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An-imazing Costume Design Achieve 3000 Answers

Activity Answers

What is this article mainly about?In the past, characters were drawn by hand, so their costumes didn’t have much detail, but today, with computer-generated imagery, designers can go all out and create very detailed costumes.
Which of these is a statement of opinion?Digital costume designers don’t need to take as much care in designing outfits for computer animated characters as designers of the past took in creating costumes for their characters.
The Article states:

The job doesn’t stop with designing and digitally assembling a character’s clothing, either. Designers also ensure that the clothing moves the way it would if the character stepped out of the screen and into our world. For example, a heavy gown has a dramatically different flow compared to a thin superhero cape when a character is on the run. Special software lets designers see how the costumes they’ve created look on a 3-D person in motion. It also lets them see how their digital fabric holds up to the elements: In Frozen 2, for example, Elsa ends up underwater. So a team ran simulations to perfect the look of her costume’s fabric when it was wet and floating.
Why did the author include this passage?
To describe the ways in which digital costume designers ensure that their animated creations look and move as naturally as possible
Which is the closest synonym for the word simulation?imitation
What is one inference the reader can make from the Article?
Back in the days of classic animated features like Cinderella, adding fine details to characters’ outfits could take up a lot of time.
Which information is not in the Article?How animators for the movie Cinderella used early computers to create their images
Read this passage from the Article:

All these advances in outfitting animated characters haven’t gone unnoticed by the costume design industry. But formal awards weren’t offered until 2016. That year, Deborah Cook was nominated for a Costume Designers Guild Award for Kubo and the Two Strings. It was the first time any type of animated film was considered for the honor.

In this passage, the word nominate means
to choose someone as a candidate for receiving an honor
Which passage from the Article best supports the idea that today’s animation costume designers must fn skillful not only in using software but in using time-tested resources as well?These designers have super high-tech tools to create pretty much anything they can imagine. But, like traditional costume designers, they also rely on the basics, like pencil,
paper, scissors, and needle and thread. In fact, Pixar pros who use software to digitally sew costumes together also take sewing classes. They transfer those real-world tailoring talents to the world of animation.

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