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EVERFI Keys To Your Future – College And Career Readiness Answers

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Keys To Your Future is an online program developed with UBS to equip teachers with the necessary tools to help high school students succeed in college and prepare for their careers.

Free answers for EVERFI Keys To Your Future College And Career Readiness modules are available here.

Everfi My Life Goals Lesson 1 Answers

When gathering information about certain occupations, be sure to understand how you are paid. What is the difference between a salary and an hourly wage?A salary is paid no matter how many hours you work whereas an hourly wage is paid only for the time on your job.
What best describes the relationship between short and long term goals?Setting short-term goals now helps reach long-term goals later.
A career is another name for a job.False
What is an example of an interest leading to a career choice?An interest in helping others leads to a career in medicine.
How can short term goals best lead towards accomplishing long term career goals?Learning skills, earning certifications and gaining experience can prepare someone for a desired career.
What is NOT taken into account when determining a person’s career path?Genetics
Learning design software, applying to college and creating a website to showcase
work are examples of _ that lead to a career as a graphic artist.
short term goals
Which best defines the relationship between short and long term goals?Short term goals are smaller steps that can help accomplish a long term goal.
When gathering information about an industry, pay attention to whether it is a growth industry. What does this mean?An industry that is growing and adding jobs, which means it may be easier to get work.
What best describes the difference between careers and industries?An industry is a field or a subject area whereas careers are the type of work that is done by an individual.

Everfi Preparing in High School Lesson 2 Answers

When you ____, you have all the materials needed to complete a task.Are organized
How can goal setting help with academic performance?It helps you focus on what needs to be done and why.
Which is the best example of someone growing their network while in high-school?Having regular check-ins with teachers and counselors to discuss goals.
Prioritization is an example of a skill that helps you reach long term goals because…it focuses on the most important tasks first, which leads to accomplishing long term goals.
Which is an example of an effective study skill?Making notecards and quizzing yourself.
Who is most likely able to help you accomplish goals?All of the above
What study skill is being used when taking a large project and breaking it down into smaller manageable tasks?chunking
Why should you block time on a calendar to study on a regular basis?Improving your time management helps you study regularly instead of cramming.
Which of the following can be considered an important part of time management?Thinking about how much time to spend on each task, and in what order they
should be done.
Which is the best explanation for why organization can lead to academic and career success?It allows you to locate materials, be aware of your assignments and plan time
to get things done

Everfi Choosing a Path Lesson 3 Answers

Which item is not part of a college application?Financial aid application and FAFSA form
As you apply to college, when should you apply for financial aid?When you apply to the college.
Changing your major or your focus of study in college is common. What may happen if you change your major in college?You may need to take additional courses during a summer semester.
When applying to college, it pays to ask for help and advice from people who have already gone. Which of the following people could be a useful resource during the college application process?All of the above
Which of these is NOT an important thing to consider when choosing a path after high school?Determine if your path matches most of your peers.
A friend tells you that they cannot afford to pay for the standardized tests that need to be taken to apply for college and military academies. How could you respond?“You can get a waiver which will pay for the tests.”
Letters of recommendation for college should only be about your academic achievements.False
As a prospective student, what is the best reason to request an interview with your college application?It shows the college that you are really interested.
When filling out a college application, what should you list?All of the above
What types of people make up a person’s personal network?All of the above

Everfi Starting Your Career Lesson 5 Answers

What research will help prepare you before you apply for a job?
informational interviews on the position and background research on the company
What is NOT an example of professional networking?
setting up your computer network in your home or office
Before going to a job interview, which of these will NOT help you prepare?
clean out you email inbox
How should resumes and cover letters be written to help you obtain a job that meets your career goals?
they should list your accomplishments and how your skill meet the needs of the job
____ is NOT an effective way to do research about a job you want.
asking your friends about the company or the job
How can a professional association help you reach your career goals?
professional associations will host networking events and connect you to people in the careers and industries you are interested in
Why is paying attention to how you present yourself in an interview important and helpful in securing a job?
it allows the interviewer to focus on you and your skills
A resume and cover letter help secure interviews. What can help secure a job offer?
a thank you letter after the interview
How can body language, tone of voice and eye contact improve your ability to secure a job during an interview?
they can communicate a positive energy which can mean more interest and enthusiasm for the job
When attending a networking event, what should you focus on first before asking for connections or advice?
building a relationship with people first

Everfi Career Success Lesson 6 Answers

What is one benefit to working collaboratively on a team?Each person gets to contribute in their own unique way.
Which is NOT an effective way to build relationships with your co-workers?Find one or two co-workers that you can complain to.
Which is the ability to change and be flexible as problems arise and priorities shift?Adaptability
To get a special project, Chris practiced which of the following by reading all he could about the field and spending time learning a new skill?Lifelong Learning
Relationship building at work can…create relationships that lead to new opportunities later.
Which is a benefit of collaboration and teamwork?It expands your social network and creates new connections.
Which technique will NOT help you build rapport with your colleagues?Being consistently unprepared.
Which of the following is the ability to find solutions and be creative when overcoming challenges?Problem solving
Which is an outcome of asking for help in the workplace?It helps you can your whole team get the help you need.
Conflicts happen in all careers. What can help to reduce the damage that a conflict can cause on a project or on a team?All of the above


  1. Keys To Your Future – College And Career Readiness

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