ServSafe Food Handler Practice Test

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Welcome to the ServSafe Food Handler Practice Test! This test is designed to help you gauge your knowledge and understanding of food safety as it pertains to the restaurant and food service industry. More federal, state, and local jurisdictions recognize and accept the ServSafe program more than any other food safety training program.

It’s the best way to protect public health by ensuring that your food service operation meets the highest standards of food safety.

Instructions for the Test

Time Limit: There is no specific time limit for this practice test, but try to complete it in one sitting to mimic the conditions of the actual exam.

Scoring: Each correct answer is worth one point. There is no penalty for incorrect answers, so it’s better to guess if you’re unsure.

Retakes: Feel free to retake this practice test as many times as you need. The goal is to feel comfortable with the material and confident in your ability to pass the actual exam.

Remember, this practice test is a tool to help you prepare. It does not guarantee a passing score on the actual ServSafe Food Handler Exam. Good luck!

Practice Test 1

Local health codes establish requirements for all of the following subjects EXCEPT:
Which one of the following situations would MOST LIKELY promote bacterial contamination?
Which one of the following conditions in an outside waste disposal area needs to be corrected IMMEDIATELY?
It is very important to sanitize all of the following items EXCEPT:
Normally the establishment has up to _______ days to correct detected violations.
Sanitization can be accomplished by all of the following means EXCEPT:
What item is considered acceptable work attire for a food handler?
What must a food handler with a hand wound do to safely work with food?
What should foodservice operators do to prevent customer illness from Shigella spp.?
To wash hands correctly, a food handler must first
What should foodservice operators do to prevent the spread of hepatitis A?
Metal shavings are which type of contaminant?
Which is a TCS food?
Ciguatera toxin is commonly found in
Parasites are commonly associated with
Which group of individuals has a higher risk of foodborne illness?
If the cool chain is broken:
Of the following workers, who is a food handler?
Why is Food Safety Important?
When a food service worker avoids personal behaviors that can contaminate food, they are:
A foodborne illness can be caused by cross-contamination when (check all that apply):
Time and Temperature Abuse Happens when:
What is the minimum internal temperature to which poultry should be cooked?
What is the most common cause of foodborne illnesses?
Which of the following is a common food allergen?
What should be done if a food handler has a sore throat with a fever?
What is the first step in cleaning and sanitizing a prep table?
What is the danger zone temperature range in which bacteria grow most rapidly?
Which of the following is a physical contaminant?
What is the maximum amount of time that ready-to-eat TCS food can be stored in a cooler at 41°F (5°C)?
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Recommended Resource: ServSafe Food Handler Guide

For those looking to deepen their understanding of food safety, we highly recommend the ServSafe Food Handler Guide. This guide is an invaluable resource for anyone in the food service industry.

The ServSafe Food Handler Guide, published by the National Restaurant Association, is designed to integrate food safety into any existing onboarding training program. It covers five key areas: Basic Food Safety, Personal Hygiene, Cross-Contamination & Allergens, Time and Temperature, and Cleaning and Sanitation.

The guide is structured in a way that sections can be completed in approximately 10 minutes, making it a convenient and efficient learning tool. It features color-coded sections for easy reference and color photographs from the learner’s point of view to help reinforce food safety concepts.

An enhanced assessment can be taken at the completion of training to measure if employees have the minimum competency in food safety knowledge.

Practice Test 2

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Practice Test 3

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