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Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 10 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 10 Choosing the Right Word Answers

flamboyant(adj.) attracting attention because of their confidence, energy, and stylishness
imperceptible(adj.) impossible to perceive; not detectable by the senses
patrician(n.) an aristocrat; (adj.) belonging to or characteristic of the aristocracy
nihilistic(adj.) rejecting all religious and moral principles in the belief that life is meaningless
lackey(n.) a servant; (v.) to act as a servant or follow orders unquestioningly
fulsome(adj.) excessively flattering or insincere; offensive to good taste
apocryphal(adj.) of doubtful authenticity, although widely circulated as being true
dissimulation(n.) concealment of one’s thoughts, feelings, or character; pretense
monolithic(adj.) massive, solid, and uniform in appearance or structure
empirical(adj.) based on observation or experiment rather than theory
acumen(n.) the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions, typically in a particular domain
liaison(n.) communication or cooperation that facilitates a close working relationship between people or organizations
[sic](adv.) used to indicate that a quoted word or phrase has been transcribed or spelled as intended, even though it appears to be a mistake
disparity(n.) a great difference; an inequality
sublimation(n.) the process of transforming an unacceptable impulse or emotion into a socially acceptable or even desirable form
propitiating(adj.) intended to appease or placate someone
lackeys(n.) plural form of lackey, meaning servants or followers who unquestioningly follow orders
immolate(v.) to kill or offer as a sacrifice, especially by burning
propitiate(v.) to win or regain the favor of someone by doing something that pleases them
patricians(n.) plural form of patrician, meaning members of the aristocracy
mot juste(n.) the most suitable or exact word or expression
lackey(n.) a servant; (v.) to act as a servant or follow orders unquestioningly
adjudicate(v.) to make a formal judgment or decision about a dispute or problem after hearing all the evidence

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 10 Completing The Sentence Answers

the company’s profits increased remarkably last year, thanks mainly to the new presidents exceptional business _

although these stories have been widely accepted for many years, we now have ample evidence to show that they are completely _

then she leaned toward me and said confidently, “Between you and i [__], i didn’t believe a word he said.”

as the duke’s coach drew up, two _ in splendid livery stepped forth to open the carriage door

the fate of individuals accused of war crimes may be _– by an international court

the able auctioneer acknowledged bids from the audience that were so discreet as to be _ to the untrained eye

what a chock it was for her to discover the unworthiness of the cause for which she had _– her youth, her talents, and her hopes of happiness

we need not try actively to _ the opponents of our candidate, but we can certainly take reasonable precautions to avoid antagonizing them

during the campaign in West Virginia in 1861, Robert E Lee acted as the ___between the commanders of the two independent Confederate brigades operating in the area

though I believed their promises at first, I soon came to realize the great _ between their words and their deeds

it is one thing to spin out ingenuous theories; it is quite another to find __ confirmation for them

know you’re trying to curry favor with the boss, but must you greet each and every one of his bright ideas with such _ flattery?

mot juste
in calling them “stinkers,” I may not have been to refined; but in view of their disgraceful conduct, I think I applied the _

the aggressive drive can be channeled into antisocial forms of behavior or _ into loftier, more worthwhile endeavors

a major political party in the United States represents a coalition of many different views and interests, rather than a(n) _ structure

his efforts to _ his feelings of inadequacy by pretending to be bored and indifferent are a sign of immaturity

having the civil war general sign documents with a ballpoint pen struck me as the most ludicrous __ in the whole ministries

during the early years of the Roman Republic, plebeans vied bitterly with _ for political dominance

their blanket rejection of the standards and values on which our society is founded seems to be little short of senseless __

one would expect such __ behavior from an attention-seeking celebrity, not from an ordinarily shy, unassuming person

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 10 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

WordAntonym/Synonym 1Antonym/Synonym 2
AcumenS: perspicacity, shrewdness, acuityA: ignorance, stupidity, obtuseness
AdjudicateS: arbitrate, referee, mediate
AnachronismS: chronological error
ApocryphalS: fictitious, mythical, spurious, bogusA: authentic, genuine, true
DisparityS: discrepancy, incongruityA: similarity, likeness, congruity
DissimulateS: dissemble, pretend, misrepresentA: reveal
EmpiricalS: observed, experimental, pragmaticA: theoretical, hypothetical, conjectural
FlamboyantS: showy, ostentatious, floridA: staid, sedate, decorous, seemly, sober
FulsomeS: inordinate, repulsiveA: understand, muted, restrained, agreeable
ImmolateS: slay, killA: save, rescue, preserve
ImperceptibleS: minimal, undetectableA: conspicuous, noticeable, flagrant
LackeyS: footman, toady, flunky, hanger-onA: lord, liege, employer, boss
LiaisonS: intermediary, channel
MonolithicS: undifferentiated, massive, denseA: diversified, variform, multifarious
Mot JusteS: right wordA: misnomer, misusage, malapropism
NihilismS: conservatism
PatricianS: aristocrat, peer, noble, highbornA: peasant, commoner, plebeian
PropitiateS: mollifyA: estrange, alienate, provoke, annoy
SublimateS: elevate

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 10 Vocabulary in Context Answers

1: d. gap

2: c. ridiculous

3: d. potential

4: b. outrageous

5: b. redemption

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