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You Have A Pick-up Truck And Want To Haul A Load Of Trash Or Garbage In The Back

You have a pick up truck and want to haul a load of trash or garbage in the back. You must do what?

Answer: Tie up the garbage bags or close the roof over the back of your pick up truck.


When hauling a load of trash/garbage in the back of your pickup truck, then you are required to tie up the garbage bags or to close the roof over the back of your pick-up truck such that none of the garbage/trash can fly of the truck.

You have a pick-up truck and need to transport trash or rubbish in the back. To ensure that none of the garbage escaped the back of the vehicle, you must make sure all of it was packed in garbage bags and secured tightly.

You are driving in a municipal area. A truck has stopped on the road ahead, and is now starting to back up into a property beside the road. You should ___
Slow down, honk your horn to warn the truck driver you are there, and drive past the truck with caution.
When turning right from a four-lane highway to another four-lane highway you should?
You should turn from the right-hand lane closest to the crub/ shoulder, into the right-hand lane (closest to the curb/shoulder) of the intersecting roadway.
Speed Limit Residential ?
25 mph
When one vehicle is towing another by means of a chain, what does the chain need to have displayed on it?
The towing truck must have a white flag at least 12 inches square attached to it.
If you refuse to take a blood alcoholic test you can ___
get your licence suspended
You have a pick up truck and want to haul a load of trash or garbage in the back you must do what when your done ___
close the trash roof thing or tie up the garbage bags.
You are driving a vehicle that has an automatic transmission when you park on a hill you should ___
Set the parking brake and shift to park with an automatic transmission.
You are driving on a slippery road in a car that does not have Anti Lock Brakes (ABS). If your car starts to skid sideways when you stop on the brake, you should _
Take your food off the brake unless you are about to hit something.
When you are driving on an expressway you must remember that the greatest danger on expressway is ?
Rear end collisions
You are driving on a road where rain has left large pools of water, and you have driven through water that was several inches deep. Now your brakes are not working. You may have ___
water in the brake disc
When parking uphill you should be parked ?
Turn the front wheel away from the curb
When parking downhill you should be parking?
Turn your front wheels toward the curb.
You are driving on a two lane highway at night, using your low beam headlights because of nearby traffic. You should ?
Use low beam headlights
When driving on a rural road, your right wheels run off the pavement. You should take the steering wheel firmly and ___
Steer in a straight line while gently slowing down.
When driving during the daytime in reduced visibility ___
turn on your low beam

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