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Lexile: 1380

Answer Key

According to the Article, which of these happened first?A French female botanist became the first woman in history to sail completely around the world.
Which of these is most important to include in a summary of the Article?In centuries past, women were expected to stay home and raise families, but that didn’t stop three daring women from blazing trails of their own and embarking on some amazing adventures.
The author’s purpose for writing this passage was to __.suggest that Lady Hester Stanhope was a very convincing woman who refused to take “no” for an answer
Which of these is a statement of opinion?It wasn’t wise for Jeanne Baret to disguise herself as a man on a voyage aboard the Étoile because it was
almost certain she would have been found out sooner or later.
Which two words are the closest antonyms?indefatigable and indolent
Which passage from the Article best supports the idea that women were not always publicly acknowledged for their significant contributions in the past?During the journey, Baret helped Commerson collect over 6,000 botanical specimens, and some historians
credit her, and her alone, with discovering the bougainvillea plant in Brazil and bringing its seeds back to
Europe. Even so, Commerson received all the credit. And when shipmates on the Étoile discovered that Jean was really Jeanne, it’s believed that Commerson lied, proclaiming he’d been duped as well. To this day, 70 plants, insects, and mollusks bear Commerson’s name only.
In this passage, the word harrowing means __.painful and upsetting
Which information is not in the Article?Who named a plant after Jeanne Baret two centuries after her death

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