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SSD 4 Module 1 Answers

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Who is responsible for the Army Body Composition Programthe reviewing officer
which of the following events are optional during a battalion activation/deactivation ceremonyInspection
The adjutant is responsible for the formation of troops. Once all units are formed, which of the following correctly describes the adjutant’s post in formationMidway between the line of troops and the commander
Which command is given to terminate the hand salute upon completion of the national anthemOrder, ARMS
Which enlisted Personnel Management System function has three components of manpower management, accession and retention management, and training integrationAcquisition
Developing a relationship with your people, identifying problems, and identifying new opportunities occur during which leadership transition phasePhase III: Initial assessment
Which of the following is a clearly defined set of required content progressively sequenced throughout a Soldier’s careerStructured Self Development
Completing mandatory leader transition events and preparing for the change of responsibility occur during which transition phasePhase I: Preparation
Which gender rules apply to taking a soldier’s body fat percentage measurements– An individual of the same gender should measure the Soldier
– If a male must measure a female, another female Soldier should be present
What happens if you are in the Army Body Composition program for six months and still exceed the body fat standards with no underlying medical conditionYour commander will initiate a bar to reenlistment or administrative separation proceeding
All circumference measurements are taken _ times and averagedthree
Why are overweight soldiers evaluated by healthcare personnel– Unsatisfactory weight control progress may result in separation
– Medical limitation
Who is responsible for completing DA Form 5434, Sponsorship Program Counseling and Information Sheetdeparting Soldier
When is a reactionary sponsor assignedif the employee arrives at an installation without an assigned sponsor
For military personnel, appointing a sponsor is a functional responsibility of the _Strength Management Branch
Which of the following have exceptions for participation in the advance arrival sponsorship program– Soldiers making permanent change of station moves to long-term schools
– Soldiers completing advanced individual training
When using the ethical problem resolution process, what should you do after defining the ethical problemIdentify applicable laws, regulations, and values
_ is the human trait that internalizes duty and guides you to do what is rightConscientiousness
which body of law codifies the ideal that Soldiers, even during armed conflicts, must treat others with dignity and respectLaw of War
_ is the army value that provides the moral compass for character and personal conduct for all members of the Army, requires you to demonstrate an understanding of what is right, and gives you the strength of will to live according to Army values, especially in the face of personal dangerHonor
Which of the following rules apply to rating chains– Rating chains will correspond as nearly as practicable to the chain of command
– Rating schemes will identify the effective date for each of the rating officials
Which counseling approach is preferred for most counseling sessionsNondirective
Who typically manages the nco development programThe CSM or senior NCO
In which step of conducting a counseling session is a method and pathway for achieving a desired result identifiedDeveloping a plan of action
Which of these statements concerning military search authorizations are trueCouldn’t find this one
which of the following may be grounds for pretrial confinement– Intimidation of witnesses
– Serious injury to others
– Obstruction of justice
The authority to order pretrial restraint of civilians and commissioned and warrant officers may be delegated to __No one
sgt smith is being considered for administrative separation with honorable discharge after failing a urinalysis test for suspected illegal drug use. What type of test did he takeFitness-for-duty
Ensures that regional readiness commands have staffed the centralized family readiness office to meet assigned duties and responsibilitiesChief, Army Reserve
Which curriculum level is designed for family members who have more experience with the Army, goals of improving their leadership skills personally and professionally, and are willing to share life experiences with junior family membersLevel III
Under which rear detachment commander function does developing a staffing plan fallOperations and Training
What do Family Readiness Groups provide to spouses and family members– A way to develop friendships and share moral support during unit deployments
– A better understanding of military life
– A sense of belonging to the unit and the Army family
Which suicide prevention model barrier requires securing and protecting individuals before they can cause harm to themselves or someone elsePostvention
Suicide __ generally relate to some type of loss, change, or problemrisk factors
which type of suicide sign is the most seriousCouldn’t find this one
The __, as the primary means of initial notification of all deaths to include possible suicides, is sent up the chain of commandSerious incident report
Command includes:– Controlling military forces for the accomplishment of assigned missions
– The authority and responsibility for effectively using available resources
– Responsibility for health, welfare, morale, and discipline of assigned personnel
Which type of duty is related to job and positionSpecified
Which mission command principle are you applying if you are acting without ordersExercise disciplined initiative
The noncommissioned officer support channel is in __ natureDirective
Which of the following is the correct sequence of events during a battalion awards ceremony?Formation of troops, Honors to the Nation, awards ceremony, commander’s remarks, awards, ceremony, conclusion.
Who is responsible for the preparation of troops for the review?commander of troops
Who is responsible for meeting current and future army requirements and career development needs of Soldiers within the various career management branches?Career field managers
Which institutional training course focuses on values, attributes, skills, and actions needed for team leadership responsibilities at the rank of sergeant?Advance Leader Course
This Enlisted Personnel Management System (EPMS) subsystem involves accessing, promoting, distributing, retaining, and transitioning SoldiersStrength management
How are circumference measurements taken for females?Series of one neck, one waist, one hip; repeat two more times
Once in the Army Body Composition Program, how often are weigh-ins completed?Weekly
Army sponsorship welcome letter is required to contain– Sponsor’s work address and phone number
– Information on the duty or activity
When appointing a sponsor for a Soldier, the battalion S1 should mail a welcome letter and appoint a sponsor within __ daysten calendar (10)
Before implementing the best ethical solution you should ensure you havedeveloped acceptable possible courses of action
Which is the leadership attribute is the essence of who you are?Character
A rater isimmediate supervisor of the rated Soldier
Because there is a reasonable belief that SSG Jones used drugs, what type of test would you give himProbable Cause

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What Is SSD 4?

SSD (Social Security Disability) is a federally funded program that provides monthly monetary benefits to eligible people. To qualify, applicants must have a “total” disability, have worked long enough and recently enough, and have paid the required amount of Social Security taxes.

Other groups may also qualify, such as people with low or no vision, widows/widowers, children, and wounded military service members.

Is SSD The Same As SSA?

Yes, SSD and SSI are both administered by the SSA. Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are both programs that are administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

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