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Vocabulary Workshop Level A Unit 9 Answers

Level A Unit 9 Choosing the Right Word Answers

1. *subordinate*
1. *subordinate*
In times of crisis, we may be called on to (*deluge, subordinate*) our personal interests to the needs of the nation as a whole.
2. *discretion*
I look forward to the time when my parents will agree that I have reached the “age of (*discretion, misrepresentation*).
3. *liberate*
Modern household appliances have done much to (*liberate, deluge*) homemakers from tedious and time-consuming chores.
4. *avenge*
Many Western films include a character who is out to (*intimidate, avenge*) a wrong done to a close friend or relative.
5. *saunter*
Wasn’t it annoying to see Michael (*verge, saunter*) into the party as though he were the coolest person ever to walk the face of the earth?
6. *variable*
He soon learned that the moods of a youngster–happy one moment, miserable the next–can be as (*variable, sluggish*) as the winds.
7. *saunter*
If you know that you are late for school, why do you (*saunter, rendezvous*) along as though you had all the time in the world?
8. *intimidate*
A fastball pitcher will often try to (*liberate, intimidate*) an opposing batter by “shaving” him with an inside pitch.
9. *rendezvou*
At the State Fair, we separated to visit different exhibits, but we agreed to (*saunter, rendezvous*) at the refreshment stand at five o’clock.
10. *misrepresented*
This biased editorial has deliberately (*misrepresented, avenged*) the stand of our candidate on the important issues of the election.
11. *subordinate*
Though once her peer, I became Caitlin’s (*variable, subordinate*) when she was promoted to company president.
12. *sluggish*
We held a meeting to discuss why the sale of tickets to the class dance has been so (*sluggish, rotund*) and what we can do about it.
13. *outright*
Only the (*optional, outright*) repeal of this unfair nuisance tax will satisfy the voters.
14. *sluggish*
I knew my dog was not feeling well when he suddenly became (*deluged, sluggish*) and refused to get up.
15. *ceded*
The aged millionaire, wishing to spend his last years in peace and quiet, (*ceded, impacted*) all his business interests to his sons.
16. *verges*
It is good for you to “stand up for your rights,” but you should not do so in a way that (*verges, subordinates*) on discourtesy.
17. *discretion*
It is up to the teacher’s (*discretion, impact*) what topics can be chosen for our research papers.
18. *rotund*
It is shocking to see how, in just a few years, the lean young athlete has allowed himself to become flabby and (*giddy, rotund*).
19. *tinting*
Many people, unhappy with what nature has given them, seek to improve their appearance by *(tinting, ceding*) their hair.
20. *logical*
There are times in life when you should be guided more by your feelings, without trying to be strictly (*outright, logical*) about everything.
21. *optional*
The invitation to the party said that formal wear was (*optional, variable*).
22. *deluged*
Letters of protest (*deluged, tinted*) the Mayor’s office when he proposed an increase in the sales tax.
23. *giddy*
We had regarded her as a rather (*logical, giddy*) young girl, but in this tough situation she showed that she had courage and good sense.
24. *impact*
I plan to write a term paper that will discuss the different ways in which commercial television has had a major (*impact, verge*) on American life for more than sixty years.
25. *liberated*
The people rejoiced after being (*liberated, intimidated*) from oppression.

Level A Unit 9 Completing The Sentence Answers

Many older residents of paris can still recall the day in1944 whyen allied troops _________ the city from greman occupation.
after the heavy metal, we felt so _________ that we just sat in the living rom and wached whatever was on television.
Next year, when we have a stronger, more experienced team, we hope to _______ the crushing defeat we have just suffered.
by not ordering ________ features, we can hold down the cost of the new car we want to buy.
by late September, the leaves on the trees in the woods have begun to take on their normal autum _____
After being defeated in a war that lasted from 1846 to 1848, Mexico was forced to ______ vast territories to the untied states.
Her arguement was so ______ that she convinced us that her solution to the math proble was the correct one.
our ” truth in advertising” laws are designed to discourage manurefacturres from ______________ the verteus of their products.
we believe that the world s now on the _____ of new and exciting developing that may dramaticly change the way we live.
beacuseof the lawyers long experence i legal maers, we lefty it to his _______ how to proceed ith thye case.
we realize that sweet talk and flattery were getting them nowhere, they tryed to __________ me into douing what they wanted.
every eye was on us as we ________ down main street in our new outfits.
the force of the head-on colusion was so severe that the drivers of both vehicles were killed _______
you may live where the sun shines all the time, but i prefer a more _______ climate.
Uncle eddie, with his _______ figure, is often called on to play santa clause.
According tp the eyewitnesses, the great ________ that arrived after the hurricane caused more damage than the winds.
Even fans sitting high in the stands could hear the ______when the big fullback crasdhed into the line.
As a young and inexperenced employee, you can not expect to hold more than a a(n) ____________ job in that big company.
Many people say that they become quite _______ when they look down from the top of a tall building.
The two groups of hikers, setting out from different potins, have planned a(n) ____________ at four’o clock at Eagles Rock.

Level A Unit 9 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

SYNONYM: retaliate
SYNONYMS: deliver up, transfer
SYNONYMS: (v.) swamp, inundate
ANTONYMS: (n.) trickle, dribble
SYNONYMS: prudence, tact, discrimination
SYNONYMS: faint, frivolous, flighty
ANTONYMS: levelheaded, serious, earnest, sober
SYNONYMS: collision, blow, effect
SYNONYMS: bully, browbeat, hector
SYNONYMS: untie, unshackle
ANTONYMS: imprison, fetter, shackle, bind
SYNONYMS: rational, sensible
ANTONYMS: absurd, ridiculous, unsound, preposterous
SYNONYMS: distort, falsify, twist, exaggerate
SYNONYMS: voluntary, elective, discretionary
ANTONYMS: required, mandatory, compulsory
SYNONYMS: (adj.) total, out and out; (adv.) utterly; instantly
ANTONYMS: (adj.) partial, incomplete (adv.) by degrees
SYNONYMS: (n) date, appointment, assignation
SYNONYMS: portly, sonorous
ANTONYMS: angular, lanky, skinny, gaunt
SYNONYMS: (v.) ramble, amble; (n.) promenade
ANTONYMS: (v.) speed, race, hurry, dash, scurry, rush
SYNONYMS: unhurried, lethargic
ANTONYMS: energetic, brisk
SYNONYMS: (n.) assistant, helper
ANTONYMS: (adj.) superior, higher, (n.) chief, supervisor
SYNONYMS: (n.) tone; (v.) color, stain
ANTONYMS: (v.) bleach
SYNONYMS: (adj.) fluctuating, shifting, inconstant
ANTONYMS: (adj.) constant, unchanging, steady
SYNONYMS: (n.) threshold, edge

Level A Unit 9 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. D
  2. A
  3. B
  4. C
  5. A

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