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Readworks Org Answer Key Grade 3

Puppy Traits Readworks Answers

1. What do genes do? 

  1. cover your legs with a sturdy material called denim 
  2. carry information that gives living things certain traits 
  3. give parents information about what to name their puppy 
  4. make sure all puppies are born with the same color fur 

2. According to the passage, the puppies in the photo have some of the same information in their genes. How does this affect the way they look? 

  1. They all have the same short gray fur and black spots. 
  2. They all like to play with the same toy, a soft purple ball. 
  3. They all move in the same ways at the same exact times. 
  4. They all have eyes, ears, noses, four paws, and small tails. 

3. Read the following sentences from the text.

“But the genes from each parent can also have different information about traits. For instance, a mother dog might have short fur. The father dog might have long fur. Each of their puppies might receive a different combination of genes about fur length from its parents. But only one of those traits – long or short fur – will show up in each puppy’s actual fur. In this way, one puppy from the same parents may have short fur, while its brother or sister may have long fur!”

What conclusion can you draw from this evidence?

  1. Only parents with the same exact genes can have puppies. 
  2. You can have the gene for something and not show it. 
  3. Puppies with the same parents look the exact same. 
  4. Only adult dogs can have long hair because it needs to grow. 

4. Why do puppies from the same parents look different? 

  1. The parents get to pick only one parent that the puppy can look like so they take turns. 
  2. Each puppy chooses which parent they want to look more like when they are born. 
  3. The puppy’s genes depend on the year that they were born more than their parents’ genes. 
  4. Each puppy gets a different combination of genes which makes them look unique. 

5. What is the main idea of this text? 

  1. Puppies, like humans, are born with different gene combinations from their parents that help them look both alike and different from other puppies.
  2. Dogs and humans have about 20,000 genes and the length of a dog’s fur can be determined by just one of those genes. 
  3. Some physical characteristics of puppies are their eye color, fur color, tail length, how tall they are, the shape of their ears, and the size of their teeth. 
  4. When a puppy’s mother has short fur and its father has long fur, the puppy will be born with short fur in some parts of its body and long fur in others. 

Hydrangeas and Their Environment Readworks Answers

According to the passage, what can affect the physical traits of a plant other than its genes?

  • its environment

Which of the following is listed in the text?

  • the colors that hydrangea blossoms can be

Read the following sentences from the text.

“For some hydrangeas, their blossom color depends on what is in the soil. In different environments, the soil can have different substances and nutrients. When certain hydrangeas are planted in soils with different makeups, they can produce blossoms of different colors!”

What conclusion can you draw from this evidence?

  • The same type of hydrangea can grow a different color depending on where it is planted.

How might growing hydrangeas require planning?

  • If you want a certain color, you must think about the soil you are growing them in.

What is the main idea of this text?

  • Hydrangea blossoms can be different colors based on the environment they grow in.

Jamilla’s Backyard Discovery Readworks Answers

What does Jamilla find as she digs for treasure under her favorite tree?

  • pieces of clay with letters on them

Jamilla’s grandfather has been tracing their family tree in his Bible. What does this tell you about him?

  • He cares a lot about his family history.

Read the following sentences from the text.
“‘I made that pot out of wet clay on the day you were born,” Papa said proudly. “And then I etched the first initials of our family members into it before the clay became dry. Later, I planted seeds in that pot. The seeds grew into a tree—’

‘Our weeping willow!’ Jamilla exclaimed.

‘Yes, our weeping willow. But as the tree grew, that pot broke,’ Papa noted.

‘And I just found some of the pieces!’

‘You did!’ said her grandfather. ‘You found the roots of your family at the roots of the willow tree.’”

What conclusion can you draw from this evidence about Jamilla’s grandfather?

  • The clay pot was important and meaningful to him.

How is the willow tree like Jamilla’s family?

  • The tree keeps growing bigger like her family.

What is one main theme of this story?

  • A person’s family history can be very valuable to them.

Escape from an Evil Spirit Readworks Answers

What are some things that the little girl and her náan did together?

  • They drummed and sang in the ancient language that only they knew, laughed and created art, made delicious food and drinks, and played in the water.

What is the main problem in this story?

  • An evil spirit has taken náan’s daughter and granddaughter to a faraway land.

The little girl’s náan didn’t let her sadness become the only thing she thought about. What evidence from the text supports this conclusion?

  • “So, every day, náan gave thanks for her loved ones and the time they shared. She continued to write stories and paint and sing the ancient songs. Doing these things made her smile and brought her peace.”

Why did the little girl’s songs scare away the evil spirit?

  • The songs were about gratitude and love, which are the opposite of evil.

What is one main theme of this story?

  • When things get hard, remember the things you are thankful for, and don’t give up hope.

Read the following sentences from the text.

“A special bond grew between the girl and her náan (grandmother). The little girl somehow knew how to speak in an ancient language that only her náan could understand. The two of them would drum and sing in this language. They laughed and created art together. They made delicious food and drinks. They played in the water.”

As used in this excerpt, what does the word “bond” most closely mean?

  • a feeling that connects people to each other

Choose the answer that best completes the sentence below.

In the faraway land, the little girl did not stop singing _ she was sad and the evil spirit told her to stop.

  • even though

How did the little girl and her náan use the ancient songs when they were together?

  • They would drum and sing the ancient songs together.

How did the little girl and her náan use the ancient songs when they were apart?

  • When they were apart, náan continued to sing the ancient songs. In the faraway land, the little girl heard the songs in her dreams and sang them until the evil spirit left and the good spirits came and helped.

How are the ancient songs like the connection between the little girl and her náan? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.

  • Answers will vary but should be based in the text. Answers may include that the songs are like the love between them. They were always with them and helped them get through sad times and enjoy happy times.

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