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The Green Concert Scene Achieve 3000 Answers

Activity Answers

In the first paragraph, the author presents a scene from a Billie Eilish concert in order toillustrate that live concerts are often a thrilling experience
Which of these is most important to include in a summary of this article?Some famous musicians have made their concert tours better for the planet.
Based on information in the article, which of the following best describes one similarity between Eilish’s and Coldplay’s tours?Both tours offset more carbon than they emitted.
Read this sentence from the article:
Tours crisscross countries or even circumnavigate the

In this sentence, the word circumnavigate means
to travel all the way around something
According to the article, why did Coldplay have high-tech bikes on tour?Fans used stationary bikes to provide the energy needed to power the shows.
Which of these statements from the article is an opinion?There’s nothing like a live show to amplify the emotional power of music.
Which is the closest antonym for the word amplify, as it is used in the article?celebrate
Based on the article, which is most likely to happen?Musicians will increasingly take environmentally friendly actions on their tours.

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