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Notes from the Emoji Graveyard Achieve 3000 Answers

What is a cause-and-effect relationship that takes place in the Article?Because the UC approves only about 70 proposals for new emojis annually, winning approval for an emoji idea is highly unlikely.
Which of these is most important to include in a summary of this Article?Each year, the UC approves a limited number of new emojis based on the criteria that they will be frequently used, have a symbolic meaning, and are breaking new ground.
Which is the closest synonym for the word befuddled?confounded
Which question is not answered by the Article?How are the committee representatives serving as part of the Unicode Consortium selected for their positions?
The Article states: To begin with, keep in mind that emojis take up significant cell phone memory space. So the UC is disinclined to populate the emoji world with an excess of new choices. In addition, emojis aren’t intended to represent every single object on the planet. Sure, they can help us express ourselves better and more creatively—but they’re meant to be the seasonings, not the meal itself. The author’s purpose for writing this passage was to __.explain why the Unicode Consortium only approves a select number of emojis annually
The Article states: Another important criterion is that the emoji has some notable metaphoric or symbolic meaning. For example, a mule represents stubbornness, a pig suggests slovenliness, and a spider evokes kookiness, but what does a walnut or a squirrel symbolize? True, a squirrel could suggest a prudent person who stockpiles for the future, but let’s be realistic, how often will someone need to use that concept in a text? Which is the closest synonym for the word stockpiles?amasses
Which passage from the Article best supports the idea that proposals for new emojis come from the general public?So you’ve come up with a totally awesome idea for a brand-new emoji that you think people everywhere will want to use like now. Well, don’t just sit there with your thumbs in texting position waiting for it to pop up on your emoji menu. Submit your idea to the Unicode Consortium (UC) in Silicon Valley, California, for consideration.
Based on the Article, the reader can predict that __.there will be a greater number of proposed emojis rejected by the Unicode Consortium next year than the number approved

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