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Reading Plus Answers Level HiE

Twinkle On, Little Stars!

This selection is mostly about stars andHow constellations are a part of both culture and science.
Before humans had modern technology, people in some areas used the stars toMeasure the seasons of the year.
What is astronomy?The science of studying stars
How many named constellations do we have today?88
Read this excerpt. What is the purpose of the second and third sentences?To support a statement given in the first sentence
How is this selection written?As a non-fictional piece that gives information
Read this excerpt. How did sailors use the “secret” of the North Star?They used the North Star’s fixed location as a tool to help them guide their ships to new lands.
Based on this excerpt, how are the stars in the nighttime sky today different from those that early humans saw?The stars at night are harder to see today because the lights from cities make the sky less dark.
How do these two parts of the selection work together?The first part shows how stars were important in old stories while the second one shows how stars were helpful tools.
What does it mean when a constellation is described as “flat?”The stars in a constellation appear to be close together but they are really very far apart.

Danger in the Depths

What is the major theme in this selection?The importance of proper training
Based on the information given in the selection, what is an alligator gar?A type of fish
The author states that Adam and Tony had never done any deep cave diving before. Why is this important to know?They wouldn’t know the dangers that come with deep cave diving.
In this excerpt, what does the phrase “on the road” most closely mean?Traveling
Based on what you have read, what will Adam and Tony most likely do before they go diving again?Take deep cave diving lessons
Reread this excerpt. What does it suggest about the signal for help that Tony uses?It is known and understood by trained divers.
Based on what you have read, what is the Ginnie Ballroom?A large underwater cavern
Reread these two excerpts. Which best describes the change in mood from the first excerpt to the second?Calm to fearful
Adam asked Bob and Danny, “So will you rescue me from my mom?” What makes him say this?He knows his nervous mother will not want him to go diving again.
What event caused Adam to have serious problems?His breathing hose got caught on a sharp piece of rock.

The Shower of Light

This selection is mainly aboutHow meteoroids, meteorites and meteors affect the earth.
Reread this excerpt. What conclusion can be made about iron meteorites?They were useful to people in ancient times
A meteoroid is a piece of space matter thatPasses through the earth’s atmosphere.
In this part of the selection, the author calls a meteoroid an “alien” because itComes from space
Which sentence from the selection suggests the idea that most meteorites are not dangerous?They are most likely to be the size of a pebble or a particle of dirt than the size of a van.
Some meteoroids are large enough to damage the earth. By tracking the movements of meteoroids, scientists hope toFind them and push them out of the way before they hit the earth.
Reread the end of the selection. What is the author’s attitude towards meteor shower?They are harmless natural events that are beautiful and fun to watch.
Why is it sometimes difficult for scientists who study outer space to find even large meteoroids?Meteoroids do not give up their own light and can be seen only if they reflect sunlight.
Meteor showers happen whenMany single meteoroids break off from comets and burn up as they pass through the sky in a group.
Reread this except. In the last sentence, why is the phrase ” very close” in quotes?To show how a large distance in outer space can be thought of as small

Wedding Day

The main purpose of selections like this one is to showhow different cultures experience a common event.
The selection focuses on the wedding traditions of two countries in Asia. What two countries are they?China, Japan
What does “best date” mean in this excerpt?a day with good luck
The selection states that in parts of China, fireworks are set off when the bride enters the room. What are the two reasons for this?to scare away evil spirits that might bring bad luck to the new couple;
to announce the bride is near and the ceremony is about to begin.
The selection states that some Chinese people will…Spirits may take away good luck from the couple.
In China, the color red appears often on a wedding day because it representsgood fortune.
This envelope holds a wedding gift for a Chinese bride and groom. Notice how the symbol on the…double happiness.
Based on the selection, why is a wedding ring an…it has no beginning or end and means endless love.
Which statement best summarizes the information…There’s more than one right way to do something.
This selection can best be described as informational nonfiction because itgives facts and details about a specific topic.

Please Pass The Bugs

Believe it or not, insects can help reduce world hunger.

What is the main idea of this selection?In many areas, insects are an important source of food.
What reason does the author give to support the statement “insects are healthier to eat than meat”?Insects have more protein and less fat than meat.
A person raises insects so she can eat them. Why would she feed the insects fresh grass?to improve the taste of the insect.
Based on what you read, which statement is correct?There are more insects int he world than people.
What does the word “raise” mean in this sentence?Cause to grow
What event in the future may cause more and more people to eat insects?The population will keep increasing and people will need new sources of food.
This excerpt suggests the author expects you to think eating insects is a strange thing to do.Although eating insects was common in the past, in many places…
Since insects can destroy crops and spread disease…
Read these two excerpts. What do they have in common?Both show how insects were and still are, used to make bread.
The selection states if people ate less meat, the land used to raise animal feed crops could be put to better use. What is that better use?The land could be used to grow food for people instead of animals.
Read these two excerpts. What are two ways that people can tell which insects are safe to eat?by watching which insects birds eat
by looking at the color of the insect

Smart Survivors

This selection is mainly about crows andHow they live and what makes them special.
Based on what you read, scientists are fascinated by crows mostly because of the crows’Large brains.
How is a crow like a child?A crow likes to play games and have fun.
What is the author’s tone in this part of the selection?Informative and humorous
Why is it likely that most people have seen a crow?They live everywhere except Antarctica.
Based on what you read, about a crow’s nest are correct? which two statementsThe nest is made with sticks and leaves and held together by mud and grass.
Males and female crows work together to build the nest.
Based on this excerpt, what is one way in which people help crows?They run over nut shells and then crows can eat the nuts inside.
In this part of the selection, which two characteristics help the crow get to the pig heart?Determination
A group of crows can go by two different names. What are the two names?A flock
A murder
Read this excerpt. Based on how it is used, what does the phrase “it’s a place to crow about” most closely mean?It’s a great place for birds.

A Window Into The Past (What Is DNA?)

This text is mainly aboutthe role DNA can play in uncovering the history of families and ancient ancestry.
Haplogroups help explain thelocations a person’s ancient ancestors moved from and to.
Read this part from the text. Why does the author begin this way?to reveal different uses of DNA.
Based on this text, two uses of DNA are toidentify criminals. Find people who are related.
Read these two parts of the text. Which statement about chromosomes is correct?Humans get the same number of chromosomes from each biological parent.
In this sentence from the text, the word “inherit” most closely meansreceive.
According to what you have read, the “Cheddar Man” is important becauseIt is one of the oldest skeletons ever found.
How do these two parts of the text work together?The show how DNA testing has helped uncover new information.
The author states, “no matter what our language, skin color, politics, or personality, we all come from the same place.” Which sentence from the text supports this?The current theory is that about 60,000 years ago, all humans lived in Africa.
Read this part from the tex. DNA helped two Rosenpurple families who live…by providing proof that they were related.

Microbes Are Everywhere-Part 1

Germs are everywhere – in you mouth, on your clothes, on everything you touch. Believe it or not – some keep you healthy!

This text is mainly about how germsgrow and affect human health.
According to the text, if a house is too clean, it can causeillnesses.
In this text, the author says, “Microbes are very resilient little creatures.” Which sentence from the text best supports this statement?Centuries after being frozen in a glacier…
Bacteria, fungi, and protozoa are allmicrobes.
Read this part from the text. Why does the author write the beginning of the text this way?to make the reader think about all the places germs can be found.
Read this part of the text. If a cat bites a person, most likely the wound will become infected.
Read this part of the text. The kitchen is the best place to find germs is where people gather and food is prepared.
Based on what you have read, this text can best be described asinformational.
Read this part of the text. Choose the two sentences that describe what actions can…Clearing the kitchen counter or washing hands can kill harmful germs. When people cover their mouth when they cough, or sneeze into a tissue…
Most germs are moved from place to place onpeople’s hands.

#BLM: A Call to Action Part 1

This text is mainly about the death of Trayvon Martin and theHistory of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.
Read this part from the text. The word “acquitted” in the last sentence tells you that Zimmerman wasFound not guilty of a crime.
The previous question asked about George Zimmerman’s trial. Based on your answer to that question, which sentence from the text shows one effect of that?It sparked fury in many people who felt the law did not protect black Americans as it should.
Read this part from the text and one from another source. What does the second part tell you about the first?Where Trayvon Martin had been the night he was killed wait
Which detail from this text shows what sparked protests across Ferguson after Michael Brown’s death?Michael Brown was unarmed when he was killed by a police officer.
Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old black teenager, was killed by police officer Darren Wilson on August 9, 2014. Based on this text, which two statements about this event are correct?Witnesses to the shooting had differing accounts of what happened.
Wilson was never charged for Michael Brown’s death.
The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter was created in response toThe murder of Treyvon Martin.
Based on what you have read, a major issue leading to the American Civil War wasDisagreement about slavery between the northem states and those in the South.
Look closely at this image of a waiting room for “colored people.” Based on what you have read, which sentence from this text goes with what this image is showing?In the 1870s and 1880s, some states passed laws called “Jim Crow” laws.
Which genre best describes this selection?Informational text

#BLM: A Call to Action Part 2

This selection is mainly about theMovement that is empowering communities to stand up for racial justice and equality.
Read this part of the text. Choose the best title for this part if it was a chapter in a book.Bigger than football
Some people oppose BLM. According to Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, some think racism is a problem of the past because theyMay not see racism in themselves or their communities.
Read this part of the text. The word “dignity” helps readers understand that BLM is fighting for the right of black Americans toBe valued and respected.
BLM founder Alicia Garza says it is “obyvious” that all lives matter. She argues that #AlILivesMatter misses the point. What does she mean?Black people in the U.S. are more likely to be treated unfairly and to be killed by police.
Which genre best describes this selection?Informational text
Read this part from the text and one from another source. What does the second part help you understand about the first?Which event sparked the BLM movement
Samuel Sinyangwe is a data analyst. He uses his skills to help the BLM movement byCollecting and publishing information on police killings across the nation.
What made it difficult for Samuel Sinyangwe to collect data about police violence in the United States?There was no system for collecting records of deaths caused by police.
Choose the two sentences that best show why Colin Kaepernick chose to kneel for the National Anthem.“But Kaepernick knelt to show his support for the Black Lives Matter movement.”
“Kaepernick said he was not willing to show pride in his country while it oppressed its black citizens.”

Leafy Hunters: Plants That Kill

What is the main idea of this selection?Carnivorous plants catch their prey in different ways.
In this excerpt, what image of the Venus flytrap does the author create?The image of a scary monster
Why do carnivorous plants eat meat?They don’t get enough nitrogen from the soil in which they grow.
Why does the pitcher plant use chemicals to turn its food into soup?The plant has no mouth, teeth, or stomach to chew and digest the food.
A leaf on a Venus flytrap will close ifAn insect brushes against the hairs on the leaf.
This excerpt states, “Dinner is served.” What does this mean?The insect can’t escape, so the plant can eat it.
What do the bladders on a bladderwort do?They are the plant’s traps.
Of plant does this picture show? Based on the descriptions in the selection, what typeA Venus flytrap
Why does the author say carnivorous plants “have a lot to fear from us”?People are destroying the places where the plants live.
How do these two excerpts work together?The first states that carnivorous plants are in danger; the second states that new laws will protect them.

From Wild Child to Success Story

This selection is mainly aboutA man who is the best in the world at his sport.
The selection states that the X Games in 1995 includedSkating, BMX biking, and motocross.
In this excerpt, the word “master” most closely meansLearn.
Before a skater can learn the hardest skateboard tricks, he or she mustLearn how to do an Olle
According to the selection, high insurance costs led toSkate park closures.
In this excerpt, what does the phrase “good to him” mean?Helped him make a lot of money
From what you have read, which of the following is true about the X Games?Skaters take turns as they try to perform tricks.
What are the two main kinds of skateboarding?Vert
When Tony was a teenager, people started calling him “Birdman” because heLooked like a flying bird when he rode his skateboard high in the air.

Gecko Power

What is the main idea of this selection?A scientist works to find out how geckos stick to surfaces.
The selection states that human-made setae could be used to build gecko robots for rescue missions and exploring planets. In which other two ways could human-made setae be used?Extremely small artificial setae could be used in microsurgery or making computer chips.
Astronauts could use gecko adhesive tape to attach equipment to spaceships.
How does the animal in this image connect to this selection?Dr. Autumn saw a gecko attack a big black spider on the ceiling of his hotel room.
The selection states that Tokay geckos, the largest of all geckos, do not make good pets for two reasons. What are the reasons?They bark loudly.
They are not friendly.
Nanotechnology is the branch of scienceIn which atoms and molecules are used to build extremely small devices.
Dr. Autumn stated that his team could not get a seta to stick to anything because they had “reduced the gecko to a single hair.” How did they change their method?Instead of looking at how a single hair worked, they looked at how all the hairs worked together.
Based on these two excerpts, which two statements about van der Waals attractions are correct?They are named after Johannes van der Waals, the Dutch physicist who discovered them.
They happen when the positive and negative force of atoms attract each other.
What are setae?Microscopic hairs that cover the foot of a gecko
An analogy is a comparison between two things. Choose the sentence in this excerpt gives an example of an analogy.The animals place the palms of their feet first, then uncurl their toes, “like a party favor that uncurls when you blow into it,” says Dr. Autumn.
Based on this excerpt, what does the word “repels” most closely mean?Pushes away

A Fishy Problem

This selection is mainly about how a girl whoConducted an investigation to answer a question
At the beginning of the text, Kayla wondered ifRestaurants were using smelt roe instead of tobiko roe in their sushi.
Choose the sentence in this part that explains the results of the investigation from the text.Her research showed that there was a 98 probability that the fish eggs…
Read this part of the text. The author used words inside parentheses toGive the reader extra information
During the investigation, Kayla mashed up the eggs toBreak them into their smallest parts
In this part of the text, the word “extracting” most closely meansRemoving
This image connects to the text byProviding an example of fish eggs used in the investigation
Based on the text, which statement about FINS is correct?FINS looks closely at DNA to identify different organisms
Read this part from the text. Which sentence best summarizes this part?Dr. Davidson helped create FINS to assist with solving a problem.
What was Kayla’s hypothesis for her investigation?Cheaper fish eggs were being substituted for the fish eggs that should be in sushi.

The Mountain Climber

This selection is mainly about a teen boy whoWanted to climb mountains, as his father did
What does the mountain in this image have to do with the characters in this selection?Everest was named after Mount Everest
Choose the sentence in this paragraph that describes the change Everest saw in his mothers face“She was still thin, with brown hair, but something about her face…”
How do these two exceptions compare to or contrast with each other?The first shows how Everest’s mother did not want him to climb at all. The second shows how she eventually changed her mind
In this excerpt, both avalanches and crevasses can be described asNatural events that are risks when climbing a very tall mountain.
Read this excerpt. The words “snowbound”, “sickness”, “frostbite”, and “suffering” give the idea that mountain climbing can beUncomfortable and dangerous
Who is the narrator in this selection?Everest
Everest’s mother did not want him to climb because she believed mountain climbing was tooDangerous
In this exception, Everest asked his mother…Convince her to see the argument about climbing from his point of view
Based on what you read, Everest’s fatherDied when Everest was very young.
In this excerpt, what does the phrase “squirreled away” most closely mean?Collected and hidden

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