EVERFI Ignition Digital Wellness and Safety Answers

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Ignition: Digital Wellness and Safety is a comprehensive, educational program focused on equipping students with the necessary knowledge to use the digital world responsibly.

This curriculum helps young people feel secure across all platforms as they explore our ever-changing digital landscape.

Here we provide question to all lessons.

Everfi Connections and Community Module 1 Answers

What is a NEGATIVE part of being in an online community?
Having anything you post be permanent.
If a friend posts something online that hurts your feelings, what should you do?
Ask to talk to them in person.
If someone you don’t know asks where you go to school, what should you do?
Don’t respond.
What is “social comparison”?
When you compare your life to others’ social media posts and feel like your life is worse.
What is “emotional contagion”?
When you feel the emotions you think someone else feels.
emotional contagion
when you feel the emotions you think someone else thinks it can lead to frustrations
If you are feeling drawn to check social media all the time
take a break and interact with friends in person
If a friend is hurtful to you online
ask to talk in person
online negatives consequences
what you post gives a permanent impression that can get out of your control
online positives uses
connecting to share common interests and worldwide learning
an online risk
Nothing is really private
social comparison
seeing the posts of others and believing their life is better than yours is
alternative screen name
posting what you want by hiding behind a fake alternative screen name
to stop hurting feelings
treat others’ comments the way you want yours to be treated
online impression
used by coaches, administrators and potential employers, so remember you can’t take it back.

Everfi Safety and Privacy Module 2

digital footprint
A collection of data from a person’s online activity that can be traced back to them. It’s made up of data that can be found online.
active digital footprint
When someone shares information on purpose and it becomes part of their digital footprint.
passive digital footprint
When someone doesn’t know their information was gathered and it becomes part of their digital footprint.
identity theft
When someone pretends to be you, by using your personal information.
privacy policy
A policy that companies share when you use their services. The policy tells you how they gather and use your information.
Image and information about you that you set on social media, games, or other apps.
location tracking
When an app uses GPS to track where you are remotely. Some apps share your location through their site.
online searching
online searching
The ability to locate digital resources on the world wide web.
social media
social media
websites and applications that enable users to engage in social networking.
online payment
online payment
Using the Internet to make a payment from an account to the business
short for application, but generally refers to mobile applications
Digital Footprint
Digital Footprint
All of the information about a person that can be found online
private information
private information
Information that can be used to identify you, such as your Social Security number, billing information, medical data, etc.
personal information
personal information
Information that can personally identify someone, such as their name, email address.
Active Digital Footprint
Data that you intentionally submit online
Passive Digital Footprint
created when data is collected without the owner knowing
identity theft
identity theft
A crime that involves someone pretending to be another person in order to steal money or obtain benefits
data miner
data miner
people who gather and then sell that information.
Privacy Policy
policy that indicates what kind of information a website will take from you and what they intend to do with it
online retailer
person who sells by internet
social network
A series of social relationships that links a person directly to others, as well as indirectly to even more people
Online Profile
Refers to the detailed, digital representation of a person’s identity.
containing information organized in such way that it can be found using a computer
privacy settings
the part of a social networking website, internet browser, piece of software, etc. that allows you to control who sees information about you
social comparison
evaluating one’s abilities and opinions by comparing oneself with others
emotional contagion
the process by which emotions are transferred from one person to another
online communication
connecting with others by means of new media
the right of people not to reveal information about themselves
Digital Literacy
process of teaching and learning about technology and the use of technology
Digital Communication
electronic exchange of information
Digital Citizenship
The norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use.
A safeguard for access to a computer or computer program.
good password
Includes a combination of letters and numbers that are memorable and meaningful to you
software that is intended to damage or disable computers and computer systems.
An email with a link to re-set your password

Everfi Screen Time vs. Offline Time Module 3 Answers

What’s TRUE about spending a lot of time online?
It can hurt your friendships, grades and your mental health
What’s a FALSE statement about online time?
Checking social media a lot is connected to more happiness
What’s a sign you should talk to an adult about your online time?
If you always feel anxious about what you’re missing online and if you only feel happy when you are online
How can you create a healthy balance between online and offline time?
Turn off notifications on your phone
How can you help your offline friendships?
Don’t look at your phone when talking with your friends

Everfi Technology and Data Module 4 Answers


Everfi Rights and Literacy Module 5

What’s true about freedom of expression?
It allows you to express your ideas and it allows you to express your opinions
If something is copyrighted, how can it be used?
With permission or in certain “fair use” cases
What is curated content?
Something you didn’t create, but are sharing
Which is a copyright violation?
Sending a copyrighted song to a friend, sharing a copyrighted image on social media, downloading a copyrighted movie without permission
If someone you don’t know gives you feedback on your online creation, what should you do?
See what you think about their feedback
A website that is regularly updated and operates like a journal with writing, opinions, experiences, photos, videos, and links to other information on it
Exclusive rights given to someone who creates original work; the individual is protected for his or her lifetime 50 years after his or her death
The use of letters and punctuation in a message that indicates the emotion of the text (eg., 🙂 to mean happy)
fair use
A limitation and expectation to the exclusive right granted by copyright law to the author of a create work
Intellectual property
Property created from an original thought or idea
A common audio format for playback and storage of music on digital audio players
Content and media that combines different content forms, such as text, audio, animation, and still images
The unauthorized reproduction or copyright of music, video, or literature without proper compensation or permission
Representing the language or thoughts of an author as your own, without indicating where the information is from
A standard display design used in blogs to provide a structure for information to be viewed
Abbreviations and slang commonly used to shorten text or instant message, like using “?s” for “questions”
Web 2.0
Refers to applications on web that allows users to interact through user-generated content, design, and collaboration; includes the functions of social media websites
A video camera for computers typically used to provide real-time video footage

Everfi Evaluating Content Module 6 Answers

What is a sign that content is biased?
The author makes money in a connected area
What is a sign that information is accurate?
Statistics are included, research is referenced and sources are cited
Can you get accurate information from social media?
What are signs something is sponsored content?
It says “sponsored content” or “ad” somewhere somewhere or it’s paid for by a person or company
If you’re unsure if something is true, what should you do?
Research the information
primary source
Direct or first-hand stories that come from the time period when the event being discussed happened.
secondary source
Things that talk about or explain primary sources and are created by someone who didn’t participate in the event.
Taking someone else’s words or ideas and presenting them as your own.
Prejudice felt about certain things, people, or groups. Prejudice is an opinion.
A book, article, person, or other resource consulted for information.

Ignition’s digital literacy curriculum equips students with the knowledge and tools to make responsible decisions online. With six comprehensive lessons, they will be able to evaluate content for accuracy, perspective, motive, as well as recognize the benefits of participating in virtual communities.

This program is designed to help them successfully navigate their digital lives without compromising privacy or safety.


  1. Ignition: Digital Wellness and Safety

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