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General Shop Safety Test Answers

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  1. All floors and walkways should be kept free _?_ to prevent tripping hazards
    instructors and students
    metal, wood, materials, and tools
    tools only
    materials and instructors
  2. Fire extinguisher Type A is used for
    gas, oil
    electrical, wiring
    wood, paper
    combustible Metals
    none of the above
  3. If you see a machine or piece of equipment is damaged and/or missing guards or safety devices, that you are about to use what should you do?
    go ahead and use it
    call maintenance
    go ahead and use it and tell the instructor later
    not use the machine or piece of equipment and report it to the instructor immediately
  4. If you have to go into another instructors shop when should you check in with that instructor?
    after you completed your work
    if he asks for a pass
    only when assisting the instructor
  5. If you have to pick something up from the floor how should you lift it to avoid back strain how should you go about picking up something heavy from the floor?
    bend over at the hips, and use your back
    squat and use your legs to lift
    get someone else to lift it for you
    levitate it
  6. If you are not feeling well, are on medication that impairs your judgement, or are extremely tired you should:
    not work in the shop, especially operating machines
    keep working, its not acceptable excuse to be idle
    keep working until an accident happens, then sit down
    have your friend watch you
  7. Why should liquid spilled on the floor be wiped up immediately?
    looks unsightly
    will stain the floor
    causes more work for the janitor
    may cause someone to slip and injure himself
  8. What must be completed prior to operating any equipment in the shop?
    successfully complete safety tests on it
    demonstrate competency in its safe operation
    obtain permission from the instructor
    all of the above
  9. Ares of a machine that are painted a different color then the main components/parts indicate:
    an area of caution
    an area of safety
    an area of dangerous parts
    lack of taste
  10. The student should notify the instructor immediately in case of
    defective equipment or tools
    all of the above
The student should notify the instructor immediately in the case of __________.
Accident, Injury, or Defective equipment or tools
A student is permitted to leave the agricultural mechanics lab only __________.
With the instructor’s permission
What is not allowed in the mechanics lab?
Carelessness and horseplay
Students should never __________ while working in the mechanics laboratory.
Students should not rush laboratory work because it may lead to __________.
Accidents and injury
Approved safety glasses or goggles must be worn __________.
At all times while in the shop
At the end of the class, the lab should be __________.
Cleaned and all tools returned to their proper place
The approved safety glasses can be identified by __________.
The Z 87.1 logo and manufactures emblem
Shop clothing must be made of what type material?
While performing work in the mechanics laboratory, one should not __________.
Disturb other workers
Loud noises in the mechanics laboratory causes other to be __________.
Prone to accident
If tools and/or equipment become defective, one should _________.
Report them to the instructor
Before using power tools, beginning students should __________.
Think the action through before performing
The “orange” color coding system refers to __________.
The “red” color coding system refers to __________.
The “yellow” color coding system refers to __________.
The “blue” color coding system refers to __________.
If a visitor comes into the mechanics lab one should __________.
Issue them a pair of safety glasses
If wire insulation is cut and wires are exposed on a tool, what should one do?
Notify the instructor
What is the third prong on a tool plug for?
To ground the tool out in case of malfunction.
How far should the grind wheel plate be away from the wheel?
1/8 “
What does PPE stand for?
Personal Protective Equipment
What does the acronym PASS stand for?
Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep
Oxygen and Acetylene bottles should always have what two safety components on them at all times?
Safety chains and bottle tops
If you wear prescription glasses, what should you wear over them in class?
Goggles or a face shield
The “green” color coding system refers to _____.
First Aid
Keep all hand tools
clean and in safe working order.
Report any defective tools, machines or other equipment
to the instructor.
Retain all guards and safety devices
except with the specific authorization of the teacher.
Operate a hazardous machine only after
receiving instructions on how to operate the machine safely.
Wear eye protection
whenever there is any danger from flying or falling particles or chips, radiation, glare, or hazardous substances.
Wear approved respirator protection
where harmful dust or fumes exist.
Remove ties
when working around machine tools or rotating equipment.
Wear shop clothes
appropriate to the instructional activity being performed.
Do not carry anything flammable
in or on your clothes.
Remove rings and other jewelry
when working in the shop.
Tie up long hair or anything
that can be pulled into a machine.
Do not participate in
horseplay, practical jokes, or running in the laboratory area.
Report all accidents
to the teacher regardless of the nature or severity.
Turn off the power and waiting for rotating parts to completely stop
before leaving the machine.
Make sure all guards and barriers are
in place and adjusted properly before starting a machine tool.
Keep hands and clothing away
from moving parts.
Recognize the distinctive sounds of
a properly adjusted and smooth-running machine tool.
Develop a respect for
machine tools and understand the purpose.
Use soap and water
frequently as a method of preventing health problems.
Turn on the exhaust fan
whenever any welding is being performed.
Disconnect the power from machine tools
before performing any maintenance.
Extreme care needs to be taken with
any electrical equipment or work regardless of the nature.
Use a solvent/chemical
only after determining its purpose for which it is intended.
Compressed air blown into the skin or body openings
can cause serious injury and even death.
Put tools or other objects
in their proper place when not in use or when you are finished using them.
Protect the cord of a portable hand tool
from oil, water, hot or rough surfaces and chemicals.
Clean metal chips
from a machine or countertop with a brush, not a rag or bare hand.
Wear suitable gloves
when handling sharp, heavy, rough, or hot materials and chemicals.
Use covered metal containers for
oily waste and other flammable rags.
Operate a machine tool
only after being sure that your footing is good.
Keep the shop or lab floor clean of scraps and litter
and immediately wipe up any liquids spilled on the floor.
When operating a machine tool,
give your undivided attention to the task at hand.
Use the correct tools
for any job or operation.
Avoid using wrenches that do not properly fit
nuts, bolts or other objects that they are being use to turn.
Do not block access to
fire extinguishers or exits.
Report any damaged or missing
fire suppression equipment.
Do not leave hot materials
laying around for other to touch.
Before using any powered machine or equipment ________________ for that particular tool.
you must be trained and pass a test

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