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Changing Mines Achieve 3000 Answers

Activity Answers

Based on information in the Article, which best describes a difference between Lusatia shortly before the LMBV project began and Lusatia today?Shortly before the LMBV project began, Lusatia’s landscape was barren, while Lusatia’s landscape today is being reshaped to feature lakes, canals, and long stretches of bicycle trails.
What is this Article mainly about?A region of Germany that had been left barren by strip mining is being transformed into a destination for tourists.
Which is the closest synonym for the word deleterious, as it is used in the Article?Injurious
This Article would be most useful as a source for a student research project on __.The long-term environmental affects of strip mining.
The reader can infer from the Article that __.Tourists must often seek out destinations with outdoor features such as lakes, canals, and bicycle trails.
Which would be the closest antonym for the word augment, as it is used above?Deplete
Which passage from the Article best supports the idea that mining for lignite destroys the landscape?Unlike underground mining, which involves digging shafts, strip mining involves working from above, removing layer upon layer of soil, rock
Based on the Article, which is most likely to happen?The German government will take steps to promote Lusatia as a tourist destination for people living both inside and outside the country.

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