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Vocabulary Workshop Level C Unit 15 Answer

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Level C Unit 15 Choosing the Right Word Answers

1) embodied
My uncle who was a West Point graduate (embodied, garnished) all the qualities suggested by the phrase “an officer and a gentleman.”
2) pallid
What a relief to turn from those (pallid, negligent) little tales to the lively, vigorous, earthy stories of Mark Twain
3) dregs
Because decent people would have nothing to do with him, he soon began to associate with the (dregs, fiasco) or humanity.
4) garnishing
“The heroism of these brave men and women speaks for itself and need no (oblivion, garnishing),” said the senator.
5) veneer
Underneath the (veneer, oblivion) of her polished manners, we recognized the down-to-earth young woman we had known in earlier years.
6) inert
If our leadership is timid and (mercenary, inert), we will never be able to solve the great problems that face us.
7) fiasco
As he undertook that big job without any sound preparation, all of his ambitious plans ended in a resounding (stricture, fiasco).
8) abyss
Isn’t it tragic that the religious groups fighting each other are separated by a(n) (parable, abyss) of misunderstanding?
9) oblivion
After his crushing defeat in the election, the candidate returned to his hometown and disappeared into (heritage, oblivion).
10) fiasco
I spent months planning the fundraiser, but it turned out to a (garnish, fiasco): the guest speaker cancelled at last minute, and the band was two hours late.
11) crucial
Experience teaches us that many of the things that seemed so (crucial, inert) when we were young are really of no ultimate importance.
12) negligent
When the court found that the car company had been (negligent, rational)—selling cars with substandard brakes-it was ordered to pay millions in fines.
13) rational
There are times when it is good to let your imagination run free, instead of trying to be strictly (rational, crucial).
14) pallid
Marion turned (opus, pallid) when she received the news that her grandfather had suffered a stroke.
15) heritage
A descendant of one of the Founding Fathers of this country, she strove all her life to live up to her distinguished (abyss, heritage).
16) negligent
If you are (reciprocal, negligent) about small sums of money! You may find that you will never have any large sums to worry about.
17) dregs
Using the (dregs, veneer) in the teacup, the fortune teller gave the young woman a reading about her happiness.
18) rational
The plane of the two schools to exchange members of their faculties proved to be of (rational, reciprocal) advantage.
19) stricture
Any significant (dregs, stricture) of the passages leading to the heart will hinder the normal flow of blood to that organ and cause cardiac arrest.
20) befall
It’s hard for people to admit that some of the misfortunes that (befall, garnish) them are really their own fault.
21) opus
In this early novel by Dickens, we have an (abyss, opus) that gives us a wonderful picture of life in the nineteenth-century England.
22) parables
Such familiar stories as “Little Red Riding Hood” are really (parables, veneers) that tell a child something about the conditions of human life.
23) mercenary
Once the war had been won, the victors laid aside thei pr high-minded ideals and became involved in a (mercenary, pallid) squabble over the spoils.
24) exasperate
Her constant chattering while I’m trying to do my vocabulary exercises (exasperate, embodies) me more than I can say.
25) abyss
The ancient treasure lies at the bottom of an (abyss, oblivion) in the Pacific Ocean.

Level C Unit 15 Completing The Sentence Answers

Would you like your new desk finished with a _____________ of walnut, maple or mahogany?
Without pretending that he cared about the public welfare, he told us frankly that his interest in the project was purely __________.
To our dismay, the running back didn’t get to his feet after being tackled but instead lay ______ on the field.
The brief code of laws known as the Ten Commandments _______ basic moral values.
A number of famous Roman emperors were clearly madmen for whose actions no ______ explanation can possibly be devised.
Winston Churchill warned the English people that if they gave in to the Nazis, they would “sink into the ______” of a new Dark Age.”
Astrologers claim that they can discover what will _____ a person by studying the movements of various heavenly bodies.
Nothing _______ me more than neighbors who play loud music outdoors late at night.
She was a famous writer in her own day, but her novels and stories have now passed into _____.
Many composers don’t publish their works in the order in which they are written, so the number given to a particular ____ might not tell much about the date of its composition.
The old adage “I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine” aptly describes the kind of _____ arrangement he has in mind.
During her confinement in a prisoner-of-war camp, she drained the cup of human suffering to the _____.
In this third century of our nation’s history, let us continue to safeguard our_____ of freedom.
Of course she didn’t look well after her stay in the hospital, but a few days at the beach took care of that ____ complexion.
The ancient story of the Prodigal Son is a _____ that helps people understand problems and situations of present-day life.
In no time at all, poor management turned what should have been a surefire success into a costly _____.
The judge imposed a heavy fine on the ____ landlord who had failed to provide heat during the cold weather.
My mother doesn’t think that a plate of food is ready to serve unless she has ____ it with a sprig of parsley or a slice of tomato.
In high school, you will make many decisions ____ to your future, but determining what to wear to the prom is not one of them.
The administration intends to propose legislation to cut back on customs duties and relax other ____ on foreign trade.

Level C Unit 15 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

a work,composition
a facing,overlay
to irritate,vex
to incorporate,encompass
a restraint,restriction
a moral tale or fable,allegory
a bottomless pit,chasm
the ground,lees
a failure,disaster
an inheritance,legacy
to happen,occur
to embellish,decorate

Level C Unit 15 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. happened to

  2. careless

  3. critical

  4. suspicious

  5. chasm

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