parents who are too strict with their children or parents who _____ them too much.
The mayor will deliver her annual Forth of July _____ in City Square right after the parade.
When storm clouds _____ on the horizon, we hurried to find shelter.
The man was the prime suspect in the crime until two eyewitnesses came forward to _____ his alibi.
Larry has the _____ distinction of being the only student in our school ever to win varsity letters in four sports.
When I saw how handsome my father looked in his brand-new jacket, I _____ for one exactly like it.
Like some storm-tossed sea, her inventive brain _____ with all kinds of new and imaginative answers to old problems and questions.
How pleasant it is for us city dwellers to smell the new-mown hay and listen to the _____ of bees in the clover patch!
The resentment of the American colonists against the harsh policies of the British government _____ in armed rebellion.
In every election, the candidates try to persuade their _____ that they know how to solve the problems and issues that most concern them.
Like the traffic guard at a school crossing, the mother hen directed her large _____ across the yard toward a torn sack of feed.
We put supports around the tree that had been partially uprooted by the storm, and it was soon standing _____ again.
I believe in being careful, but Dan is _____ miserly when it comes to spending money
Because of limited resources, only one half of the population of the underdeveloped nation is _____.
The sunlight shining on her hair gave it an almost metallic _____.
“You’re just supposed to _____ the meat,” I shouted at him in dismay, “not burn it to a crisp!”

Level B Unit 3 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

Syn- energetic, vigorous Ant- lifeless, dead, flat
syn- ponder, meditate, worry, agonize
syn- element, component
syn- conclude, terminate ant- begin, initiate, kick off
syn-total, out-and-out
syn- bum, do-nothing, hum, buzz, purr ant- hard worker
syn- prod, spur on ant- curb, check, restrain
syn- yearn
syn- oblige, humor, coddle, pamper ant- deny, refuse
syn- educated ant- unlettered, ignorant
syn- emerge, surface, hover, tower
syn- gloss, sheen, shine ant- tarnish, dullness
syn- varied, assorted, motley ant- identical, uniform, homogeneous
syn- address
syn- crabby, testy, stubborn ant- agreeable, amiable, even-tempered, pleasant
syn- churn, simmer, stew
syn- scorch, char ant- incinerate
syn- unparalleled, distinctive ant- ordinary, commonplace, run-of-the-mill
syn- perpendicular, virtuous ant- horizontal, dishonest, prone, corrupt
syn- true, validate, substantiate ant- disprove, discredit

Level B Unit 3 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. B
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
  5. A

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