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ServSafe Chapter 3 Quiz Answer: The Safe Food Handler

True or False

  1. True
  2. True
  3. True
  4. False

Handwashing Steps

  1. D
  2. B
  3. A
  4. E
  5. C

Actions That Can Contaminate Food:

1, 3, and 5 should be marked.

Exclude or Restrict?

  1. E
  2. E
  3. E
  4. E
  1. You should not have painted fingernails when serving food.
  2. Wearing a dirty uniform or apron can contaminate food.
  3. Which of the following activities that can contaminate food? (select all that apply)
    Touching your hair, face, or body
    Wearing a hat while prepping food
    Handling money
    Wearing a clean apron
    Sneezing, coughing, or using a tissue
  4. When you must be changed yourGloves? (select all that apply)
    performing the same task
    become soiled
    become torn
    beginning a new task
    hands have not become contaminated
    used in place of hand washing
  5. Just by dragging the following handwashing steps in the correct order.
    Wet your hands and arms with running water as hot as you can comfortably stand (at least 100˚F [38˚C]).
    Apply enough soap to build up a good lather.
    Vigorously scrub hands and arms for at least 10 to 15 seconds
    Rinse your hands and arms thoroughly under warm running water
    Dry hands and arms with a single-use paper towel or a hand dryer.
  6. What you should do “if you found, ” A food handler at your restaurant was vomiting this morning”? (select all that apply)
    Excluded from the operation
    Restricted from working with or around food
    Send back to the home and make sure must be symptom-free for 24 hours before returning
    Call 911
  7. Who is responsible for training food handlers on personal hygiene policies and retraining them regularly?
    Business Owner
    Kitchen Staff
    Cleaning Management
    Food manager
  8. Who is responsible for revising personal hygiene policies when laws or science change?
    Restaurant Owner
    Food Manager
    Food Handler
    All of them
  9. When aprons should always be worn?
    entering into food-display areas
    entering food-preparation areas
    entering into washroom
    entering into washroom
  10. You should wash your hands after taking a break to smoke.
  11. Food handlers who work in a nursing home can’t work in the operation if they have which symptom?
    Soreness with fatigue Headache with soreness
    Sore throat with fever
    Thirst with itching
    All of the above
  12. Use hand antiseptic before washing hands.
  13. Which of the following should not be allowed when preparing, serving or working in food-prep areas? (select all that apply)
    Chewing Gum
  14. What you should do “if you found, “a food handler at a hospital has a sore throat and a fever”?
    excluded from the operation
    restricted from working with or around food
    send him/her to home for 24 hours
    All of the above
  15. You are allowed to handle ready-to-eat food with bare hands.
  16. FDA “ALERT” stands for
    Accurate, Life, Ease, Recovery, Time
    Adjust, Learn, Eat, Response, Temperature
    Authorities, Local, Emergency, Responsibility, Train
    Assure, Look, Employees, Reports, Threat
  17. Which one piece of jewelry can be worn by a foodhandler?
    Diamond ring
    Plain band ring
    Medical bracelet
    None of the above
  18. How long should you spend at least to scrubbing your hands?
    5-10 seconds
    10-15 seconds
    20-30 seconds
    1 minium
  19. When should hand antiseptics be used and who approved
    After washing hands, FDA approve hand antiseptics
    After washing hands, USDA approve hand antiseptics
    After washing hands, CDC approve hand antiseptics
    After washing hands, it must comply with the CFR and FDA standards
  20. What should food handlers do if they cut their fingers while prepping food?
    Cover the wound with a bandage
    Cover the wound with a bandage and a glove and or a finger cot
    Stay away from food and pep areas
    Scrub hands & arms

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