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Self-Driving Cars

What is the main idea of this selection?SDC’s are developing rapidly.
Based on the way it is used in this excerpt, the phrase “watershed moment”…Critical point that marks.
Which two of the following statements are valid, based on this excerpt?California is a pioneer.
U.S. states have been fairly slow to embrace.
In this excerpt, what is the author’s purpose in mentioning the headline, “MACHINE KILLS BOY”?To give an example of.
Which feature of SDCs would be most helpful in this setting?Rear cross-traffic alert.
Based on these two excerpts, you could conclude the author presents…An equal assessment of the future of self-driving cars.
Place the steps an SDC would make to navigate a city street, from first to last…Vehicle sensors feed information to the steering system.
Sensor data is used to create a 3D map of the SDC’s.
The map informs the cars what to expect.
Onboard sensors compare map data to real-world conditions.
Choose the sentence in this excerpt that provides evidence of the value of forward-collision warning systems…Researchers have seen a seven percent reduction in crashes for vehicles with a basic.

The Coordinates to Greatness

This is primarily about…Katherine Johnson’s life and accomplishments.
The author’s tone…Reverential and celebratory.
Read these two excerpts. Which of the following…Excerpt 1… is the author’s historical reimagining.
Katherine is described as…She became the first African American.
From this excerpt, you can conclude that…John Glenn revered and trusted.

Equality at Work

What is the central idea of this selection about affirmative action?Progress has been made in reducing discriminatory employment practices, but there is more to be done.
The author covers at length a series of lawsuits that challenged the discriminatory hiring practices of the Alabama Department of Public Safety. Why?to emphasize state officials’ intentional refusal year after year to comply with a judicial decision.
The federal program in Excerpt 1 is known as the Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). Excerpt 2 is from the Fourteenth Amendment Equal Protection Clause. Based on both excerpts, which question most strongly suggests why the lawsuits in Excerpt 1 were filed?Does the MBE violate the right of every citizen to impartial treatment?
In the case of the Alabama Department of Public Safety and a discrimination lawsuit, the author describes a court order meant to “level the playing field.” This refers to the…one-for-one hiring and promotion practice intended to make up for past discrimination.
Based on these two excerpts, which two of the following are reasonable conclusions?In addition to its racial disparities, the police workplace suffers from gender inequalities.
Alabama is not alone in failing to adequately diversify its law enforcement workforce.

A Tradition of Feathers

Which statement best expresses the central idea of this selection?Scientists are collaborating to correctly identify & catalog artifacts in the Powell collection, which offers a lot of information about Native American culture.
The text describes scientist Carla Dove’s name as aptonymic. Considering the topic of this selection, what other name could also be considered aptonymic?Kay Fowler.
Put these events from John Wesley Powell’s life in the order in which they happened…He fought for the Union during the Civil War.
He made his home in Washington, D.C., where he had considerable success as a scientist.
He established the Bureau of Ethnology and became chief of the U.S. Geological Survey.
He collected Native American artifacts while mapping and exploring the Colorado River and Grand Canyon.
Choose the sentence in this excerpt that best validates why an examination of the Powell collection, which has never been on display, is valuable now…The Powell collection hasn’t received.
Based on these excerpts, it is reasonable to infer that…The primary directive in correctly identifying and cataloging the bird materials used in the artifacts is to provide information for future researchers.

Fake Art, Big Money

What is the main idea of this selection?A little-known Chinese painter duped the art world.
Forgers often use this tool. What do they do with this tool, and why do they do it?They remove paint from old paintings, which leaves a canvas that looks old and worn.
Read these excerpts from the selection. Which two of the following statements are correct based on the information provided in the excerpts?The artworks created by Qian were mainly imitative.
Qian’s artistic talents were apparent during his childhood and he retained those talents as an adult.
An attorney working for one of the duped art collectors compared the discovery of the 31 “unseen masterpieces” created by Qian to…Winning the lottery 31 times.
Choose the sentence in this excerpt that includes a metaphor…The smoking gun.
Put these events in the order in which they occurred, from first to last…Qian painted, Qian began, Jack, The Knoedler.
According to the selection, “provenance” is the…History of painting’s creation, ownership, custody, and location.
Motherwell, Rothko, Pollock, and de Kooning can all be classified as…Abstract expressionist painters.

Robots Have Arrived

What is the main idea of this selection?Robot technology is contributing to a safer and higher quality of life.
Today’s mitral valve surgery is different from former conventional heart surgery because the surgeon nowinserts a robot through a small incision.
The prefix of the word “tele-surgical” indicates it refers to a surgery that is performedat a distance.
Use of robots as a means of border patrol might stir controversy because of the robot’s ability todischarge weapons in response to illegal activity.
The most inventive feature of the lawn-mowing robot would probably be its abilityto sound an alarm if taken by a thief.
One of the first uses of robots to replace humans in the workplace was inthe automotive industry.
Based on this selection, some people have expressed concern about the proliferation of robots because they think robotswill become more intelligent than real human beings.
In this excerpt, which sentence is the key to understanding the role of robots in modern life?Robots are ultimately controlled by humans so we can maximize their potential while minimizing the risks.
In this selection, the author bases her information on the value of robotic pets onresearch results.
From this excerpt, you can tell that the author’s tone in regard to robots isoptimistic

A Preacher Of Nonviolence

Another title for this selection could be“The Life of a Civil Rights Leader”
Dr. King learned about segregation frompersonal experience
Which two early childhood experiences influenced Dr. King to devote his life to the cause of equality?He and his father were not allowed to sit in the only seats available in a shoe store
He was required to attend an all-black school, separating him from his white childhood friend
Choose the sentence in this excerpt that best explains why Dr. King chose to go to prison.Dr. King decided to go to jail instead of paying a fine because he reasoned that he could make more people aware of the unfairness of segregation if he was imprisoned
What happened in 1954 that caused great tension in the South?The Supreme Court issued a ruling to integrate public schools
Which sentence demonstrates that Dr. King and Coretta Scott had “much in common”?They both were victims of the injustices of segregation
Which words in this excerpt indicate how Rosa Parks was feeling on the day she was arrested?wearily, long day’s work
Which sentence indicates a reason why the Montgomery bus boycott was successful?The Montgomery boycott had a negative effect on the city’s finances
The most important reason Dr. King won the Nobel Peace Prize was because heled non-violent protests in the Civil Rights Movement
In this concluding paragraph, the author creates a mood ofoptimism

New Era of Equality

The main idea of this selection is related tohow the Americans with Disabilities Act was a declaration of equality for individuals with disabilities
The successful passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act can be described as acollaborative effort
Why does President Bush compare the day of the signing of the ADA with July 4th, Independence Day?Disabled individuals welcomed a new era of equality, independence, and freedom
President Bush describes Lisa Carl asa “brave girl” with cerebral palsy who, thanks to the ADA, is now allowed into her local theater
After the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 but prior to the passage of the ADA, life for people with disabilities could be classified astrying and troublesome
Read this excerpt. Based on what you have read, you can infer that “Points of Light” arecommunity members involved in volunteer service
In this excerpt, the President isaddressing concerns about the economic impact of the act on business practices and profits
Place these guarantees of the ADA in the order President Bush lists them, from first to last.-prohibition of discrimination by employers
access to public places such as restaurants
expanded access to transportation
availability of equivalent telephone services
In this excerpt, the tone of the author could be described as which two of the following?passionate
Choose the sentence in this excerpt that supports the President’s statement, “This act does something important for American business.”Remember, this is a tremendous pool of people who will bring to jobs diversity, and loyalty.

World Heritage

What is the main idea?– Workers used excavation equipment
– Workers extracted the blocks from the site
– Workers used heavy equipment to transport -Workers secured the blocks together
Choose the sentence.The dam construction project would result in the flooding of the river valley.
The great wall of china was originally built asa form of protection
Why is the ongoing degradation of the Great wall of China?Tourists deface the site even though it is legally protected as a world heritage site.
Based on this selection, which human activity.burning of fossil fuels
Read this excerpt, If it were a part of a news storyIt would probably include a quote from one of the
What is likely to have influenced the white appearance of this sample?higher ocean temperatures.
Read these excerpts. Which two statements are about the World Heritage Sites?– Both World Heritage sites described face the threat of deterioration.
– The World Heritage Site in the first excerpt is a cultural site, while the site in the second is a natural site.
Which of the following sentences from the selection expresses the author’s opinion…It is important to learn about your global heritage to better understand…
Based on this excerpt, the Abu Simbel projectHerculean effort.

American Slang

What is Mencken’s primary thesis?American vernacular, with all of its idiosyncrasies and eccentricities, is worthy of the same academic analysis and literary dignity as dialects found in European countries.
Mencken includes these quotes from other American authors in order tohighlight the differences of opinion that existed even among his compatriots.
Mencken asserts the efforts of some to differentiate slang from idiomatic expressions is “largely in vain.” Why?Language is too fluid and constantly shifts between the two domains.
How do these pieces of text work together?They propose cooperation, as opposed to a struggle, between “British” English and “American” English dialects.
Based on the text, some etymologists claimed Shakespeare displayed a “feeble taste in language” by incorporating slang into his works. Mencken refutes this byarguing the terms used at that time had not yet become the overused slang we know today, but rather were the inventive and necessary use of language to fill a void.
According to Mencken, who creates slang?singular people with linguistic dexterity and inventiveness
Mencken claims that slang terms lose their substance and significance when theyare misused and overused by the masses.
In Mencken’s experience, what was the public’s preference regarding the use of slang, especially as it pertained to sports?Most approved the use of slang, explaining that it made the game more exciting for those who were unable to watch in person and had to read about it in the papers.
In this excerpt, the phrase “stage of bombast” is used in reference to what event?the use of pretentious words and phrases for simple things
The quotes in the conclusion leave the overall impression thatwhile Mencken ultimately saw American slang as having a significant role in language, he recognized others’ valid concerns regarding the potential adverse effects of its ubiquitous “muddy tide.”

Canine Cops

What is the main idea of this selection?Dogs are hardworking animals, mentally and physically well-suited to working in law enforcement.
Which type of training method is used to teach police dogs how to perform scent detection or tracking tasks?positive reinforcement
Why are dogs so highly valued by law enforcement agencies for use in scent detection or tracking work?Dogs can detect specific scents and track down people much faster than a human officer could because they have a sensitive sense of smell.
What could happen if a police dog exhibited an “aggressive alert” behavior while searching for an explosive device?The dog could accidentally injure or kill itself and its handler.
When preparing police dogs for scent-detection work, which step in the dogs’ training process occurs last?A handler has the dog reflexively dig or scratch on detecting an odor.
In this excerpt, the author creates a mood ofastonishment.
What evidence does the author give to support the claim that modern canines have evolved by selective breeding?Some breeds of domesticated dogs are mentally and physically very different from their ancestor, the wolf.
Based on this selection, why is the job of a police dog handler described as “demanding”?Handlers are required to train, work, and constantly accompany their dogs.
In this excerpt, the idiom “working like a dog” is an example ofsimile.
What feature of the dog in this image would contribute to its strong sense of smell?sloping, muscular neck

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