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The article primarily discusses_____.how Dr. Kwane Stewart goes out of his way to provide free medical support for pet owners experiencing homelessness
Which is the closest antonym for the word companionship?loneliness
According to the article, why did Dr. Stewart begin providing care to homeless pets?Dr. Stewart wanted to help pet owners who had lost their jobs and become homeless.
The author probably wrote this article in order to __.share the story of a veterinarian who cares for homeless people’s pets
Which question is not answered by the article?Which movie set has Dr. Stewart worked on?
Which of these is an opinion?Dr. Stewart’s work with homeless pets is a great example for other veterinarians.
The article states: Dr. Kwane Stewart is…a veterinarian in California. He helps pets and the people who love them for free. Dr. Stewart is known as “The Street Vet.”He walks or drives through cities, on the lookout for homeless pets who might need treatment. In this passage, the word treatment means_____.medical care
Suppose Nia wants to know more about veterinarians. She would find most of her information______.on a career exploration website.

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