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Readworks Org Answer Key Grade 11

Art and Culture: The Apetahi Flower of French Polynesia Readworks Answer Key

What is a tīfaifai?a special Polynesian bed cover that is a treasured gift
How does the author describe the relationship between French Polynesian governments and tīfaifai?The government supports traditional arts like tīfaifai because they are important parts of Indigenous islanders’ heritage.
Read the following sentences from the text.
“This particular tīfaifai shows an example of a rare apetahi flower, with the flower shapes cut from white fabric and sewn onto a maroon base fabric. The apetahi flower holds significant meaning in Pacific Islander traditions… According to Tahitian legend, the flower originated due to a couple’s doomed love… The apetahi flower is always said to have sprouted where the woman died, and its five delicate, asymmetrical petals represent her hand and fingers. It’s also said that the soft cracking sound the flower makes each morning when it opens is the sound of her heart breaking…In Polynesian spiritual tradition, when someone of Tahitian, Māori, Hawai’ian, or Rapa Nui descent dies, their soul travels to Ra’iatea and to Mount Temehani. When the apetahi flower pods open at dawn, the person’s soul is released to the heavens.”
What can you conclude about a tīfaifai with an apetahi flower based on this information?
A tīfaifai with an apetahi flower could have many meanings, including spiritual rebirth and tragic love.
Why are serious efforts being taken to protect the apetahi flower?Because the flower, which is important in Polynesian culture, is endangered.
What is the main idea of this text?Tīfaifai are treasured gifts in Plynesian culture, and they are decorated with applique designs such as the apetahi flower, a rare Polynesian flower that is an important symbol of Polynesian culture and spirituality.

Ms. Sue, Alive and Liberated: An Overview of the Equal Rights Amendment Readworks Answer Key

What is the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)?a U.S. Constitutional amendment that aimed to eliminate discrimination on the basis of sex
How does the author describe the quilt “Ms. Sue, Alive and Liberated?”as a collection of hopeful visions from many different women about how the world could change if the ERA passed
Read the following sentences from the text.
“[ERA opponents] worried that women would be drafted into mandatory, combat military service. Others felt that the wording of the amendment would lead to the destruction of other laws that protected women in some way, such as those protecting employment both before and after childbirth, or efforts towards equal pay, guaranteed breaks, and overtime compensation…
Because of the difference in protections offered by different states’ laws, many ERA supporters hope for a national foundation for equality regardless of sex. They feel that the rights established by law, and especially by court cases, are too fragile and could be repealed if there is no constitutional basis for them.”
What can you conclude about the argument between ERA supporters and opponents based on this information?
ERA opponents think that the current laws in the U.S. are beneficial for women, while ERA supporters think the current laws need to be stronger.
Based on the history of the ERA, what is one effective way that American people can affect the paths of constitutional amendments?They can try to convince government officials in different states not to ratify the amendment so it doesn’t pass overall.
What is the main idea of this text?The Equal Rights Amendment, a proposed Constitutional amendment that would eliminate discrimination on the basis of sex, has strong supporters and opponents who have a long history of battling over whether the amendment should be passed.
Read the following sentences from the text.
“This initial proposal, called the Lucretia Mott Amendment, was controversial even among the suffragists who had campaigned for the 19th Amendment. Some hoped it would find success where similar state-based efforts had failed, while others worried it would undermine labor protections for women workers, such as maximum hour limits, minimum wages, and bans on night work. (Men did not have such protections.)”
What does the word undermine most closely mean as it’s used here?
to weaken or make less effective
Choose the word that best completes the following sentence.
ERA opponents _ Phyllis Schlafly worked very hard to ensure that the ERA wouldn’t be ratified as a constitution amendment.
such as
How do ERA opponents think the passage of the ERA could affect women’s place in the military?They worry that if the ERA passes, women could be drafted into serving in the military.
According to supporters of the ERA, what different populations could be protected by the ERA?Women, people with different gender identities, and people with different sexual orientations could all be protected under the ERA.
Do you think the ERA should be passed today? Why or why not? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.Answers may vary but should be supported by evidence from the text. Students who are pro-ERA could write about the protections that different groups, including women, people with different gender identities, and people with different sexual orientations, could receive from the amendment. They could also write about the difference in state laws, and how it’s unfair that people can be treated differently based on sex in different states. Pro-ERA answers could include the idea that some protections for women, like not being drafted into the military, could be taken away.

Cheers for Marquez Readworks Answer

What sport has always been a way of life in Marquez’s family?basketball
How do Marquez’s friends’ reactions change over time to Marquez’s desire to do cheerleading?At first, they’re confused and tell him cheerleading is girly, but later they understand and support him.
Read the following sentences from the text.
“He had just finished trying out for Oakwood High’s Varsity basketball team, and he knew making the team was a pretty sure thing. After all, he wasn’t just good; he was exceptional.
[…] Marquez secretly began training with two cheerleaders, Samantha and Jackie. They helped him learn how to build his flexibility and strength to hold and flip other cheerleaders. They taught him choreography. He used the same discipline and diligence it had taken for him to get good at ball… except this was a lot harder for him. Cheerleading didn’t come as naturally to Marquez. Still, over months of training, he could see that he was improving with practice. Maybe he even stood a shot at making the squad.”
What can you conclude about Marquez based on this information?
Marquez has to work harder at cheerleading than basketball because cheerleading comes less naturally to him.
Marquez’s brother, Reggie, says that he thinks Marquez should do whatever sport makes him happy. Why is this so important to Marquez?because Marquez looks up to Reggie and because Reggie’s opinion could influence their parents
What is one main theme of this text?Pursuing something you’re passionate about can be hard, especially when other people expect something different from you, but it is worth it to do something you love.
Read the following sentences from the text.
“He turned to his brother. ‘I’m sorry, Reggie. I know you wanted me to follow in your footsteps but I’ve got to carve my own path.’
Reggie grabbed his shoulder. ‘Actually, it’s the opposite, bro. I want you to do what makes you happy. I played ball because that’s what I wanted to do. You should do what you want to do. I know cheerleading requires all kinds of skill and strength. If you want that, I commend you.’”
What does the word commend most closely mean as it’s used here?
to praise or celebrate someone
Choose the word that best completes the following sentence.
At first, Reggie’s family laughs incredulously when he says he wants to cheerlead instead of play basketball, but _, they help him come up with a plan to try out for both sports.
How does Marquez respond when his friends call cheerleading “girly?”He says that cheerleading requires people to be athletic and strong, and asks what it even means for something to be “girly.”
How does Marquez feel about making the varsity basketball team?He expected to make it so he’s not surprised, but he still feels a small glow of pride.
What sport team do you think Marquez should choose? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.Students could write about Marquez’s passion for cheerleading and how hard he’s worked to get good at cheerleading to explain why he should join that team. They could also write about how he says that basketball bores him. On the other hand, students could write about Marquez’s talent and skill in basketball, and how he could contribute a lot to the basketball team. They could also write about Marquez’s family’s connection to basketball.

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