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Men of Bronze Achieve 3000 Answers

Activity Answers

What is this article primarily about?

A. The members of the 369th
Infantry Regiment were
formally recognized for their

B. The 369th Infantry Regiment
faced hostility and prejudice
while training in South

C. The members of the 369th
Infantry Regiment finally made
their hometown of Harlem

D. The 369th Infantry Regiment
outperformed other U.S. Army
infantry regiments in combat.
The members of the 369th Infantry Regiment were formally recognized for their heroism.
Based on information in the article, which of these is an accurate comparison between how the men of the 369th were treated by the U.S. Army and the French allies?The U.S. Army refused to arm the 369th for combat, whereas the French allies equipped them and fought alongside them.
What cause-and-effect relationship is described in this article?Because of their valor at Sechault, the French awarded the 369th with the Croix de Guerre.
Read the following passage from the article:

Racism continued to be
common in the United States,
and as the decades passed
and their deeds went
unrecorded in history books,
the fame of the Men of Bronze
faded. That is, until Debra
Willett brought her
grandfather’s story to light
and enlisted the help of
congressional leaders in
burnishing the regiment’s

Why did the author include this information?
To reveal that the 369th would have gone unrecognized if not for the action of one individual
Which is the closest antonym for the word slur, as it is used in the article?

A. artifact
B. alternative
C. compliment
D. complaint
Which passage from the article best supports the idea that the members of the 369th Infantry faced racism at home?In New York, a farewell parade was held for the troops, but the members of the 369th were barred from participating in the parade because they were Black.
The article states:

The soldiers quickly
demonstrated their mettle.
For their heroic actions in
capturing the village of
Séchault, the entire regiment
was awarded the Croix de
Guerre, a prestigious honor
given by French officials in
recognition of immense
bravery. Their French
comrades called them
Hommes de Bronze, meaning
“Men of Bronze.”

Which is the closest synonym for
the word prestigious?
Based on information in the article, the reader can infer thatother Black heroes have likely been omitted from U.S. history books

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