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Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 8 Answers

Level G Unit 8 Choosing the Right Word Answers

On the western front in August 1914, the French army steeled itself against the oncoming (badinage, juggernaut) that was the German Second Armyjuggernaut
Not surprisingly, the committee’s final report was an incongruous mixture of the astute and the (irrefutable, fatuous)fatuous
By (portending, sloughing) off the artificiality of her first book, the novelist arrived at a style that was simple, genuine, and highly effectivesloughing
What possible purpose will be served by setting up yet another hamburger stand in an area already (saturated, sloughed) with fast food shops?saturated
Our excitement at visiting the world-famous ruins was dampened by the (lackadaisical, arrant) attitude of the bored and listless guidelackadaisical
The authority of the student council is not absolute because the principal can (countermand, exacerbate) any of its decisionscountermand
It is a good deal easier to (raze, allege) an old building than it is to destroy a time-honored social institutionraze
I never ask anyone “How are you?” anymore because I am afraid I will be treated to an endless (litany, badinage) of symptoms and ailmentslitany
His debating technique is rooted in the firm belief that anything bellowed in a loud voice is absolutely (saturnine, irrefutable)irrefutable
The views of the two parties involved in this dispute are so diametrically opposed that it will be almost impossible to (conciliate, saturate) themconciliate
Only an (arrant, macabre) knave would be capable of devising such an incredibly underhanded and treacherous schemearrant
In earlier times, people whose views conflicted with “received opinion” often had to (recant, portend) their ideas or face the consequencesrecant
Stephen King’s book Danse (Macabre, Lackadaisical) surveys popular and obscure horror fiction of the 20th centuryMacabre
Over the years, hard work and unstinting devotion to duty have raised me from one (echelon, paucity) of company management to the nextechelon
She excused herself from lending me the money I so desperately needed by (conciliating, alleging) that she had financial troubles of her ownalleging
By denying your guilt without offering any explanation of your actions, you will only (recant, exacerbate) an already bad situationexacerbate
Economists believed that the drop in automobile sales and steep production (countermands, portends) serious problems for business in the futureportends
His attempts at casual (badinage, echelon) did not conceal the fact that he was acutely embarrassed by his blunderbadinage
We have many capable and well-meaning people in our organization, but it seems to me that there is a (paucity, juggernaut) of real leadershippaucity
Someone with such a (fatuous, saturnine) outlook on life doesn’t make an agreeable traveling companion, especially on a long journeysaturnine
With incredible unconcern, the nobles of Europe immersed themselves in social frivolities as the fearful (juggernaut, litany) of World War I steamrolled ineluctable toward themjuggernaut
Ever a bit of a melancholic, Mr. Smithers sank into (litany, slough) in the wintertimeslough
The defense attorney succeeded in portraying the genial witness as an (arrant, saturnine) liar whose testimony was never crediblearrant
The dog’s owner (exacerbated, razed) the situation when he flagrantly encouraged the terrier to romp in the neighbor’s petuniasexacerbated
A plunge in atmospheric pressure (conciliates, portends) an oncoming stormportends

Level G Unit 8 Completing The Sentence Answers

The breaking news story concerned corruption among the highest ____ of politics.echelons
We object to the policy of ____ historic old buildings to make way for unsightly parking lots.razing
Ms. Ryan’s warning to the class to “review thoroughly” seemed to me to ____ an usually difficult examination.portend
The seriousness of the matter under discussion left no room for the type of lighthearted ____ encountered in the locker room.badinage
At first I thought it would be easy to shoot holes in their case, but I soon realized that their arguments were practically____.irrefutable
As a snake ____ off its old skin, so he hoped to rid himself of his weaknesses and develop a new and better personality.sloughs
Though some “home remedies” appear to alleviate the symptoms of a disease, they may in fact ____ the condition.exacerbate
After he made that absurd remark, a(n) ____ grin of self-congratulation spread like syrup across his face.fatuous
The men now being held in police custody are ____ to have robbed eight supermarkets over the last year.alleged
Only someone with a truly ____ sense of humor would decide to use a hearse as the family car or a coffin as a bed.macabre
My shirt became so ____ with perspiration on that beastly day that I had to change it more than once during the match.saturated
You are not going to do well in your job if you continue to work in such a(n) ____ and desultory manner.lackadaisical
No sooner had the feckless tsar decreed a general mobilization than he ____ his order, only to reissue it a short time later.countermanded
Her friendly manner and disarming smile helped to ____ those who opposed her views on the proposal.conciliate
The enemy’s lines cumpled before the mighty ____ of our attack like so much wheat before a harvester.juggernaut
“I find it terribly depressing to be around people whose dispositions are so ____ and misanthropic, ” I remarkedsaturnine
His four disastrous years in office were marked by a plenitude of promises and a(n) ____ of performancepaucity
The service in honor of the miners trapped in the underground collapse included prayers and ____.litanies
However much it may cost me, I will never ____ the principles to which I have devoted my life.recant
“It seems to me that such ____ hypocrisy is indicative of a thoroughly opportunistic approach to running for office, ” I said.arrant

Level G Unit 8 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

allegeclaim, contendprove, deny
arrantegregious, unmitigated
badinagebanter, persiflage, reparteesermon
conciliateplacate, mollify, propitiateantagonize, alienate, estrange
countermandrecall, revokereaffirm, reassert
echelonlevel, rank
exacerbateaggravate, intensify, worsenalleviate, mitigate, ameliorate
fatuoussilly, vapid, inane, doltishsensible, intelligent, perceptive
irrefutableindisputable, incontrovertibledisputable, indefensible, untenable
lackadaisicallistless, indolent, indifferent, laxenergetic, vigorous, wholehearted
litanyrigmarole, catalog, megillah
macabregrotesque, grim, ghoulish
paucitylackabundance, glut, plenitude, deluge
portendbode, foretell, foreshadow, suggest
razepull-down, demolish, shave offbuild, construct, raise, erect
recantrepudiate, disavowreaffirm, reassert
saturatepermeate, drench, flood, imbuedrain
saturninesullen, moroselighthearted, cheerful, vivacious
sloughshed, slogtake on, acquire, assume

Level G Unit 8 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. A
  2. C
  3. A
  4. D
  5. C
  6. C

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