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Readworks Org Answer Key Grade 6

The Inside Scoop Readworks Answer Key

What does Gus Elefantis do during the summer?

  • Gus Elefantis drives an ice cream truck.

What is the sequence of events in a summer day for Gus?

  • Gus goes shopping for supplies; Gus drives around to sell ice cream; Gus gives away ice cream for free.

Many people in Astoria like Gus.
What evidence from the passage supports this statement?

  • “However, the people of Astoria don’t go to his truck just for ice cream—whether it’s free or not—they also go to see their friend.”

What is one problem with Gus’s job?

  • Gus’s job causes pain in his legs.

What is this passage mostly about?

  • the work of an ice cream truck driver

Read the following sentence: “Gus agrees, saying he won’t even need to glance inside the freezer as he fills orders for the long lines of customers waiting on the sidewalks.”
What does the word customers mean?

  • people who buy things

Choose the answer that best completes the sentence below.
Gus likes some things about his job __ not others.

  • but

Name two things Gus likes about his job.

  • Answers may vary, as long as they are supported by the passage. For example, students may respond that Gus likes being his own boss and giving away free ice cream.

Name two things Gus does not like about his job.

  • Answers may vary, as long as they are supported by the passage. For example, students may respond that Gus does not like being separated from his daughters and the pain caused by walking in his truck.

Gus says that, in some ways, he would love a stable, everyday job. Why does he choose to be an ice cream truck driver instead? Support your answer with evidence from the passage.

  • Answers may vary, as long as they are supported by the passage. Students may give examples of things Gus likes about driving an ice cream truck (see Question 8) and argue that these perks outweigh the job’s drawbacks.

Where Does Your Food Come From? ReadWorks Answer Key

According to the text, what does the U.S. Department of Agriculture recommend filling half your plate with?fruits and vegetables
What is an argument the text presents against buying local fruits and vegetables?Local farms cannot produce all of our favorite foods all year.
Different plants and crops grow in different environments. What evidence from the text supports this conclusion?“Not all our favorite foods can come from local farms. Allie loves bananas, but they don’t grow in Ohio. And forget about finding fresh Ohio-grown melons, strawberries, or peaches during winter.”
Based on the text, where would Allie probably buy melons, strawberries, and peaches in the winter?the supermarket
What is the main idea of the text?There are reasons for buying local foods and foods from far away, but it’s important to follow food safety guidelines.
Read this sentence from the text.
“The longer it takes for a food to go from the field to your plate, the more it may deteriorate in terms of nutrient content,” explains Mary Lee Chin.
As used in the sentence, what does “deteriorate” most nearly mean?
get worse
Choose the answer that best completes the sentence.
Handling produce is critical ____ bruised, wilted, or overripe produce loses both appeal and nutrient value.
According to the text, what are three benefits of buying local fruits and vegetables?Local food is often fresher, which affects the taste. Furthermore, if handled properly, food that travels a smaller distance has higher nutrient content. Thirdly, buying local foods supports the local economy and community.
Based on the text, why might “buying local” be easier in some places than others? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.Answers may vary but should be supported by the text. For example, students may answer that places in warmer climates might have more farms and different types of fruits and vegetables available throughout the year. Other places that have cold winters won’t have access to certain fruit and vegetables during that time.

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