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Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 14 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 14 Choosing the Right Word Answers

AntithesisIn the eyes of such leaders as Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., violence is the very _______ of a civilized society.
PhlegmaticOnly a truly _______ person could have remained calm in the face of such provocation.
WhetThe cake was delicious, but the serving was so small that it did little more than _______ my appetite.
MandatoryIn the fight against air pollution, many states have made filtering devices _______ for all cars sold within their borders.
DissonantObservers doubted that any coalition composed of such _______ factions could long refrain from petty infighting.
LoquaciousIt is sometimes said that women are more _______ than men, but all the men I know do their full share of talking.
MagnanimousChurchill told the British to be resolute in the war, defiant in defeat, and _______ in victory.
AlleviateThe only truly effective way to _______ the poverty of developing nations is to help increase their capacity to produce wealth.
EdictAn _______ was issued by the Holy Roman Emperor to ban the writings of Martin Luther because he had challenged the absolute authority of the pope.
ElucidatingBy ________ the concept of the pyramid scheme in her opening statement, the attorney hoped to clarify why her client was innocent.
VivaciousHer manner of speaking is so _______ that even her most commonplace remarks seem to suggest charm and excitement.
DispargeThere must be a serious flaw in the character of those who have a constant need to ________ others.
LaudedThis young man has been _______ by many colleagues and fans as the most creative game designer in the industry.
BellicoseAlthough Americans are not a _______ people, they have proven themselves prepared to defend their nation at any cost.
DrollHis jokes were actually not too good, but his ________ manner of delivering them made a big hit with the audience.
NondescriptThe houses in the development are a mixture of ______ styles, with no particular architectural character of distinguishing features.
LaudI see no reason to _______ him in such glowing terms for doing no more than his duty.
PhlegmaticYour relaxed and lackadaisical attitude reveals a ________ personality, which means that you would not be happy in a fast-moving, high-pressure job.
ElucidateReporters asked the mayor to _______ her ambiguous remarks about her plans to seek higher office.
AlacrityMaya pretended to be indifferent about going to the dance, but I noticed that she accepted Joshua’s invitation with _______.
AppalledWhat _______ us even more that their fearful living conditions was that the refugees seemed to have lost all hope.
EdictThe expression, “What goes up must come down,” might be termed an _______ of nature.
LollWould you rather _______ in the back seat of a chauffeured limousine or drive your own convertible?
RescindBecause of the incidents that occurred during hazing week, the school may _______ the rules that allow fraternity initiations.
AlleviateDo you have any remedies that can ________ an upset stomach?

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 14 Completing The Sentence Answers

alleviateInstead of waiting for government help, let’s do all we can right now to ____ the sufferings of the flood victims.
bellicoseHis disposition is so ____ that he is apt to turn a simple difference of opinion into a full-scale donnybrook.
alacrityIn spite of her inexperience as a programmer, she attacked her new job with _______ and made good progress.
mandatoryAlthough in America voting is not _________, every qualified citizen has a duty to go to the polls in every election.
disparageUnlike you, I have never lived in France, but is that any reason for you to _________ my efforts to speak French?
edictsYou can make requests and suggestions if you wish, but please don’t issue any _______.
drollIn a time of fast-talking, slam-bang comedians, is there a place for his kind of quiet, _____ humor?
elucidateWhen the speaker tried to ______ the statement he had just made, I became more confused than ever.
vivaciousAt that dull, stodgy party, her ____ personality was like a breath of fresh air.
rescindedThe principal finally ________ the unfair school regulation that prevented new students from trying out for the varsity teams.
whettedHis enthusiastic and colorful description of the new series on public TV has _____ my desire to see it.
magnanimousI shall never forget your ____ offer to coach me, even though we were competing for the same role in the play.
nondescriptIs this _____ little house the “magnificent mansion” that you’ve been telling us about all these weeks?
dissonantTheir sarcastic remarks introduced a ____ note into what had been a harmonious meeting.
appalledEven the state troopers, who had been hardened by long experience, were _____ when they came on the scene of the automobile accident.
phlegmaticHe may appear to be ____, but his friends are aware of the strong emotions simmering beneath his quiet exterior.
lollI’m usually quite energetic, but there are times when I want to do nothing but _____ about and listen to my favorite CDs.
loquaciousI would have preferred to enjoy the paintings quietly, without listening to the explanations of the _____ guide.
antithesisHis idle, pleasure-seeking way of life is the exact _____ of all that his hardworking parents had expected of him.
laudedThough her friends ______ her many achievements, her enemies ridiculed them.

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 14 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

Alacritypromptness, willingness, celerityreluctance, unwillingness, hesitancy
Alleviatelessen, allay, mitigate, assuage
Antithesiscontrary, antipode
Appallshock, stupefy, horrifyplease, cheer, gladden, elate, exhilarate
Bellicoseaggressive, combative, belligerentamicable, peaceable, pacific
Disparagedegrade, decry, run down, underratepraise, extol, laud, plug
Dissonantgrating, unmelodious, irreconcilableharmonious, agreeing, euphonious
Drollcomical, humorous, whimsical, zanyhumorless, solemn, dour
Edictcommand, decree, proclamation
Elucidateinterpret, expound, explicateobscure, becloud, muddy, obfuscate
Laudhail, extol, glorify, exaltcriticize, censure, belittle, disparage
Lollloaf, loiter, sag, dangle
Loquaciousgossipy, voluble, garrulous, long-windedsilent, reticent, closemouthed, terse, taciturn
Magnanimousunselfish, charitable, noble, bigheartedpetty, selfish, unforgiving, spiteful
Mandatorycompulsory, requisite, imperativeoptional, voluntary, discretionary
Nondescriptplain, unremarkable, unimpressiveremarkable, vivid, prepossessing
Phlegmaticlethargic, indolent, torpid, impassiveemotional, sensitive, thin-skinned, excitable
Rescindwithdraw, retract, annul, abrogateaffirm endorse, uphold, ratify
Vivaciousspirited, animated, ebullientdull, spiritless, listless, indolent
Whethone, excite, stimulateblunt, deaden, stifle, dampen

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 14 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. c
  2. a
  3. d
  4. b
  5. d

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