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Servsafe Test 90 Questions And Answers PDF

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A food handler should wash their handsbetween shaking hands and refilling food on a salad bar
Metal shavings in a can of peaches is considered what type of contamination?Physical
Most often, food becomes unsafe due tothe people that handle the food
Cross-contamination can occurwhen a food handler carries raw vegetable and raw ground chicken on the same…
During a shift a food handler complains about a sore throat and fever. What should the manager do with the food that the employee prepared earlier in the day?Throw it out
Water hardness can affect cleaning bydecreasing the effectiveness of detergents
How many days do shellstock records need to be maintained after the last item has been sold?90
Within 2 hours of hot holding in a service area, the temperature of soup dropped to 130 F. The soup is pulled and reheated. What temperature must the soup be reheated?165 F
What is the minimum number of people to complain of foodborne illness in order to be considered an outbreak?2
A cook begins his shift on the salad station at 8 am. At 11 am he takes a break and returns at 11:30 am. At 3 pm he leaves for the day. When should he have washed hands and applied gloves?8 am and 11:30 am
A food handler diagnosed with jaundice may return to work once seven days have passed and they havea written release from a medical practitioner and regulatory authority approval
To assist a customer with a food allergy, a server should be able todiscuss menu food items
A cook is preparing a dinner for a local retirement residence. Which item should be removed from the menu?Sushi
A service sink is used forcleaning mops and throwing out waste water
Ready-to-eat TCS food prepared on-site and stored at the correct temperature can be held for up to how many days?7
After switching from cutting cantaloupe to romaine lettuce, the cutting boardmust be cleaned and sanitized
When a critical control point is NOT met, a food handler must firsttake corrective action
All ready-to-eat TCS food prepared on site should be properly labeled if it is going to be held for longer than how many hours24
Which action helps slow pathogen growth?holding food at 41 degrees or lower
Viruses such as norovirus and hepatitis A are directly related to contamination fromfeces
How should food and supplies be stored in a dry-storage areaAway from the walls and 6 inches off the floor
An operation must obtain a variance from the regulatory authority before *uring food
A food handler would use an infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of which piece of equipment?Flat grill
Which of the following is a physical contaminantdirt
A server uses a pewter pitcher to serve margaritas and several guests become ill. The most likely cause of the illness isacidity of the beverage caused the pewter to leach, resulting in chemical contamination
After cooking TCS food in the microwave to a minimum internal temperature of 165 F for 15 seconds, which step should be taken next?Allow food to stand covered for 2 minutes after cooking to obtain an even temperature
A TCS type of food that is cooked, cooled and then reheated for hot holding must be reheated so that all parts of the food reach a temperature of 165 F for how many seconds?15
Equipment approved for use in the prep area should have a seal of approval from which of the following?NSF
Shucked shellfish can be removed from their original container for display when the shellstock tag is retained for how many days?90
The manager must notify the regulatory authority if an employee comes to work with an illness caused byShigella spp.
Fruits and vegetables that are cooked for hot holding must be cooked to minimum internal temperature of135 F
Staff exposure to hepatitis A must be reported to the regulatory authorities within how many days?30 Days
A handwashing sink shall be equipped to provide hot water at a temperature of100 F
When raw sewage backs up onto the floor of the kitchen, the operation mustimmediately close the operation, correct the problem and thoroughly clean the facility
The agency responsible for inspecting operations that ship food to other states is theFDA
When prepping food, a food handler should not wear which item?a medical alert bracelet
When prepping food it is acceptable for food handlers to wearHats
The minimum water temperature when sanitizing utensils using hot water is171 F
The minimum water temperature when sanitizing utensils using hot water is171 F
Which item can be re-served to customers?Unopened prepackaged food
Which type of contaminant is a bone in a fish fillet?Physical
An operation that serves raw oysters on the half shell can best ensure safety bypurchasing oysters from an approved supplier
An outdoor garbage can must have the following exceptbright paint
A food handler should be excluded from the operation if he or she is diagnosed withhepatitis A
Recommendations for foodservice regulations are issued at the federal level through theFDA Food Code
An operation is serving oysters on the half shell. The operation must provide consumers with adisclosure of raw ingredients
Single-service items must be receivedin undamaged original packaging
What food item can be re-served to customers?Crackers in an unopened original package
Food handlers should be excluded from the prep area when they are experiencing which symptom?Vomiting
The risk of foodborne illness caused by parasites can be reduced bypurchasing fish and produce from an approved supplier
The cook puts refrigerated lasagna into the steam table at 9:00am for service at noon. This practice is incorrect because thesteam table is to be used for holding correctly heated food

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An operation must obtain a variance from the regulatory authority before curing foods
Fresh beef must be received at or below41 F
What is the minimum internal cooking temperature for raw eggs prepared for immediate service?145 F
Which item is a food handler permitted to wear on hands and arms?Plain metal band ring
Food handlers were told about a special preparation requested by a customer with a food allergy. However, a small amount of the restricted food came into contact with the meal. Which action should be taken?Set the dish aside so that it will not be served and then inform management
Cooked vegetable should beheld at 135 F or higher
Previously cooked food that was hot held for service must be reheated to which minimum internal temperature for at least 15 seconds?165 F
Which food was correctly cooled?Cooked poultry that cooled from 135 F to 70 F within 2 hours and from 70 F to 41 F within an additional 4 hours
During on-the-job training, a manager discovers that a food handler is handling raw and then cooked poultry without changing gloves. What should the manager do?Throw out the cooked poultry and reinforce correct food handling
Food contamination is most likely to happen when food handlerschew tobacco
The temperature of vegetable beef soup held on a steam table is checked and recorded in a log every 2 hours. When the temperature falls below 135 F, the cook tells the manager and then reheats the soup to 165 F for 15 seconds. What was the corrective action taken? *Reheating the soup to 165 F for 15 seconds
One of the Big Eight allergens issoybeans
Which authority regulates and inspects meat, poultry and eggsUSDA
Ready-to-eat food should be thrown out if it has beenhandled by sick food handlers who are later excluded
Game animals received for sale in an operation should becommercially raised for food
Which is most likely to be contaminated with the virus that causes hepatitis A?Raw oysters on the half shell
Fresh fruits and vegetables must be washedbefore being cut
after cutting
Floor coving is used toreduce sharp corners on hard-to-clean floors
Which is a TCS food?Alfalfa sprouts
Tabletop foodservice equipment on legs should have a space between the base of the equipment and the tabletop of at least4 inches
Food that has NOT been honestly presented must bethrown out
Food handlers may wear fingernail polish or artificial nails if theywear intact gloves in good repair
Later in the shift a food handler complains about a sore throat and fever. What should the manager do with the food that the food handler prepared earlier in the dayThrow it out
Freezing food keeps it safe because freezingslows the growth of pathogens in food
What is the range of temperature where rapid bacteria growth occurs?70 F to 125 F
Which action could lead to cross contamination?Touching more than one TCS food before washing your hands
The primary risk associated with transporting ice in containers originally used to store chemicals is that theyMay still have residue after they have been cleaned
Which procedure would help protect food from contamination by food handlers and customers?Installing sneeze guards above the salad bar
The third compartment in a three compartment sink is forSanitizing
Why should training documentation reports be kept?They verify that training has been completed
A correctly designed and installed three compartment sink must have which type of backflow prevention?Air gap
If found during a food safety inspection, which hazard is grounds for closing a foodservice operation?Significant lack of refrigeration
A food handler must remove what item before working with food?Medical bracelet
The only acceptable jewelry for a food handler is aPlain metal ring
Mineral buildup has formed on the steam table. Which cleaning agent would best remove it?Delimer
A food handler is slicing roast beef continuously on a slicer for 6 hours. After 4 hours, the roast beef is removed and set aside while the slicer parts are washed, rinsed, and sanitized. The meat is then put back on the slicer to continue slicing. What is the most serious risk of this procedure?Time temperature abuse of the roast beef
Which is the best location for chemical detergents and sanitizers to be stored?On shelves in the dishwashing area
The hair, nose, throat, and infected cuts of an average healthy person may carry which pathogen?Staphylococcus
Who should the manager contact when reporting a suspected foodborne illness?Local regulatory authority
Waste water backs up into the kitchen. Who should be contacted after the regulatory authority suspends the permit to operate?Licensed plumber
What is the first thing a person in charge should do when someone arrives at the foodservice operation and says that they are there to conduct an inspection of the operation?Ask for identification
What is the reaction of the immune system to a specific food called?Food intolerance
Tabletop equipment on legs requires a clearance of at least4 inches
Shucked oysters must bePurchased from an approved supplier
Which food should be stored below all others in a cooler?Raw poultry
A food handler has opened a container of commercially prepared potato salad. After how many days must the potato salad be discarded if it has been properly stored?7
What is the correct way to clean a cutting board?Wash, rinse, and sanitize
An illness caused by what pathogen must be reported to the regulatory authority?Norovirus
Which temperature is acceptable for cold storing potato salad?46 F
Cross contact is a concern withAllergens in food
When prepping food for customers with a food allergy, food handlers mustWash, rinse, and sanitize cookware and utensils first
Hand antiseptics may only be used if they areApproved by the FDA
In order from top to bottom, how should a pan of fresh chicken breasts, fresh salmon, a carton of broccoli, and fresh ground beef be stored on shelves in a cooler?Broccoli, fresh salmon, fresh ground beef, and fresh chicken breasts
Which sink should be used to empty mop buckets and rinse cleaning tools and brushes?Service
A food handler should recalibrate a thermometer afterIt falls on the floor
When washing hands properly, which other body part must also be cleaned?Exposed parts of forearms
Which activity helps to prevent food contamination?Not reusing plates at a self-service area
Which is the best way to thaw frozen shrimp?Under refrigeration at 41 F or lower
What is the primary goal of active managerial control?To reduce the risk of foodborne illness
A manager should store canned soup that has been recalled in a(n)Dry storage with a do not use label
When should food contact surfaces be cleaned and sanitized?After each task
What must an operation do to offer take-out meals produced using the reduced-oxygen packaging (ROP) method?Create a HACCP plan
Which raw food should be stored above all others in a cooler to minimize cross contamination?Carrots
What is the primary source of hepatitis A?Human feces
What does ALERT stand for?A way to decrease the risk of intentional food contamination
At what temperature or lower should cold food be held in a self-service area?41 F
What should operations serving highly susceptible populations NOT serve?Undercooked eggs
What is the maximum number of days that sliced roast beef can remain refrigerated at 41 F or below before it must be discarded?7
When is a food considered adulterated?When it is held under unsanitary conditions
Traces of pesticides are found on raw poultry breasts. Which type of contamination is this?Chemical
What is the most important aspect of personal cleanliness?Frequent and thorough handwashing
What is an example of monitoring to determine if a critical limit is met?Measuring the temperature of poultry during cooking
When are food handlers MOST LIKELY to cause food contamination?When they chew tobacco
What is an example of “cleaning”?Removing food bits from a slicer with a wiping cloth
What food safety issue could be caused by allowing a disgruntled employee to enter the food prep area?Deliberate contamination
What should garbage containers used by an operation be?Leak proof, waterproof, and easy to clean
Why is leaving a hose submerged in a bucket while it fills a risk to the water supply?A cross-connection has been created
Which food would be safe to serve to a highly susceptible population?Chocolate sauce
What is the most effective way of training food handlers on how to make a new recipe?Demonstration
What food container is suitable for transporting food?A metal pan with an aluminum foil cover
What is a way of preventing physical contamination?Using coated or shatter-resistant light bulbs
How should outside garbage containers be sealed?With tight-fitting lids
How can an operation reduce the likelihood of biological contamination?By purchasing seafood from approved, reputable sources
What is the correct response to a sewage backflow in an operation?Close the operation immediately
What virus is of particular concern to food safety?Norovirus
What should be done to make cleaning easier in the area where floors and walls meet?Install coving
At what time should egg salad sandwiches served at an offsite location without temperature control have been thrown out, given that the salad was 55 F at 1 pm, 65 F at 3 pm, 71 F at 4 pm, and 80 F at 5 pm?3 pm
What must a handwashing station have?a handwashing station must have hot and cold running water, soap, a garbage container, and an acceptable method for drying hands
Hot water in a hand washing sink must reach a temperature of at least100 F
Before what activity must food handlers wash their hands?Preparing poultry
Which of the following is evidence of deliberate tampering of food?Protective seal or wrapper is missing from a food container
It is July 22nd and chicken salad is being prepared with leftover chicken that was grilled on July 20th. By what date must the chicken salad be served or thrown out?July 27th
A food handler has emptied a durable 5 gallon bucket that originally contained pickles. This bucket may be reused for food storage if it is cleaned and sanitized.
Under what circumstances can a warewashing sink be used to wash produce?It is cleaned and sanitized before and after washing the produce
Before preparing a sandwich for a customer, the deli clerk shouldWash hands and put on disposable gloves
Connection between two threaded faucets should have an approvedVacuum breaker

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