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SSD 4 Module 3 Answers

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In the traditional view of conflict, the world viewed conflict as a ____ transaction.
Which of the following ideas contribute to the contemporary view of conflict?
o Conflict is inevitable o Conflict is determined by structural factors o Conflict is predictable and understandable
Which of the following is a positive outcome of conflict?
You gain insight on how to manage relationships
A negative outcome of conflict is where you use a lot of energy for constant disagreements instead of using it ____.
Someone or something gets in your way of reaching a goal describes Which source of personal conflict?
Frustration from blocks
There are different ways to arrive at a goal describes Which source of personal conflict?
Competing ways
You belong to several different groups and relate to a variety of others describes Which source of personal conflict?
Unmatched roles
Conflict can be approach-approach, approach-avoidance, or avoidance-avoidance describes Which source of personal conflict?
Conflicting desires, needs, or values
To what can you attribute the general causes of interpersonal conflict?
o Different roles or role expectations o Individual differences between people o Limited resources to be shared in a relationship
Which question relates to conflict caused by group structure?
Do people in a group rank themselves higher than others?
When you feel threatened by a conflict and chose to ignore it in hopes that it will go away, you are using the ____ strategy.
Which of the following statements about the defusion strategies for managing conflict is true?
You may get to smaller agreements, but the bigger issues remain unsolved.
Which conflict management confrontation sub-strategy describes one party’s position is accepted by the other party after a settlement strategy such as “majority rules”
Which conflict management confrontation sub-strategy describes both parties define a common ground rather than maintaining opposing positions.
Which conflict management confrontation sub-strategy describes both parties make short-term allowances for temporary resolution.
Which of the following are questions you should ask when diagnosing the nature of a conflict?
o Is the conflict caused by personal or value differences for which some objective solutions can be found? o Does the conflict have enough significant consequences for you to be concerned about? o Are the other parties in the conflict willing and able to enter into a negotiated agreement?
To confront a conflict you should ____ the conflict and use it as an opportunity to work together with the other party to ____ any difficulty you are experiencing.
o operationalize o Minimize
Which of the following might be difficult to do when negotiating a conflict in which you are emotionally involved?
Problem solving is a win-win approach that facilitates ____ where you can gain much if you treat conflict as a problem to be solved instead of a fight that is won or lost.
Which of the following are goals of Army preventive medicine?
o Protect forces from disease and nonbattle injury (DNBI) o Ensuring forces maintain optimal health and fitness o Reducing the Army’s medical costs o Ensure units and personnel are trained, equipped, and capable of supporting preventive medicine requirements o Minimize risks of long-term health effects of military service
The ____ is the Army functional proponent for preventive medicine.
Surgeon General
Which functional area includes veterinary services?
Field preventive medicine
Which of the following programs and services are included in the environmental health functional area?
o Air quality o Water to include ice production o Confinement facilities o Pest and disease vector prevention and control o Groundwater and subsurface release of hazardous constituents o Waste disposal guidance o Spill control o Environmental noise o Climatic injury prevention and control o Tattooing and piercing businesses
Which functional area includes ergonomics?
Occupational health
Which of the following policies apply to immunization intervals?
o Complete an immunization series once it has been started unless a medical or administrative exemption exists o Do not restart an immunization series when an initial series is interrupted o Do not add extra doses when an initial series of a vaccine or toxoid is interrupted
Which is the preferred record for immunization data for military personnel?
Immunization Tracking System (ITS)
The ____ cluster of immunizations is administered before or at the beginning of collective training to protect against contagious diseases resulting from ____.
o first o close contact with others
The maximum allowable time for a temporary medical exemption is ____ days.
Which Dental Readiness Class is defined as; No dental treatment or reevaluation required?
Class 1
Which Dental Readiness Class is defined as; Non-urgent treatment required; unlikely to become emergent within twelve months?
Class 2
Which Dental Readiness Class is defined as; Periodic exams required or unknown dental classification?
Class 4
Which Dental Readiness Class is defined as; Urgent or emergent dental treatment required?
Class 3
The ____ will establish procedures to carry out the requirements of the Dental Readiness Program.
Unit Commander
Who is responsible for forwarding the completed DD Form 2813 to the reserve component unit’s personnel section for filing with the Soldier’s dental health record?
Reserve Component Soldier
The FST consists of at least ____ individuals, one of which is a ____
o Two o NCO
Unit Leaders in post-deployment status are responsible for;
o Ensure FST materials are checked and restocked upon return to the home station
Unit Leaders in deployment status are responsible for;
o Ensure the FST performs its roles and responsibilities, has all required supplies and equipment and is properly trained o Ensure the setup or construction and maintenance of showers, latrines, and hand washing devices o Provide warm water for hand washing and personal hygiene o Ensure drinking water supplies are from approved sources and the chlorine residual is maintained at the level established by the command medical authority
Unit Leaders in pre-deployment status are responsible for;
o Meet with FST members early and regularly to ensure requirements and guidance are clearly established and understood o Ensure FST kits are well-stocked and in good condition o Ensure required field sanitation devices are on hand and operational
Which FST activities should be done prior to deployment?
o Ensure FST materials are complete and operational o Ensure the unit has the required personal hygiene supplies and equipment
Critical thinking can be defined as “a structured process involving ____ and ____ thinking”.
o Reasonable o Reflective
Analytical decision making is frequently used:
o When time is available o To justify a situation o When there is a conflict among people with different concerns o With novel and ambiguous situations o When an optimal course of action (COA) is required
Which of these statements about mindsets are true? A mindset;
o Is the distillation of accumulated knowledge about a subject into a single coherent framework o Is a consolidation of all biases about a particular subject o Enables a person to make rapid judgments about complex problems
Adulation or criticism describes which behavior?
Enable repetitive functions without thinking describes which behavior?
An example might be driving home from work and not remembering the trip describes which behavior?
Mental Shortcut
Recognized by the mind based on past experiences describes which behavior?
Confirm the suitability of a decision even if evidence does not support it describes which behavior?
Critical thinking must start at the top and flow down the chain of command describes which behavior?
Social acceptance
Assuming that someone will act in a way similar to the way we act describes which behavior?
Mirror imaging
The seven universal intellectual standards are:
1. Clarity 2. Accuracy 3. Precision 4. Relevance 5. Depth 6. Breadth 7. Logic
Which of these behaviors did the JTF and TF display when planning flying missions of Mogadishu?
Scenarios are a form of critical thinking at the ____ level.
Which technique suggests that leaders should “microscope” their own thoughts to uncover psychological and logical fallacies in their reasoning, decisions, and plans?
Ready Reasoning
The quickest way to expand a mindset bogged down in parochial problem solving is combining ____ with the universal intellectual standards.
Which technique focuses on all key evidence, such as governing factors, critical events, or key assumptions?
Competing COAs
Which of these are core elements of the safety program?
o Safety program management o Inspections and assessments o Accident investigation and reporting o Hazard analysis and countermeasures o Promotion and awareness
The ____ is responsible for Soldier safety and the quality of the unit safety program.
Advise the commander when safety deficiencies are found is an example of the ADSO/NCO function ____.
Survey unit property
Ensure reporting and investigation of accidents is an example of the ADSO/NCO function ____.
Report accidents
Recommend controls or corrective action is an example of the ADSO/NCO function ____.
Conduct surveys
Detect and correct unsafe practices is an example of the ADSO/NCO function ____.
Observe operations
Ensure safety and risk management are integrated is an example of the ADSO/NCO function ____.
Review SOPs
Observe unit operations involving the transport or storing of arms is an example of the ADSO/NCO function ____.
Provide safety oversight
Conduct a periodic safety awareness day is an example of the ADSO/NCO function ____.
Enhance the safety program
Complete unique training required to support the unit safety program is an example of the ADSO/NCO function ____.
Participate in safety training
Ensure lessons learned are captured is an example of the ADSO/NCO function ____.
Participate in AARs
Ensure personnel working with hazardous materials are informed is an example of the ADSO/NCO function ____.
Monitor the Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) Program
When identifying hazards, the “C” in METT-TC stands for ____.
civil considerations
Which risk assessment category is assigned to hazards that result in significant degradation of mission capabilities?
High risk
Controls that eliminate the hazard or reduce the risk of a hazardous incident occurring can take many forms but normally fall into which of the following categories?
o Hazard elimination controls o Physical controls o Educational controls
Examples of ways to disseminate guidance and ensure implementation of controls include:
o Overlays and graphics o Drills for vehicle and aircraft silhouette identification o Installation and maintenance of communications links for key civilian organizations o refresher training on intensive threat and friendly vehicle identification for all anti-armor and air defense weapons crews o Rehearsals and battle drills
____ is a primary means of regulating forces.
The commander has which of these Risk Management responsibilities?
o Establishing a force protection policy o Enforcing implementation controls o Ensuring that individuals have the RM training needed for their position and responsibilities
Which of the following is a staff responsibility?
Provide clear and practical procedures and standards for each METL task
Which of the following are leader responsibilities for RM application?
o Making use of automated on and off duty RM tools and surveys o Applying RM procedures to each METL task o Enforcing METL task performance to standard
The entire RM process is a life skill that is applicable to ____ activities.
What is negotiation?
Conferring, discussing, or bargaining to reach an agreement
Mediation is a conflict settlement where decisions are made by the disputing parties with the assistance of ____.
a neutral third party
What is arbitration?
a conflict resolution method where a neutral party makes the final decision
Use other ways to come to a conclusion is an example of which negotiation consideration?
Study alternatives to negotiating an agreement
Understand the broader issues of conflict and their changing nature is an example of which negotiation consideration?
Negotiations do not exist in a vacuum
Advance U.S. interests by jointly decided action is an example of which negotiation consideration?
Negotiation is an exercise in persuasion
Negotiating parties may apply their reasoning and principles to decision making is an example of which negotiation consideration?
Be attuned to cultural differences
Which of the following are negotiation procedure steps?
o Determine composition of negotiating forum o Establish communications o Identify common ground on which to build meaningful dialogue o Consider cultural aspects of negotiations
Organizations that may participate in PO should include negotiation education as part of ____ development before any alert for a possible deployment.
During mediation, what can you do to encourage the parties in a dispute to take positive steps and dissuade them from taking action detrimental to the peace effort?
Identify incentives and disincentives
Enhance your language skills as a mediator because using local interpreters may lead to ____ consequences if you are not completely sure of what the interpreter is saying.
Conduct meetings and negotiations at a site that is viewed as ____ by both parties.
Providing a feeling of convenience is an example of which site selection factor?
Allow for parties to liaise with their authorities is an example of which site selection factor?
Provide protection by host authorities or another appropriate agency is an example of which site selection factor?
Do not travel to remote venues unless it is positive approach to the negotiations is an example of which site selection factor?
As a mediator, what action are you taking if you provide practical assistance to all parties of a dispute by passing messages?
Which of the following are mediation techniques you would use would use to leverage the mediation process?
o Identify the decision makers at the negotiations o Use interpreters and translators o Recognize political and military parties to the negotiation
At the very outset of the conflict resolution process, the parties to the dispute must agree ____ to the selection of the arbitration process as the chosen means of conflict resolution.
in writing
The arbitration procedure is often a useful tool in reaching ____, resolving rather complex issues in which the parties reach a(n) ____ despite the application of less formal negotiation sessions.
o finality o impasse
As an arbitrator in conflict resolution, what does your role consist of?
o Reviewing any available written evidence o Listening to witness testimony o Listening to arguments of opposing parties
SOPs reduce which of the following?
Because SOPs are a type of operational record, they are subject to the guidance in which of the following doctrinal publications?
DA Pam 25-40, Army Publishing: Action Officer’s Guide
Per FM 7-15, The Army Universal Task List, Which of the following is the overall goal for SOPs?
Facilitate mission accomplishment
Which of the following publications discusses international military standardization?
AR 34-1, Multinational Force Compatibility
“To ensure result X by giving instructions for performing task Y” is the recommended form for which of the following components of an SOP?
The Phrase, “To whom the SOP applies, and possibly under what conditions or circumstances,” is a description of which of the following components of an SOP?
“Who must agree on the procedure?” is a question pertinent to which stage of SOP development or review?
“What background knowledge do SOP users have?” is a question pertinent to which stage of SOP development or review?
In which operational engagement did the leaders discover the value in sharing ideas and experiences to increase pre-combat training?
Operation Urgent Fury
What year was the Center for Army Lessons Learned created?
Which one of the seven CALL core functions gives the right products at the right time to support decision making?
CALL collects, analyzes, disseminates, and archives lessons/best practices and operational records for what reason?
To facilitate rapid adaptation
What best describes rapid adaptation and how it effects you as a Soldier?
It is about sharing information with everyone quickly so that solutions can be implemented rapidly
What are units required to submit upon conclusion of operations and exercises?
After Action Reviews (AARs)
What regulatory document provides guidance and instruction on the Army Lessons Learned?
AR 11-33
The Army Lessons Learned Process is broken down into 4 phases. They are:
Discovery, Validation, Integration, Assess
If available, the leader of a field sanitation team should be a ______.
noncommissioned officer medic.
The field sanitation team should ensure handwashing devices are placed close to ____?
Food Service areas.
Who serves as dental readiness advisors to unit commanders?
o Dental unit commanders o Dental activity (DENTAC) o Dental clinic command
Which Army preventative medicine functional area provides primary care, preventative medicine, and other health care providers for delivering clinical and nonclinical services to prevent the occurrence and reduce the severity and consequences of diseases in individuals and populations?
Disease prevention and control.
Using scenarios to help recognize outcomes and plan better falls under the critical thinking idea of ____?
Thinking in time.
What is the problem with relying only on intuitive decisions?
Alternatives are not considered.
Which of the following statements about the U.S. Commanders’ mindsets concerning the Somali National Alliance are true?
o They focused on friendly forces and did not consider how the Somalis could counter U.S. weapons and tactics o They failed to grasp the military options available to plan and organize a U.S. reaction force for a ground rescue o They did not understand the resolve of the Somali Warriors o They understated the capability of U.S. forces to defend themselves during a Somali counterattack
The most significant psychological barrier to critical thinking is ____?
Mental effort.
A ____ can become like personal property and be defended even if it can be proven irrational or wrong.
How does the use of military decisionmaking process affect thinking?
It provides structure to thinking.
Ensuring that integration of controls is addressed by the commander falls under which Additional Duty Safety Officer/Noncommissioned officer function?
Conduct Surveys.
“Degraded mission capability or unit readiness” describes the ____ severity level?
Which commander’s risk management responsibility attempts to minimize human error, material failure, and environmental effects?
Ensure performance.
Under which commander’s risk management responsibility are long-term, short-term, and near-term control actions selected to improve force protection?
Assess Training.
Which Additional Duty Safety Officer/Noncommissioned Officer function is performed for unit operations involving the transport or storing of arms, ammunition, explosives, petroleum products, and other hazardous material?
Provide safety oversight
Identifying any hazards not previously determined and new hazards that arise occurs during ____.
If your immunization records are lost, you should?
o Assume standard immunizations were administered upon entry into military service o Receive future immunizations based upon assumed date of last immunization.
What functional area of Army Preventative medicine includes combat and operational stress control?
Field Preventative Medicine
Field preventive medicine
(a) Preventive medicine services (b) Veterinary services. (c) Combat and operational stress control. (d) Dental services (preventive dentistry). (e) Laboratory services (those supporting the above four USAMEDD functional areas)
You are not considered to be worldwide deployable if you fall within the following dental classes:
o Class 3 o Class 4
The ____ of immunizations may be administered in the first or second half of basic military training, during advanced individual training, or upon arriving at the first duty station to protect against travel and other military risks.
Second cluster.
Which critical thinking idea prevents the staff from being anchored in the present and elicits reasoning to explain how an unlikely event might actually happen?
Pursuing perspectives.
What are Staff responsibilities concerning CRM?
o Provide necessary support to meet operational requirements. o Provide clear and practical procedures and standards for each task of the mission-essential task list (METL). o Furnish necessary training for task performance to standard. o Identify force protection shortcomings and develop control actions. o Apply risk management procedures. o Develop and implement controls selected by the commander.
Which of the following are traits of the critical thinking idea of ready reasoning?
o Know yourself o Check premises against conclusions o Explain opinions or assumptions
____ collects, analyzes, reports, and archives information pertaining to the health hazards, risks, exposures, diseases, injuries, and behavioral problems of Army personnel.
Occupational Health
As a component of ____, preventive medicine is the anticipation, prediction, identification, surveillance, evaluation, prevention, and control of disease and injuries.
force health protection
which of the following statements concerning critical thinking are true?
o Its intent is to overcome the impediments in our capacity to think rationally. o It is a self-conscious effort to recognize our own biases, paradigms, or mindsets. o It is a two-part process involving thinking about our thinking and evaluating results.
The success of the unit safety program depends on which of the following?
o Command emphasis o Application of sound risk management principles o The recommendations of the Additional Duty Safety Officer/Noncommissioned Officer.
When conflict arises, what helps to solidify relationships and leads to a healthy exploration of values, attitudes, and feelings?
Conflict Resolution.
In the conflict management confrontation strategy of lose-lose, concessions have to be constantly worked out and may be of ____ value.
Which of the following situations illustrates the conflict management confrontation strategy of win-win?
Both parties define a common ground rather than maintaining opposing positions.
Which of the following are considerations that should guide your analysis and preparation of negotiations?
o Study alternatives to negotiating an agreement o Be attuned to cultural differences
In which stage does the SOP author create the operating procedure by establishing the optimal process for achieving the objective?
Second stage
____ is the management principle that fosters the development and sustainment of a high state of proficiency and readiness among Soldiers and units throughout an organization.
Well-written and properly used SOPs can reduce which of the following?
o Omission of essential steps or processes o Training time o Loss of unwritten information
Which document provides the bulk of information on the implementation and operations of a lessons learned program?
CALL HB 11-33 Establishing a Lessons Learned Program

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