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Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 4 Answers

Level D Unit 4 Choosing the Right Word Answers

hoodwinkedThe voters may seem unaware of the underlying issues, but in the long run they cannot be _____ by self-serving politicians.
precipiceThe general feared that the latest attacks on the city would push the situation over the _____, leading directly to a full-blown war.
intrepidDespite the threats made against his life, the _____ district attorney was able to obtain a conviction of the corrupt official.
auspiciousHis broad education gave him a(n) _____ view of cultures different from his own.
incinerateWhen her eyes suddenly blazed with such fury, I felt that the heat of her glance would all but _____ me.
inanimateA great playwright’s characters always seem to come alive; those of a third-rate hack stubbornly remain _____.
pompousHis speech and manners were so _____ and stiff that he cut a somewhat ridiculous figure at our informal little get-together.
abscondingHow can you accuse me of _____with all your brilliant ideas when you have never had an original thought in your life?
dauntThough the dangers and uncertainties of a westward passage to the Orient cowed many a brave soldier, they did not _____ Columbus.
reprieveOnly by admitting your fault and trying to make up for it can you obtain a(n) _____ from the pangs of conscience.
pliantWe should begin studying foreign languages at an early age because it is during those years that our minds are most _____ and receptive.
rectifyThe team of accountants spent hours trying to locate and then to _____ the error I had so carelessly made.
auspiciousSpring, with its ever-renewing promise of life, is for me the most _____ of seasons.
arduousFor most retires athletes, the comeback trial is an _____ one, and few ever get to the end of it.
larcenyAnyone who takes the writings of other people and presents them as his or her own is guilty of literary _____.
fatedAlthough the hero and the heroine were parted by circumstance, I knew that they were _____ to meet again before the last commercial.
anarchyThere is a vast difference between democracy, under which everyone has duties and privileges and _____, under which no one has.
disentangleLike farmers separating the wheat from the chaff, the members of a jury must _____ the truth from the evidence presented to them.
accessFar from being useless, mathematics will give you _____ to many fields of scientific study.
revileInstead of recognizing that he caused his own troubles, he continues to _____ all the people who were “unfair” to him.
hoodwinkAlthough she looks young and inexperienced, it is not easy to _____ her, since she is a private detective by profession.
prototypesAt the design firm, the most well-received _____ for the new line of evening gowns were the ones made from a new silk blend.
accessTo_____ the large safe, we will need the five-digit combination to the lock.
reprieveI was not completely surprised when my aunt decided to _____ her decision to let me borrow her car next weekend.
pompousMy uncle can be so _____ when he lectures me about politics.

Level D Unit 4 Completing The Sentence Answers

With no government around to restore order, the small country remained in a state of _____.anarchy
The treasurer who had _____ with the company’s funds was quickly captured by alert federal agents.absconded
Since I did not feel well prepared, the three-day postponement of final exams was a most welcome ______.reprieve
No matter how much protective legislation we pass, there will probably always be gullible consumers for swindlers to _______.hoodwinked
Since I’m only an average linguist, mastering the irregular verbs in French was one of the most ____ tasks I have ever undertaken.arduous
Though many people firmly believe that life-forms exist somewhere in outer space, everything that our astronauts have so far encountered has be decidedly ______.inanimate
The guardrail was reinforced to prevent cars from skidding over the edge of the _____ and falling into the abyss below.precipice
The steak I’d accidentally left in the broiler too long wasn’t just over-done; it was positively _____.incinerated
This master key will give you _____ to any of the rooms in the building.access
The youths who had “borrowed” the car for joyriding were caught by the police and charged with ______.larceny
For someone who believes in astrology, what is _____ to happen to a person is determined by the stars.fated
Since everything had gone so smoothly, we felt that the campaign to elect Ellen captain was off to a(n) _______ beginning.auspicious
The audiotape had gotten so badly entwined in the machinery that i had a hard time _______ it.disentangled
Without the slightest hesitation, _____ fighterfighters will enter a blazing building to rescue anyone who may be trapped.intrepid
One of the most controversial figures of his time, the former president was revered by some and _____ by others.reviled
The overly ornate style of many 19th century writers seems rather forced and _______ to us today.pompous
As soon as I discovered that the project was being mismanaged, I tried my best to _____ the situation.rectify
Though somewhat massively built, the gymnast’s body was as supple and _____ as a ballet dancer’s.pliant
It isn’t logical to infer that the referee is _____ against our team just because he makes a few calls against our players.biased
Her extraordinary faith in her own abilities enabled her to overcome many obstacles that would have _____ someone less confident.daunted

Level D Unit 4 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

Abscondbolt, make off, skip town
Accessentry, admittance, entreetotal exclusion
Anarchychaos, disorder, turmoillaw and order, peace and quiet
Arduoushard, difficult, laboriouseasy, simple, effortless
Auspiciouspromising, encouragingill-omened, ominous, sinister
Biasedunfair, partial, bigotedfair, impartial, unprejudiced
Dauntdismay, cowencourage, embolden, reassure
Disentangleunravel, unwind, unscrambletangle up, ensnarl, snag
Fateddestined, preordained, doomedaccidental, fortuitous, chance, random
Hoodwinkdupe, put one over onundeceive, disabuse, clue in
Inanimatelifeless, dead, inert, spiritlessliving, alive, energetic, lively, sprightly
Incinerateburn up, cremate, reduce to ashes
Intrepidvaliant, courageous, audacious, daringtimid, cowardly, craven, pusillanimous
Larcenystealing, robbery, burglary
Pliantsupple, flexible, elastic, plasticrigid, still, inflexible, set in stone
Pompouspretentious, highfalutin, bombasticunpretentious, unaffected, plain
Precipicecliff, crag, bluff, promontory, ledgeabyss, chasm, gorge
Rectifyremedy, set rightmess up, botch, bongle
Reprieve(n) stay, respite; (v) postpone, delayproceed
Revileinveigh, against, malign, vilify, denouncepraise, acclaim, revere, idolize

Level D Unit 4 Vocabulary in Context Answers

1. C
2. A
3. B
4. C
5. D
6. A

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