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Something Fishy Achieve 3000 Answers

Activity Answers

According to the article, what is one benefit of having a pedicure done by fish?The tiny fish remove dead skin, leaving live skin undamaged and smooth
The reader can infer from the article that:John Ho will not use communal tanks in any other salons he opens
The article states: This is due to concerns about whether the instruments are sanitary. What would be the closest synonym for the word sanitary?Hygienic
Which of these is most important to include in a summary of this article?A new type of pedicure, done with fish, is being introduced at a U.S. nail salon.
Which of these is a statement of opinion?The customers who are willing to try fish pedicures are generally more daring in nature.
Which is the closest synonym for the word communal?Joint
The best alternate headline for this article would be:Fish Pedicures: Fish Feast on Feet
Which statement is not answered by the article?Where John Ho purchased the carp his salon uses for the fish procedures.

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