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Vocabulary Workshop Level C Unit 1 Answers

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Level C Unit 1 Choosing the Right Word Answers

Under the Articles of Confederation, the thirteen states (hovered, wrangled) so much that the nation seemed to be in danger of breaking up.
All those who (decreed, collaborated) with the enemy in the hope of gaining special favors will be punished severely.
The little club that they set up to talk over community problems (evolved, jostled) over the years into a national political organization.
As we searched through the (rubble, citadel) after the earthquake, it was heartbreaking to find such articles as a teakettle and a child’s doll.
Every time he quotes an old (vigil, adage), he looks as though he has just had a brilliant new idea.
She raised so many objections to attending the dance that it was obvious she was (groping, precluding) for an excuse not to go.
The “broken-down old furniture” that the woman left to her children turned out to be a (bonanza, rubble) of valuable antiques.
I chose to read a(n) (decree, excerpt) from “Leaves of Grass” by Walt Whitman for my poetry recitation.
The assembly speaker may have been boring, but that was no excuse for the students’ (laggard, churlish) behavior toward him.
At midnight, the sentry took his post, standing (citadel, vigil) over the cache of weapons
For weeks, an anxious world (wrangled, hovered) between war and peace as diplomats desperately struggled to resolve the crisis.
After much (wrangling, precluding), the student council was able to convince the principle to give students more passing time between classes.
A president needs advisors who will frankly explain what they really think, rather than just offer (servile, discordant) agreement and constant approval.
The landscape artists want to (collaborate, evolve) with the architects so that the entire house looks as though it is part of the natural environment.
The committee found it impossible to reach any agreement on the matter because the views of its members were so (churlish, discordant).
When I fumbled the ball on the three-yard line, the (plaudits, excerpts) of the crowd suddenly turned into jeers and catcalls.
After I had broken curfew for the third time in one week, my angry parents (precluded, decreed) that I was grounded for the rest of the term.
I refuse to accept the excuse that the pressures of a new job caused you to (revert, grope) to your old habit of cigarette smoking.
There are times when we all need to be (jostled, reverted) away from old, familiar ideas that may no longer be as true as they once seemed.
The principal was quick to approve new programs for our club but (servile, laggard) in providing financial support for them.
From the hundreds of newspaper items, the lawyers carefully (collaborated, excerpted) three short paragraphs that supported his case.
The fact that he was found guilty of a felony many years ago doesn’t (evolve, preclude) his running for mayor.
I have always regarded our colleges and universities as (citadels, plaudits) of learning and bastions against ignorance and superstition.
After the operation, we sat in the hospital lounge , keeping a nightlong (vigil, bonanza) until we heard from the doctor.
I hate when people (hover, rubble) over me when I’m on my computer.

Level C Unit 1 Completing The Sentence Answers

The cafeteria line was so crowded that I was ________ past the desserts before I could take one.
After the walls of their city fell to the enemy, the inhabitants withdrew to the _________ and continued the struggle from there.
What is the exact wording of the __________ about early birds and worm-catching?
The swiftest members of the herd escaped the trappers’ nets, but the _________ were caught.
During his eleven years of “personal rule,” King Charles I of England bypassed Parliament and governed the country by royal _________.
Our teacher gave the two of us permission to ___________ on our reports because we were investigating related problems.
If you will only show a little patience, that business investment may grow into a(n) __________ for you.
Your silly pride about doing everything on your own ________ your getting the help you need so badly.
The Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 was the first step in releasing African Americans from their _______ bonds.
As we discussed our coming vacation, we gradually _________ a plan for a bicycle trip through New England.
A single word of praise from the coach meant more to me than all the loud but thoughtless _____________ of the crowd.
With tireless devotion, the ailing child’s parents kept an anxious _________ at her bedside.
Suddenly the __________ voices of the two quarreling people burst upon my ears and jarred me out of my daydream.
Before the new housing project could be built, it was necessary to tear down the old houses and remove the ___________.
For two nights, he did his homework faithfully; then he _________ to his usual lazy ways.
They had such a long ____________ over the use of the bicycle that their mother finally forbade either of them from using it.
When the lights suddenly went out, I ___________ my way into the kitchen to find a candle and matches.
On the ground, teams of paramedics administered first aid to the victims of the accident, while police helicopters __________ overhead.
You hurt her feelings when you reacted to her comments in such a(n) __________ way, especially since you asked for her advice.
Let me read aloud a few ____________ from the newspaper review of the new movie.

Level C Unit 1 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

Synonyms: maxim, aphorism
Synonym: windfall
Synonyms: surly, ill-tempered Antonyms: courteous, civil, well-mannered
Synonyms: fort, stronghold, bulwark, bastion
Synonyms: team up, join forces Antonyms: work alone
Synonyms: (n.) proclamation, edict; (v.) proclaim
Synonyms: grating, shrill, different, divergent, conflicting Antonyms: harmonious, in agreement
Synonyms: unfold, emerge Antonyms: wither, atrophy
Synonyms: (n.) portion, section, extract
Synonyms: fumble for, cast about for
Synonyms: linger, waver, seesaw Antonym: soar
Synonym: push
Synonyms: (n.) slowpoke, straggler; (adj.) sluggish Antonyms: (n.) early bird; (adj.) swift, speedy, prompt
Synonyms: cheers, acclaim Antonyms: boos, disapproval, ridicule
Synonyms: hinder, check, stop Antonyms: help, promote, facilitate
Synonyms: relapse, regress Antonyms: progress, advance
Synonym: wreckage
Synonyms: slavish, groveling Antonyms: masterly, overbearing
No synonyms or antonyms
Synonyms: (v.) squabble, bicker Antonyms: (v.) agree, concur

Level C Unit 1 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. B. Progressed
  2. C. Submissiveness
  3. A. Squabbling
  4. D. Disant
  5. B. Verdicts

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