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What is this article primarily about?Book clubs allow members to enjoy books with peers and grow many skills at the same time.
The article states:

Book clubs can be organized through school or at the local library or bookstore. They offer something for everyone at every reading level. And no matter how unconventional, every genre has its fans. From manga and American history to mystery and adventure, if a subject ignites your imagination, you can be sure there are others ready to help stoke the fire.

The author’s purpose for writing this passage was to
emphasize that book clubs welcome readers of all abilities and all areas of interest
Which is the closest antonym for the word unconventional, as it is used in the article?

A. available
B. memorable
C. essential
D. typical
According to the article, which of the following best describes one similarity between Sidney Keys III and Marley Dias?Both decided that readers need to see Black main characters in books.
What cause-and-effect relationship is described in this article?Discussing texts improves
readers’ ability to recall details.
Which passage from the article best supports the idea that books allow readers to discover more about themselves and others?Some books act like mirrors, reflecting insights into our own lives. Others open windows, revealing people, places, and ideas we didn’t even know existed.
The reader can infer from the article thatthere is no single correct way to run a book club or select titles to explore
Read this passage from the article: Some book clubs go beyond
the printed page, too. Members may get together to watch the movie adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, for example. Then they’ll discuss how the movie and book compare. An adaptation is
a revised version of something

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