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An Eyewitness To The Johnstown Floods

This selection primarily
reports the immediate aftermath of a disaster that could have been prevented
In the beginning
merciless monster
In this word “uncanny” in the second sentence is best replaced by
The initial reports of fatalities differed considerably from the final death toll number. what is the most likely reason for this discrepancy?
The lack of modern communication methods made it difficult to share information.
Based on the selection, which is correct?
For nearly a year officials had been warning that the dam was at risk.
Read these two excerpts. The first is from a well-known newspaper, while the second is from the selection. Together, they support which two of the following ideas?
-Looting and theft of property occurred in the aftermath of the flood. -Both military and polices… food and flood…
The author of this selection interviewed the following people. Which one said, “News then reached us from Johnstown that the dam at South Fork had burst”?
Harry Fisher, a telegraph operator in Bolivar
Based on what you have read, in the days following the flood the most serious risk to the survivors was:
contaminated water
This selection is best described as:
narrative nonfiction.
Place these events in the order in which they occurred, starting with the earliest.
-Prominent residents.. -hieves rob the dead and. -police from Pittsburg.. -Pails full of chenimals..

The Means Of Living

In this essay, what did Thoreau…Live righteous and worthy lives that are…
How is this part of the selection written?As an emotional appeal to connect with readers…
According to this excerpt, the “aim of the laborer” should be toperform a certain kind of work well
Thoreau stated “the community has no bribe that will tempt a wise man” in other words…could not be influenced my money
Choose the two sentences in this excerpt that reflect the type….– To those men today, either of these…
– I think that there is nothing, not even crime…
Read this excerpt. Which two sentences best summarizes…-Government do not see creative works…
– Members of the public are more likely to purchase…
Read these two excerpts. Which two comparisons can be drawn between…?– Thoreau describes the first man…
– Thoreau observes that the first man…
How do these two excerpts from the selectionBoth illustrate Thoreau disgust at the misuse
Read this excerpt: What does the image of “the panting”The constant motion of work and business
Thoreau wrote thatbelieved that he understood how most people

Conquering Pain

What is the central idea of this selection?Modern anesthesia means people no longer need to suffer from their disease rather than…
Place these events in anesthesia history in order from the earliest to the latest.– Medical practitioners who performed surgeries also cut hair
– Dr. Horace Wells discovered that nitrous oxide could reduce pain
-Dr. William Morton discovered he could use ether to make patients
-The invention of inhalers to deliver anesthetic made it possible
Read this excerpt from the selection. The overall tone in this excerpt is best described asOptimistic.
Without changing the meaning in this sentence, you could replace the word “volatile” withExplosive
Read these two excerpts from the selection. What is the author’s main purpose forTo help the reader visualize how anesthetics prevent pain signals from being sent to the brain.
Choose the one sentence in this excerpt that suggests surgery could haveAs early as the 1200’s scientists became aware of drugs that produced an absence of sensation, but the…
In this excerpt from the selection, the phrase “hanging on to life by a thread” is an example of the literary device calledIdiom
Which two outcomes occurred as a result of an increase in surgical procedures after anesthesia was discovered?Doctors were doing longer surgeries, but infections from dirty operation rooms…
Because it was difficult to know how much anesthetic to administer, many patients…
Read this excerpt from the selection. The authorities use the phrase “past the threshold of no return” in this excerpt to mean the point at whichReversal of the unconscious state is not possible.
Wells performed a tooth extraction using nitrous oxide for doctors at Harvard Medical College. Why did Wells go home in disgrace?The patient, who was not fully anesthetized, cried out in pain during the extraction.
Read this excerpt from the text and one from another source. Together, these excerpts demonstrate an approach to anesthesia calledBalanced anesthesia
Which two outcomes occurred as a result of an increase in surgical procedures after anesthesia was discovered?-Doctors were performing more complex surgeries, but infections from dirty operating rooms led to increased deaths.
– It was difficult to know how much anesthetic to use, many patients died from overdoses.
Based on this selection, which procedure would use local rather than general anesthesia for a pain-free procedure?Toe surgery
Choose the one sentence in this excerpt that suggests surgery could have been performed without terror much sooner
than it was
As early as the 1200’s scientists became aware of drugs that produced an absence of sensation, but the

All Quiet on All Fronts

This selection is mainly about WW1 and itsimportant events and battles
Choose the sentence in this excerpt that explains why United States involvement in WW1 was significant.With the help of fresh U.S. troops, the Allies turned the tide against Germany on the Western Front.
Read these two excerpts. Which two factors led directly to Germany’s failure in obtaining the Western Front?– trench warfare between Germany and France
– the United States joining WW1
Which statement supports the world leaders imposing “harsh penalties” on Germany in the Treaty of Versailles after the war?The Germans decided to launch a massive spring offensive to try to end the war before the United States could be fully engaged.
Throughout this selection, the author utilizes parentheses in order toprovide the reader with additional information about difficult concepts.
WW1 was triggered by a chain of events. Put them in order in which they occurred.– Tension between France and Germany over France losing the Franco-Prussian War.
– Efforts made by Germany and Great Britain to dominate Europe.
-The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand by a Serbian nationalist.
-Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia.
Read this excerpt. Which of the following statements best summarizes the reason for tension among the countries in Europe prior to WW1?The desire for power and domination.
Read this excerpt. President Woodrow Wilson planned to keep the United States from joining the fighting in WW1. Which two events changed his mind?– Germany encouraged Mexico to fight against the United States.
– Germany sinking U.S. ships
This text describes events from history. This text can be labeled as…historical nonfiction
In the beginning of the selection, what does the author mean by “Europe seemed to be sitting on a powder keg”?Numerous conflicts and tensions among European countries began building up to create a larger problem.

The Wreck of Essex

What is the central idea of this selection?The true-life story behind a famous novel
Highlight the one sentence that provides evidence that Captain Pollard“Wretched and confused, Pollard and Ramsdell did not.
Read this excerpt. Based on these actions, the crew of the…Thoughtless.
This text is best characterized asNonfiction.
After the Essex was destroyed, what prevented theThey thought it would be inhabited by cannibals.
How did people come to know the story of Essex?One of the captains Pollard told his story to write it down
What two events made Captain George– The stranding of the Two Brothers on a coral reef…
– The sinking of the Essex…
What was author Herman Melville’s opinion ofMelville found Pollard the most impressive man he’d…
Read this excerpt from the text. Which of the following wordsShove.
Read these two excerpts. The mood of these two excerpts can best be described asSuspenseful & frightening.


These sentences are from this selectionThe pride movement grew from outrage.
The United States Constitution was debatedThe first U.S LGBTQ rights demonstration.
Read this excerpt from the selectionTo help readers connect their own.
Which detail from this text shows what allowedLaws that criminalized dressing in a way.
Which one of the following subheadingsUnited for a Common Cause.
The previous question asked aboutViolent hate crimes against.
Choose the 2 sentences in this excerpt.Answer 1: In 1973, Maryland…
Answer 2: Over the next 20 years
Think about what you have readInformational text.
Read this excerpt from this selection and one fromWhich president repealed the law…
Place these events in order from first to last.Answer 1: President Eisenhower…
Answer 2: The Stonewall Riots…
Answer 3: The first Gay Pride March…
Answer 4: The rainbow flag…

Grapevine, Inc.

What is the main idea of this selection?Real success comes from using our…
Why didn’t Jeremy move to AtlantaHe did not want to start his life over.
What does this selection imply aboutIt was a safe haven for the destitute and…
Jeremy found his passion as a photographerTaking pictures of his clients after giving.
Based on this excerpt for which two reasonsHe wanted to give them a new…
He wanted them to feel important…
Put the following in ordera – Star lake wilderness camp
b – Drop in center at Jefferson park
c – Parents home in Atlanta
d – Band concert in port
The tone of this excerpt could beInsightful.
Based on this excerpt why was Jeremy.His working life had overtaken his.
Choose the sentence in this…Somehow, I did not finish school and…
In the end, how did Jeremy helpHe gave them meaningful jobs that would…

Life In The Sonoran Desert

The selection is mainly about…The natural environment, history, and culture of a modern desert city…
Choose the sentence in this excerpt that uses the figure of speech called a simile…These plates lie next to one another like sections of a giant concrete sidewalk…
Based on this excerpt, a succulent plant can best be described asThick and fleshy to retain water.
What do these two excerpts have in common?Both use personal accounts to describe the creative influences of the desert.
Based on these excerpts, which two features of the sky islands directly affect the biologicalAns 1: Their isolation from one another…
Ans 2: Their high elevations…
According to the text, what human adaptation best helps our survival in the desert?Our ability to use our intellect to create solutions for difficult problems.
Which two of the following are given as examples of Tucson’s extreme weather?Ans 1: Monsoon storms
Ans 2: Excessive heat.
This selection can best be described as what type of…Non-narrative nonfiction.
In this excerpt, what does the word “moreover” signal?The author is going to make an additional point that is related to the one before it.
The term “Old Pueblo” refers toTucson’s history as a long-standing settlement.

How We Got To Now

The selection is mainly aboutOriginal inventions that changed the world.
According to the selection, if we want to be great innovators, we shouldHave several hobbies.
Read these two excerpts. The “butterfly effect” and the “hummingbird effect” are similar because both effects.Are triggered by a small action.
In this excerpt, what does the author mean by “collaborative networks”?People working together.
Gutenberg’s printing press is an example of an invention that had a number of unanticipated effects. Which two effects…Answer 1: The invention of the telescope.
Answer 2: The demand for spectacles.
When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone to listen to live orchestra music, he most likelyThe way we use phones today.
Read this excerpt. The author’s purpose for including this part is to…Provide a scenario to help the reader understand a concept.
This selection can be best described as informational nonfiction because it.Gives facts and details about a specific topic.
Read this excerpt. Choose the one sentence that explains what Johnson means byBasically, when someone comes up with a new idea, technology, or platform of some kind.
Choose the one sentence from the excerpt that supports Steven Johnson’s argumentIt is people like John Leal, John Snow, and Ellis Chesbrough, who helped create the fact that we can now drink water.

A Captain’s Greatest Fear

What is the main idea of this selection?War can both mentally and physically hurt a person.
This excerpt describes the role of non-combatants, people who helped soldiers in times of war. Why does the author describe the role of these people as “inglorious but important”?Though they do not fight, they are very helpful to those who do fight.
Captain Graffenried worked in administrative services before being sent to the front lines.He had no experience as a soldier despite attending military school.
Read this excerpt. Which expression would most likely appear on Captain Graffenreids face?Determination.
Choose the sentence in this excerpt that contains examples of the figure of speech called simile.From somewhere way to the right came as the wind served intermittent murmur like that of the ocean in a storm like that of a distant railway train like that of wind among the pines.
At what point in the selection does Captain Graffenreids attitude toward war change?After he narrowly misses being shot by enemy fire.
Which of the following best describes captain Graffenreid’s mood in this excerpt?Cheerful.
Based on this expert in which way does captain Graffenreid differ from the other men fighting in this troop.He is more nervous during battle.
Think about how the author described Captain GriffinreidA poor leader.
The author wrote this story mainly to?Demonstrate the horror of war.

Have You Ever Seen Pink Snow?

The selection is mainly about scientists’Research on preserving glacier ice from factors that threaten to harm it…
Read these two excerpts. Ice researchers are trying to pressure the global community to solve two issues. What areAns 1: Climate change.
Ans 2: Plastic waste.
Think about your answer to the previous question. which sentence from the text suggests the author believes.I think that everyone individually can contribute, by pressing politicians, but also by making their contribution in terms of the reduction of CO2…”
Choose the sentence in this excerpt that is an example of the figurative languageEach year, high on Greenland’s glaciers, algae perform.
In this selection, the author describes the sound of glaciers melting and cracking as “that noise is the endOminous.
Read this excerpt. This excerpt suggests that Alexandre Anesio isEager
How does this image of the Greenland ice sheet relate to this selection?The loss of glacier ice is contributing to the declining.
This text gives facts and statistics about the Greenland ice sheet. This text canInformational nonfiction.
Based on what you have read, which two factors are contributing to glaciers.Answer 1: Climate change
Answer 2: Algae blooms…
Which sentence from the selection confirms why scientists want the world to be more awareAs glaciers retreat from India to Greenland, biodiversity is being lost.

From Rock to Powder

What is the main idea of this selection?Powerful forces of nature can create remarkable landscapes
This excerpt describes gypsum, a material that easily washes away in the water. Choose the two sentences.Answer 1: But mountains on all sides of this particular desert.
Answer 2: What little rainfall the arid area receives does not.
In this excerpt, what does the phrase “fluid landscape” mean?A changing shape
What determines the color of the sand?The material from which the sand eroded
The color of the sand on this beach indicates its source material wasMagma
Based on this excerpt, what can you conclude from the sands of…Wind can carry sand long distances to its final destination.
This is the opening paragraph from the selection. From this paragraph, a reader can.Has a deep appreciation for nature.
Put the steps in the order in which sand is created by flowing water in the correct order, starting…Answer 1: Rocks force the flow of water to bend around the rocks
Answer 2: As water collides with rocks, bits of the rock break off
Answer 3: Some grains of rock or sand are deposited elsewhere
Answer 4: Over many years, the water erodes obstacles in its path…
How is sand created?Erosive forces break down larger substances into granular.
The Grand Canyon was formed byWater erosion.

The Girl On The Cliffs

What is the main idea of this selection?A young woman follows her.
What destructive force in nature was responsibleErosion.
What effect did Mary’s near deathShe expanded
What does this selection tell you about the lifeThere were many infant deaths from smallpox
Put these in order in which they occurredMary’s mother opens a curio stand, Mary finds a skeleton to go, Mary discovers the first British example, Mary opens her fossil shop.
The tone of this excerpt can be described asIronic.
What does e word “dissenters” mean in this excerpt…People who questioned the accepted views of the time.
What are two reasons why Mary was notShe was a working class, The Geological Society of…
What evidence does the author give to show thatMary discovered a chamber containing ink…
Why was Mary’s “Crocodile in a Fossil State” suchIt raised questions about the history of…
What is the author’s purpose in writing this selection.To highlight the significant contribution.

Environmental Disasters

What is the main idea of the selectionOil is a form of ecocide that can be prevented
Based on the selection what is the best way to prevent oil spills in the future?Switch from fossil fuel to renewable energies.
Based on this selection, what was the initial cause of the Deepwater Horizon oil pass?Leaking Methane.
What are two ways BP tried to clean up its oil spill?Controlled Explosions, ships with large skimmers scooped
How is an oil created?The Earth’s heat.
How effective were Exxon’s initial efforts to clean up the Valdez oil spills?Exxon only collected a small percent of the oil spill…
What type of evidence does the author use to show that BP oil spill was the worst ecocide ever committed?Hard Statistics…
What statement supports the author’s statement that oil spills will happen in the future?There are very few regulations…
Why does the author begin and end the selection with these excerpts?To show consumers…
Choose the one sentence in the excerpt that gives examples of the best alternatives to fossil fuel.Unlike fossil fuels…

A Legendary Prison/ The Rock

This selection is mainly aboutThe unique history of a…
How does the author createBy using phrases like…
Choose the sentence in this excerptHowever, most of the prisoners…
Place these events in historyJuan Manuel, Alcatraz is chosen, Civil War, Civilian prisoners…
The need for a newIncrease in organized crime…
In which two of the following waysTake showers, get haircuts.
What do the items in this imageEscaped Alcatraz on a raft made of…
What sentence supports the government’s…In most federal prisons the ratio…
Based on this excerpt…Had not resorted to vandalizing buildings.
Based on this ending excerpt…Every cloud has a silver lining.

Be a Social Worker

What is the main ideaSocial work is a fulfilling career.
Derrick had an important effectliked the experience.
Which sentence is the best definitionHelp people get through difficult.
Which sentence helps to explain…I was naturally drawn.
Put these events in the author’s lifehappily entertains, cares for a young, interviews caregivers and learns, works in an…
Besides working directlyDevelop programs to address issues…
According to this selection…a caregiver, exhausted…
The author states that socialAlthough Derrick’s language was warbled.
Choose the sentence.One of the most important services
Which sentence support’s the author’s statement thatSocial workers often see the good…

Heathcliff’s New Tenant

What is the main idea of this selection?A new tenant learns about his landlord during their first meeting.
Who is the narrator of this selection?Mr.Lockwood, the new tenant.
Choose the sentence in this excerpt…defines the name“Wuthering” being a significant provincial…
In this excerptYou can tell that Mr.Heathcliff treasures his solitude.
Mr.Heathcliff reveals he has a sense of compassion by askingA servant to tend to Mr.Lockwood’s horse.
Based on this excerpt, the decor of…mishmash of objects, both large and small.
Mr.Lockwood feels that his reputation…His solitary nature made him.
His reaction to the dogs’ assaultFelt apologetic.
Mr.Lockwood describes seeing which two types of dogs.Pointers, sheep-dogs.
Read this excerpt. Following the dog incident…Switches to a more relaxed atmosphere.

Gold Mountain

What is the main idea of this piece?the major, but often overlooked, the role of Chinese American women in U.S. history
Based on the text, what caused the wave of Chinese immigrants to America in the 19th century?natural disasters and political unrest
The name “Gam Saan” was a literal reference to the United States, particularly California. But in a figurative sense, it also referred tothe possibilities of wealth, success, and a better life.
Why did fewer Chinese women than men make the trip to America?The women were bound by restrictions in both the United States and China.
What did Afong Moy perform for an audience?eating and walking
How did Mary Tape’s battle with the San Francisco school district change educational policy in California?She won the right for Chinese American children to attend public schools.
How do these two excerpts from the text work together?They both illustrate the discriminatory practices that were in effect at the time.
Based on this excerpt, it is evident that Polly Bemiswas a highly respected member of the community.
What was the main influence in the reformation of Confucianism in America?Chinese women didn’t live with their mothers-in-law anymore.
Reread this excerpt from the text. What does the author mean when she says Gold Mountain was a challenging mountain to climb?Immigrating and achieving success in America were difficult processes.

Seeds Of Change

The story is mainly about Wangari Maathai and howshe was instrumental in transforming both environmental policies and human rights issues.
According to these two pieces of text, which of the following statements best summarizes Wangari’s attitude toward education?It must be used to benefit all.
Wangari saw deforestation in Kenya as a major difficulty for rural women becauseit severely affected both the land and the ability of the women to provide food for their families.
The primary tone in this part of the text is one ofpersistence.
What event led to Wangari’s creation of the Green Belt Movement?the planting of seven trees in Kamakunji Park to honor past community leaders
The text states that when Wangari expanded her Green Belt Movement, she included husbands and sons in the planting process. This suggests that shesaw environmental activism as something that involves entire families and communities.
In this part of the text, the word “intersection” refers tothe connection between two seemingly unrelated issues.
The text states that Wangari was very influential in the international community. Which evidence from the text best supports this?She convinced foreign investors to withdraw their financial support for a major Kenyan building project.
What major event happened in Wangari’s life in 2004?She became the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.
How do these two excerpts from the text work together?The first illustrates a belligerent attitude toward Wangari, while the second shows a respectful one.

The Perils Of Gossip

Which phras3 best summarizes the main idea?
man vs soci3ty
Why did Akhin’s wife slap him?
She overheard rumors that her husband was inappropriate around another
The author uses food/drink to symbolize
wealth/social status
Choose the sentence in this excerpt that provides an example of a simile
He bent down, smacking lips, gave vent to a sound similar to a creaking wheel
Which of the following is correct?
Akhin is a teacher who has enough cash to provide a fancy wedding for his daughter
Who is Vankin and what does he do?
He’s an instructor in the same school as Akhin. Vankin mistakenly believes […]
On the wedding feast night, Akhin made a far-reaching mistake […]
He told everyone that Vankin was a foolish gossip who spreads […]
The phrase “man proposes and God disposes” implies that
people can before plan, but they cannot overall control
Why did Akhin go to the kitchen?
He wanted to see if his daughter’s wedding dinner was ready
Akhin thinks the rumor Vankin said has destroyed his […]
Akhin spread the rumor in a try to discredit Vankin

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