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Readworks Org Answer Key Grade 4

The Hope Chest – Deeper Dive: Doing “Something Meaningful” Book Study Readworks Answer Key

What was Eugenie Clark’s career?She was a fish biologist.
What does the author describe in the third paragraph of the text?a discovery that Clark made about a fish species that releases a natural shark repellent
Clark changed scientists’ understanding of sharks with her research.
What evidence from the text supports this idea?
“Before this discovery, biologists thought sharks had to continue moving in order to get enough oxygen, but Clark found sharks that were completely still while they were sleeping.”
Read the first paragraph about Clark’s attitude towards sharks. What is the connection between her childhood feelings towards sharks and her later education efforts at her laboratory?Clark’s love of sharks and marine animals led her to later educate the public about how to protect ocean life.
What is the main idea of this text?Eugenie Clark was a fish biologist who made important discoveries about sharks and worked to educate the public about marine conservation.

Grief and Loss: Lost in Flight Readworks Answer Key

What does Eleanor do when her father dies?She flies her kite at the beach.
What relationship is the main focus of this story?The relationship between Eleanor and her father is the main focus of this story.
Eleanor didn’t get to spend a lot of time with her father. What evidence from the story supports this statement?He had missed more of Eleanor’s birthdays than he had attended.
Why might building the kite with her father make Eleanor happy?She gets to spend time with her father and make something special with him.
What is this story mostly about?This story is mostly about how a kite becomes important to Eleanor’s relationship with her father.
Read the sentences and answer the question.
Read the sentences and answer the question.
“Her mother hung up the phone as Eleanor dropped her bag by the table. All the words that haunt a scenario such as theirs filled the kitchen: accident, slipped, tangled, swept, time, breathe, late. The kitchen smelled like cinnamon. Eleanor felt emptier the more she sipped her drink.”
What does the author mean with the phrase “words that haunt”?
The author means these words are typical to hear in a tragic event like this.
What word or phrase best completes the sentence?
Eleanor and her father build a kite together, _ Eleanor’s father dies before they can fly the kite together.
although (Please note that there may be more than one acceptable response.)

Grief and Loss: Unexpected Fortune Readworks Answer Key

Where does this story take place?a hospital
How does Claire respond to her father’s brain cancer and hospitalization?She visits him more frequently.
Read the sentences below.
“Claire walked over to her father’s bed and straightened the pillow behind his head. She skipped swim practice to see him. Sometimes she held a cup of water up to his chin while he drank from a straw.”
Based on this evidence, what conclusion can be made?
Claire cares about her father and wants to help him.
Read the sentences below.
“Normally, Claire only saw her father two Saturdays each month. She didn’t mention these extra visits to her mother. Claire’s mom hardly ever spoke to her father, especially since he married Marsha.”
Based on this evidence, what conclusion can be made?
Claire’s parents are divorced; Marsha is her stepmother.
What is this story mainly about?A young woman reacting to her father’s cancer diagnosis
Read the following sentences:
“Her father’s eyes didn’t have the same spark. His cheek bones stuck out prominently. He had already dozed off again. They didn’t look anything alike anymore.”
What is the author most likely trying to convey with the description above?
Claire’s father is very sick from his cancer.
Choose the answer that best completes the sentence below. Marsha explained to Claire that her father was very sick. The doctors had to give him strong medicine. _______, the medicine would make him feel sicker. But then, it would make him better.Initially
Why does Claire try to leave the hospital room before Marsha arrives?She hated Marsha’s lectures. Students may also note that they do not seem to have an easygoing relationship.
Describe how the relationship between Claire and Marsha changes in the story. Use evidence from the text to support your answer.Answers may vary and should be supported by the text. Students should explain that when the relationship between Claire and Marsha is first introduced, it is clear that their relationship is strained. Supporting evidence includes Claire hated Marsha’s lectures, Marsha said Claire’s father needed time alone after treatments but Marsha could come whenever she wanted, Marsha gave Claire a fake smile that made her feel about two feet tall, and Marsha talked to her like she was five, not fifteen.
However, as the plot develops and Marsha arrives, it is clear that the relationship is undergoing a breakthrough that is marked by kindness and understanding. Supporting evidence includes Marsha says she hoped Claire would be there when Marsha arrives at the hospital, Marsha gives Claire Chinese food, Marsha says, “I think you should spend as much time with your father as you want,” and in the end, Claire shares her cookie with Marsha.
Read the following sentences”
“Claire carefully pulled the slip of paper from the cookie and read her fortune silently: ‘Sometimes in sorrow we find the greatest joy.’ She handed it to Marsha. ‘Here,’ said Claire, ‘this one should be for both of us.’”
Based on the evidence in the passage, why does Claire claim the fortune is for “both of them”?
Answers may vary, but students should make connections between the fortuneand the arc of the story, which reveals some positive outcomes of Claire’s father’s diagnosis. For example, she goes to see him more frequently, and helps to care for him. She and Marsha also grow closer in the end thanks to their shared suffering, and Marshadisplays new compassion towards Claire.

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