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What is this article mainly about?The creative professionals who earn a living designing LEGO sets, making models for LEGO movies, and planning and constructing LEGOLAND figures
According to the Article, why is playing with LEGO one of the best ways to prepare for a job as a LEGO model designer?Because the ability to transform LEGO pieces into a masterful model is an important job qualification
Which is the closest synonym for
the word persevere?

A. prosper
B. persist
C. perceive
D. preside
Which of these is a statement of
The opportunity to plan and construct the miniature metropolises and larger-than-
life figures at LEGOLAND cannot be passed up.
The author probably wrote this Article in order toshare information with readers about the career of a LEGO model designer
The Article states:

Designers use their imaginations and problem-solving skills to turn ideas into reality, staying involved from conception to production.

Which is the closest antonym for
the word conception?
Which question is not answered by
the Article?

A. What are some of the
decisions made by a LEGO
model designer?
B. What kind of education is
needed to become a LEGO
model designer?
C. What is the average annual
salary for a LEGO model
D. What kind of experience is
needed to become a LEGO
model designer?
What is the average annual salary for a LEGO model designer?
This Article would be most useful as a source for a student research project onnon-traditional architectural careers

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LEGO Builders Can Go Pro Full Text

Let’s say you’re spending the day building a LEGO model. You rummage through multitudes of multicolored bricks until you spot

— aha!

—just the right sizes and shapes. You arrange and assemble them, carefully constructing your masterpiece brick by brick.

The reward for your stick-to-itiveness might be a car, a castle, or a character from your favorite movie. It could be a dinosaur, a donut shop, or a detailed replica of the International Space Station. Now imagine you had something else to show for your efforts…a paycheck!

That’s all in a day’s work for LEGO model designers. These creative professionals earn a living by playing with the popular plastic construction toys. They develop the designs for the LEGO sets sold around the world, from simple products for young kids to monumental challenges for collectors. Open any LEGO box and you can see the results of hundreds of choices made by designers. They decide on the shapes, sizes, colors, and quantities of the pieces and how they fit together.

But not all their creations are destined to be packaged in a box and sold from store shelves. Designers also get to make the models used in LEGO movies, as well as plan and construct the miniature metropolises and larger-than-life figures at LEGOLAND theme parks. Imagine getting paid to build an 8-foot (2.4-meter) sculpture of Batman out of LEGO bricks. Now that’s a dream job with super fun benefits!

Designers use their imaginations and problem-solving skills to turn ideas into reality, staying involved from conception to production. To develop a design, they use both hands-on and digital techniques. They might begin by settling down with a bunch of bricks, trying out different ideas and combinations. Once they’ve put together a workable physical model, they recreate their design virtually using animation software.

What kind of education and experience do you need to land this gig? Many LEGO model designers studied 3-D (three-dimensional) arts or architecture in college. But the ability to transform a pile of plastic pieces into a masterful model is essential. That means one of the best ways to prepare for this job is to spend a lot of time…playing with LEGO! If you like to while away hour after hour up to your elbows in those beloved bricks, you could be building a strong foundation for a career.

For LEGO model designers, creativity is key, so if you’re interested in going pro, think outside the box. It’s great to be able to follow the directions to build a packaged model. But coming up with your own creations can be even more constructive. The company suggests that would-be designers start by using LEGO bricks to copy real-world objects, then move on to envisioning fantastical creations fresh from their own imaginations.

Need some inspiration to build on? The LEGO Group’s website LEGO Ideas ( is a hub for dedicated LEGO fans of all ages. Kids, teens, and AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) can share their creations with other LEGO enthusiasts.

They can take part in activities and challenges and enter contests to win prizes, including LEGO sets, shopping sprees, or even trips. So even if you’re not ready to put together a plan for a career as a LEGO model designer, there are still some ways to play with these cool construction toys for fun and profit!

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