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OSHA Forklift Test Answers

Welcome to our OSHA Forklift test answers page, where you’ll find comprehensive and accurate solutions to common questions on forklift safety and operation. Whether you’re a forklift operator seeking to refresh your knowledge or an employer looking to test your staff’s understanding, our page is the ultimate resource for forklift test answers.

What is the most common type of lift truck accident?Truck Tipped Over
Whilst operating the lift truck in the working environment it is:The operator’s responsibility to be aware of pedestrians at all times
If a fault develops on the machine during operation, operators should:Park the machine and report the fault immediately to the manager/supervisor
The load centre on a counterbalanced fork lift truck is:The distance from the front face of the forks to the centre of gravity of the load
If you have been trained to operate a sit down four wheel lift truck,you are also qualified to operate a stand up reach truck.False
When is completion of the pre-operation inspection checklist necessary?Daily, At the beginning of every shift.
Only trained and authorized operators are allowed to operate a forklift.True
Is it O.K. to operate a lift truck that does not have a Data plate or the Data plate is damaged or unreadable.No
When traveling with a load on a level surface,you should raise the forks approximately how high from the floor.4-6 inches
Loads should always be carried with the mast tilted to the forward-most position.False
When is it O.K. to give someone a ride on the forklift.Never
The rear-end steering of a fork lift:Causes the rear end swing to the outside of the turn.
When depositing a load,lower the forks until there is slack in the chains before backing out.False
Why is Lift truck operator safety training most important?Helps prevent accidents
All lift trucks have the same controls and gauges.False
Is a fork truck considered in good working operating condition even if some of the gauges are broken?No
Person charging or replacing the battery of an electric lift truck should always wear.Protective Gloves,Eye or face protection,An apron resistant to battery acid.
If you know how to drive a car,you also know how to drive a lift truck.False
What should be done to a lift truck that is found to be in need of repair,defective or in any way unsafe to operate.Inform supervisor immediately and take out of service.
What should the operator do before driving a lift truck into a trailer?Make sure the trailer is able to handle the additional weight of lift truck,check tire blocks are securely in place on trailers tires,inspect the dock leveler or dock plate.
When traveling up or down a grade or ramp,the load should always point uphill.True
Who is responsible for preventing accidents in the workplace?Everyone
These are the items that will take your lift truck out of service.Leaking hydraulics hoses,faulty brakes,steering problem,parking brake will not engage.
If a load appears to be improperly stacked or unstable.Straighten the load so it is safe to move.
Is it ok to do a quick battery charge duing a lunch break on an electric lift truck?No,
because not letting the battery fully charge can damage the battery.
When refueling a gas or diesel lift truck.Never leave the engine running,or fill tank until there is a slight overflow.
Pedestrians should always yield right of way to lift trucks.False,
people always have right if way
If a lift truck begins to tip over sideways,the operator should?Stay in truck and ride out the tip over.
It is safe to give someone a ride on your lift truck.False
Employers must provide training and evaluation with employeesAll of the above.
An operator must inspect PIT for damage at the beginning of each shift, report the damage to the supervisor & take out of
service until repaired.
An operator must engage the brakes prior to dismounting.True
If an operator is assigned to a different type of truck, he/she should apply the general safety rules and guidelines
and does not need additional training.
Formal Instruction, practical training and evaluation of each operator is required at least once every 4 years.False
When refueling or recharging a powered industrial truck the operator should?All of the above
10-15% of forklift accidents are, at least in part, caused by inadequate training.False
Only the supervisor needs to know the load capacity and center of gravity for the forklift.False
Copies of forklift certifications as well as copies of the test taken and evaluations of the driving must be retained.True
The employer is not required to enforce forklift inspections to check on damage and remove from service until repaired,
as well as maintain a written record of the inspections.
The lift truck should normally be driven:At a speed consistent with the type of load and general working conditions
What is the main purpose of the overhead guard?To protect the operator if loose items such as boxes etc are dropped from height
When a laden lift truck is being driven on a ramp/incline the load should face:Uphill
When sounding the horn you should give a few sharp blasts, this is because:Several short blasts will attract more attention than one long continuous one
In order to lift a laden pallet safely the fork width should be adjusted so that:Spread so there is an equal weight on each fork arm
If a load appears to be stacked unsafely and in danger of collapse the forklift operator should:Leave the load alone, cordon off the area and inform the supervisor/manager
When leaving the machine the key should be switched off and removed. This is:To prevent unauthorised persons from using the machine
The Health and Safety At Work Act applies to:Everyone
A truck has a rated capacity of 2000 kg at 500 mm load centre. This means:That it will not safely pick up a load of 2200 kg.
Lift trucks use a hydraulic cylinder attached to chains to raise and lower the forks.True
Wide and long loads are more unstable than other types of loads.True
Before loading or unloading a trailer at a loading dock, you should:
– Inspect the floor of the trailer to ensure that it will support the lift truck and the load.
– Chock the wheels of the trailer.
– Make sure that dock plates, boards, and ramps are in place and secure.
A brake pedal that sinks to the floor under continued pressure is in good operating condition.False
All industrial trucks (lift trucks) are equipped with a clutch.False
Of the three load positions illustrated above, which is the most stable?Tilted back
The front wheels of a lift truck serve as the ___ between the weight of the truck and the weight of the load being carried.Fulcrum point
In order to solve an “Inch Pound Equation”, you must use information provided on a truck’s data plate.True
The three major parts of a lift truck are the body (truck), overhead guard, and hydraulic lift.True
You can place your hands and feet outside of the operator’s compartment, as long as your head and body are protected.False
Always check the air pressure in tires from the side, not by facing the tread.False
The load capacity of a truck can be found on its data plate.True
Which of the following is NOT a type of lift truck?Air-cooled Powered
All industrial trucks (lift trucks) are equipped with controls which allow you to raise/lower and tilt the forks.True
If the mechanism on your lift fails, you should try to repair the chains or hydraulic system yourself.False
It is part of your job to complete a Daily Operator’s Report after you have thoroughly inspected your lift truck.True
If your truck starts to tip over:
– Don’t jump
– Stay in your seat
– Grip the wheel securely
– Brace yourself with your feet
What is wrong with this illustration?
The truck is going down an incline, facing it with the forks which have a load on them.
Driving in the wrong direction
The gauge on the right is a/n: (C to H range)None of the above
The most important safety device on your lift truck is ___.You
Rear wheel steering is used on lift trucks because it gives the operator greater control when using the forks.True
You can stand under the forks, if the engine of the lift truck is turned off.False
Anyone who has a valid driver’s license can operate a lift truck.False
When parking or leaving your truck, you should:
– Park or leave your truck in a safe area away from traffic.
– Lower the forks until they are flat on the floor.
– Turn off the engine.
– Set the parking brake and set the directional control to neutral.
When transporting a load, you should not raise your load more than 8″ off the ground.True
You can drive a lift truck over any type of surface.False
Which of the following should NOT be allowed during the refueling or recharging process?Keep a flame burning nearby to burn off unwanted vapors or gases.
An unladen lift truck should have it’s forks pointing down a gradient. This is to improve:Stability, traction and braking
Providing you are on flat ground, if the load obscures your view you should:Travel in reverse and look in the direction of travel
When using hydraulic controls the following control(s) of the machine should be used:The parking brake and neutral gear
What is the correct way to approach a stack?Stop about 6 inches (150 mm) from the stack, apply the parking brake and raise the forks
When travelling with a laden lift truck on level ground the position of the load should be:With the load as close to the ground as is practical, with back tilt applied to stabilise load
Forklift must travel with load close to ground and at safe speed.True
You can find out load capacity, lift hight and forklift weight by reading?Manufacturers plate
How often should pre-start be done?Daily
The lever to move forks up/down is the?Left
Forlift driver must always look?In the direction of travel
Who can operate forklift?Trained and authorized workers
How many people are permitted to ride on a forklift?Only the operator
What is the first thing to do before driving into a trailer?Check that the rear wheels have been chocked
When traveling down a ramp or incline:Back down when loaded
Who has the right-of-way?Pedestrians
How high should a load be carried on a smooth surface?2 to 4 inches if possible
Who is responsible for checking the security of a trailer before loading or unloading?The forklift operator

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