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Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 9 Answers

Level D Unit 9 Choosing the Right Word Answers

prognosisDespite the doctor’s gloomy _____ when I entered the hospital, I was up and about in a matter of days.
feignI must admit now that I was hurt when the coach took me out in the last minutes of the game, but I tried to _____ indifference.
candidHow can you say that the TV interview was spontaneous and _____ when it was all carefully rehearsed?
drudgeryI don’t consider it _____ to prepare meals every day because I love good food and good cooking.
auxiliaryThe building is equipped with a(n) _____ generator, ready to go into service whenever the main power source is cut off.
grievous“The noble Brutus has told you Caesar was ambitious; if it were so, it was a _____ fault.”
cubiclesI work in an office compartment, travel in a midget car, and sleep in a tiny bedroom. My life seems to take place in a series of _____.
envoyInstead of sending your little sister as a(n) _____ to explain what went wrong, why don’t you stand up and speak for yourself?
inscribedThe poet Browning tells us that if we were to open his heart, we would find the word “Italy” _____ inside it.
incredulousAfter examining the price tag, I gingerly replaced the coat on the rack, _____ at the preposterous sum the store was asking for it.
scuttlePeople who boast of their high moral principles are often the ones who will _____ them most quickly to serve their own interests.
repugnantThe expression of satisfaction that comes over her face when she talks of the failures of other people is highly _____ to me.
hordeAn army without strong leadership and firm discipline is no more than an armed _____.
heterogeneousI searched in vain through the _____ pile of odds and ends for the spare part I had inadvertently thrown away.
flairIt’s one thing to be interested in writing; it’s quite another thing to have a _____ for it.
escalatePolitical analysts, students of statecraft, and historians tried to determine what caused a minor border incident to _____ into a full-scale war.
raspingAs soon as I heard _____ noises coming from the workshop, I knew that someone was using a saw or a file.
impelledWas it patriotism, a desire to show off, or just self-interest that _____ the foreign minister to take those terrible risks.
monologueSince the person I was trying to interview wouldn’t let me get a word in edgewise, our conversation quickly turned into a _____.
expedientsCut off from all supplies, the soldiers had to use various _____ to keep their equipment in working order.
incredulousIt was wrong of me to be so curt with her, but it was the _____ thing to do, since I was already running late to my appointment.
monologueI practiced my theatrical _____ for weeks, hoping that a flawless performance would land me the part I wanted.
raspingWhen I jolted awake last night to the sound of a desperate _____, I was cold with fear until I realized that it was my old dog, who sometimes has breathing problems.
scuttleHe handed me a _____ of slip for the pigs, and suddenly I was glad that this was a job I did not have to do very often.
auxiliaryIf I’m not available, ask my _____

Level D Unit 9 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

the small, dark enclosurecubicle
an agent of a foreign governmentenvoy
the scratchy tone of an old vinyl recordrasping
rely on the back-up speakersauxiliary
an extraordinary aptitude for numbersflair
continue to climb rapidlyescalate
remained dubious of stories about aliensincredulous
an endless recitation of petty complaintsmonologue
an optimistic prediction for economic recoveryprognosis
the names imprinted on a monumentinscribe
an enemy who has infiltrated a foreign nationenvoy
directed to a capacious officecubicle
a gullible childincredulous
create a lively dialoguemonologue
a sonorous soundrasping

Level D Unit 9 Completing The Sentence Answers

heterogeneousIt is a(n) ______ population that accounts for the wide variety of cultures found in some neighborhoods.
hordeThe New York City Marathon begins with a(n) _________________________ of runners swarming across the Verrazano_Narrows Bridge.
flairA(n) ______________________ for color and texture is an indispensable asset to an aspiring dress designer.
candidIt is all very well to be _____________, but there are times when you should keep certain thoughts and opinions to yourself.
expedientWe must have the courage and the clear sightedness to realize that what is _______________________ is not always right.
auxiliaryIn many cities, groups of private citizens have volunteered to serve as ____________police to help combat crime.
escalateIn times of rapid inflation, prices of goods ___________________ at a dizzying rate.
repugnantWhile some people relish Limburger cheese, others find its strong odor truly ______________________.
inscribeThe names of all four members of the record-breaking relay team are ________________________ on the trophy awarded to our school.
impelA strong sense of fair play should ______________ you to admit your mistake.
cubicleI maintain that my _____________________ in the dormitory is so small that I have to walk into the hallway to change my mind or stretch my imagination.
incredulousMy rather lame excuse for failing to complete my homework was greeted with a(n) ______________________ snort by the teacher.
feignI can’t help but admire your ability to __________________ interest when someone prattles on endlessly about nothing.
drudgeryAn unwilling pupil is apt to look upon hours of practice at the piano as so much boredom and ___________________.
scuttleHopelessly cut off from the main fleet, the captain of the vessel decided to _____________________ his ship rather than allow it to fall into enemy hands.
raspingHer voice is so __________________ that I find it painful to listen to her speak.
monologueIn his opening ___________________, the talk show hose often pokes fun at the political candidates and elected officials.
prognosisI hope you will listen attentively to your parents’ dire _________________________ of the probable effect that a third bowl of chili will have on your digestive system.
grievousWhen Lincoln had been in the White House for about a year, he suffered a(n) ___________________ loss in the death of his son Willie.
envoyA special _________________ was named by the President to negotiate a settlement in the war-torn region.

Vocab in Context

1. D
2. A
3. B
4. C
5. A

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