An Asian Duck Visits California Achieve 3000 Answers

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The best alternate headline for the article would be __.California Marvels at Unexpected Asian Waterfowl.
Which of these is a statement of fact?The duck was so named as its wings are unusual in that they taper so far back that they overhang the bird’s tail feathers.
Which is the closest antonym for the word (whichever word you have)?The answer will vary.
Suppose Ella wants to find out about the natural habitat of the falcated ducks. She would find most of her information __.On a Web site for the birders in China about local wildlife.
Which of these should not be included in a summary of this article?The ducks and other waterfowl often change their routines once adverse weather is approaching.
Which two words from this article are the closest synonyms?Plumage & feathers
Look at these passages from this article. Which best supports the idea that experts had more to learn about the falcated duck discussed in this article?No one is sure whether it somehow created it to California from Asia on its own or escaped from a private collection or zoo.
Which information is not included in this article?The duck will likely be captured for study once it next appears in California.

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