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Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 11 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 11 Choosing the Right Word Answers

in romeo and juliet, the hero’s tragic death comes as the result of a long-standing … between his family and Juliet’s

involvement in the long war in vietnam led the US into a … from which it was extremely difficult to withdraw

though your efforts to enact a program of ecological reform in the face of strong opposition were … and doomed to failure, they were inspiring

its laughable of you to think that you are an accomplished … just because you have memorized an assortment of feeble old jokes

the new assistant dean’s adherence to avert… in the student code alienated both the faculty and the student body

very few of the world’s problems can be understood in terms of a simple … of right and wrong

despite the grave risks that the rescue attempt would entail, there was no shortage of volunteers for the … undertaking

does it seem paradoxical that, like many other great comedians, she goes about with a characteristically … expression on her face?

the ordeal of the civil war … lincoln from an obscure small town lawyer into an historical personality of universal appeal

mr. ridley is fascinated by the middle ages and … architecture; therefore, he plans to travel around Europe this summer

diana spent a year abroad her junior year, and, when she returned, I immediately recognized a complete, and pleasantly surprising, ….

as we learned to understand each other’s needs and aspiration, a sort of unspoken …. developed that enabled us to work together harmoniously

perhaps her volunteering to undertake the mission was mere …,but the fact remains that she accomplished a great deal

space suits are designed to afford astronauts maximum protection without unduly … their freedom of movement

gothic 2
there are many times when i like to read a … tale of gloom castles, mysterious strangers, and unhappy romances

non sequiturs
their analysis of the problem seemed to me extremely fallacious- full of false assumptions, dubious generalizations, and …

even though their son had abandoned the religion in which he had been brought up, his parents never thought of him as an …

for a long time we lived under the illusion that everything would come out all right, but inevitably, we arrived at the … where we had to face relalities

our thesis was that, at this stage in their history, americans must eschew the … of force and violence and develop new ideals of social cooperation

i wanted a direct, factual explanation of what had happened, but all i got were emotional … describing in painful detail how much they had suffered

quagmire 2
after the downpour the first night, our camping trip became nightmarish, as we had to drag our supplies through fallen limbs and trudge through a ….

vendetta 3
aaron burr, the their us president, concluded a … against alexander hamilton, the first us secretary of the treasury, by killing him in a duel in 1804

it is impossible for me to convey the intensity of emotion that I felt at … moment when i learned that i had won the scholarship

sine qua non
there is no point in trying to decide exactly which of the factors is most important for victory in the election; every one of them is a …

your prose is …, heartfelt, and unrivaled- an absolute pleasure to read

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 11 Completing The Sentence Answers

Every great president must combine various roles–the practical politician, the masterful intellectual, the tough administrator, the persuasive advocate–and at least a touch of the _ visionary.

Sine Qua Non
Although it may be true that hard work does not guarantee success, it is certainly a(n) _ for doing well in any endeavor.

His challenge to fight was pure _; inwardly he hoped that no one would take him on.

It took Rome centuries to achieve the miraculous _ from a minor city-state on the banks of the Tiber to the leading power in the Mediterranean world.

One look at the coach’s _ expression, and I knew that all our misgivings about the outcome of the game had been borne out.

Non Sequitur
Modern military power requires great industrial success, but to conclude from this that industrialized nations are inherently militaristic is a _.

To achieve an hourglass figure, fashionable ladies of the nineteenth century employed tight-fitting corsets to _ their wastelines.

Hemingway’s DEATH IN THE AFTERNOON offers a rare insight into the _ of the bullring and the attitudes that surround that ancient blood sport.

Not until later did I realize that their _ expressions of interest in our welfare were insincere and self-serving.

The police investigation established that the victim was not an innocent bystander but the target of a gangland _.

When he came to the throne, Julian the _ renounced Christianity and began a vigorous campaign to reestablish paganism as the official religion of the Roman Empire.

You cannot duck your responsibility for negotiating an agreement simply by announcing that you have reached a hopeless _.

As the disappointing results of the poll filtered in, the candidate sank into a(n) _ of doubts about the future.

Each episode in the silent-movie serial “The Perils of Pauline” ended with the heroine facing another _ predicament.

The mood of _ brought about by our extraordinary good fortune caused us to relax our usual alertness.

Though everyone in our club agreed that we had a problem, there was no group _ on how to solve it.

The rugged landscape, with the severe vertical lines of the mountains in the background, lent an air of _ gloom to the entire scene.

How can you concern yourself with the _ of protocol when your whole world is collapsing about your ears?

The speakers said that they could see little hope for world peace unless something could be done to bridge the _ between the “have” and “have-not” nations.

The man was a skilled _ whose repertory of amusing anecdotes was seemingly inexhaustible.

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 11 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

Apostaterenegade, defector, turncoattrue believer, loyalist
Bravadoswagger, bluster, bravadomettle, bravery, pluck
Consensusunanimity, concord, accord, harmonydissension, discord, disagreement
Dichotomyschism, division, bifurcationuniformity, oneness
Effusivegushy, lavishrestrained, reserved, muted, subdued
Euphoriaelation, bliss, ecstasy, rapturemelancholy, depression, gloom
Gothicsinister, eerie
Impassedeadlock, standoff, stalemate
Lugubriousdoleful, melancholy, dismal, dolorousmerry, jovial, hilarious, funny
Metamorphosischange, makeover
Non Sequiturillogical reference, unsound conclusion
Parioushazardous, risky, dangeroussafe, secure, risk-free
Punctiliofine point, nicety
Quagmirefen, marsh, bog, morassbedrock, solid footing, terra firma
Quixoticfanciful, impractical, utopianrealistic, down-to-earth, pragmatic
Raconteurstoryteller, anecdotist
Sine Qua Nonnecessity, requisite, desideratum
Vendettablood feud, rivalry

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 11 Vocabulary in Context Answers

1: A. enthusiastic

2: B. woeful

3: D. swamp

4: C. commonsensical

5: B. rivalry

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