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Readworks Org Answer Key Grade 7

The Giver Book Study: Memories – Good and Bad Readworks Answer Key

What is sensory input?something that a person can see, smell, touch, taste, or hear
The passage describes ways that sensory input can help people access or “unlock” forgotten memories.
Which of the following describes evidence that sensory input can unlock a memory?
Marcel Proust ate a madeleine and recalled a large portion of his childhood.
Behaving a certain way for an extended period of time can affect the way that our brains react to sensory input in the future. What evidence from the text supports this conclusion?a former soldier hearing a plane overhead and automatically producing adrenaline
Why are sense reactors important?They are the way that your brain processes what’s going on in the world around you.
What is this passage mostly about?the way that our brains respond to sensory input
The author uses a metaphor to compare human memory to something else. What does the author compare human memory to?a mansion with many rooms
Choose the answer that best completes the sentence below.
Soldiers develop reactions that serve them extremely well in combat, __, they may not be as useful when the soldiers return home.
Sense receptors respond to a number of different types of inputs.
Use evidence from the text to support this statement.
Students should note that sense receptors react to electromagnetic, mechanical, and chemical inputs. Students may also discuss the example of a person stepping on a sharp object and a person seeing a bear as two specific examples of sensory input that the brain reacts to.
Describe how soldiers may need to adjust their behavior when they are no longer in a combat zone.In a combat zone, a soldier’s senses become heightened to detect sights, smells, and sounds that could signal danger, but at home, similar sounds, like those from airplanes, do not signify danger. A returning soldier needs to take time to think about the messages his or her brain is sending in the body before responding right away to those inputs.
Explain how sensory input impacts the ability to remember past experiences by using information from the text.Answers may vary and should be supported by the text. Students should note that it has been determined that the memory center of the brain, where memories are made and stored, is closely linked to the sensory center, where the brain controls and processes your senses. Therefore, a certain sensory input may fire up not just the sensory center, but the memory center, too.
Students may explain that ultimately these sensory inputs have the ability to unlock memories from the past that have been blocked out or forgotten. For example, students may note that Proust wrote a seven part novel after recalling memories from his childhood after eating a madeleine. On the other hand, the World War II veterans who watched Saving Private Ryan experienced severe emotional distress. Both Proust and the veterans were responding to sensory inputs that unlocked memories from the past that they had blocked out or forgotten.

Intertwining Memories Readworks Answer Key

What is Debra doing throughout the story?recalling different memories
What is the setting of the story?Nana Kay’s old hom
Read the following sentences: “‘I wish I had been here to help you when you fell, Nana,’ Debra says out loud to herself. ‘You were always there for me, to stop me from getting hurt. But now, you are the one who ended up needing me.’”
Based on Debra’s statement, how does she most likely feel about Nana Kay’s fall?
Debra feels guilty about not having been able to prevent Nana Kay from falling.
What makes Debra recall different memories from her life?objects in Nana Kay’s home
What is this story mainly about?Debra’s relationship with her family and her reflections on the nature of memory
Read the following sentences: “She runs her hand along the walls and wonders how different her memories must be from someone else’s, or how similar. Every day in her life was also a day in someone else’s life. Their worlds intertwine.”
As used in the passage, what does the word “intertwine” most nearly mean?
to connect closely
Choose the answer that best completes the sentence below.
After reminiscing about her childhood, her father, and Nana Kay, Debra _ realizes that everyone’s different memories of Nana’s house are intertwined.
What will Nana Kay’s new home at Pine Bluffs not have?Her new home at Pine Bluffs will not have the old memories of her old home. Her new home at Pine Bluffs will also be missing the railing, fireplace, and flap in the cellar door that her old home has.
What memory from her childhood comes rushing back to Debra as she stands by the fireplace at the end of the story?The memory of being three years old and almost getting burned when she crawled too close to the fireplace comes rushing back to Debra at the end of the story.
Debra recalls being nearly burned by the fireplace when she was three years old. She then concludes that her father was burned by the same fireplace. Why do these two memories make Debra realize that memories intertwine?Students should indicate that these two different memories make Debra realize that both she and her father have memories of similar experiences at Nana Kay’s fireplace. Thus, Debra realizes that memories intertwine, or connect together, based on similar circumstances, environments, and/or personal relationships.

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