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Activity Answers

The best alternate headline for
this article would be

A. Chinese New Year Creates
Positive Economic Ripples
B. Imports of Luxury Goods
Increase for New Year
C. China Celebrates New Year
With Clean, Decorated Homes
D. More Chinese Citizens
Traveling Abroad for Chinese
New Year
Chinese New Year Creates
Positive Economic Ripples
This article would be most useful
as a source for a student research
project on

A. Traditional dishes of China
B. The origins of the Chinese
tradition of giving lai see
during the New Year
C. Transportation improvements
in China thanks to the
country’s economic growth
D. The effects of China’s growing
The effects of China’s growing
The article states:

The nation’s growing
prosperity has helped make
the Chinese New Year an
economic boon for countries
around the world.
Which would be the closest
synonym for the word boon?

A. Hindrance
B. Advantage
C. Temptation
D. Exception
Which of these is a statement of opinion?The color red, which
symbolizes fortune and joy, is
the ideal color for Chinese New
Year decorations.
The article states:

For example, exports of U.S.
lobster to China have
skyrocketed over the past
few years, from $2.1 million in
2009 to $90.5 million in 2014.

The author’s purpose for writing
this passage was to
Provide an example of how
China’s new prosperity is
creating positive economic
ripples across the globe
The article states:

And thanks to a financial
prosperity that China has
enjoyed in recent years,
those New Year celebrations
are creating positive
economic ripples across the

Look at the passage above and
think about the article. Which is
the closest synonym for the word
Which of these should not be
included in a summary of this

A. Chinese New Year celebrations
are creating positive economic
ripples across the globe.
B. Many businesses close during
the Chinese New Year holiday,
allowing people to celebrate
with family and friends.
C. Wang Kang is a marketing
manager at a seafood
distributing company in China.
D. People traditionally celebrate
the Chinese New Year with
festivals, carnivals, feasts,
parades, dances, and
Wang Kang is a marketing
manager at a seafood
distributing company in China.
Which passage from the article
best supports the idea that the
Chinese New Year is the most
important holiday in the Chinese
Fireworks are seemingly
everywhere, the practice
stemming from an ancient
belief that loud noises will
scare away evil spirits.

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