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ServSafe Food Handler Practice Test 3

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A food handler who has just bused tables must do what before handling food?
What should a manager of a quick-service operation do if a food handler reports having a sore throat and a fever?
Three components of active managerial control include
Outdoor garbage containers must be
A handwashing station should have a garbage container, hot and cold water, signage, a way to dry hands, and
What is the best way to eliminate pests that have entered the operation?
What is the definition of sanitizing?
How often must you check the temperature of hot food that is being held with temperature control?
What is the maximum amount of time that ready-to-eat TCS food can be stored in a cooler at 41°F (5°C) before it must be sold, served, or thrown out?
How long must shellstock tags be kept on file?
When receiving a delivery of food for an operation, it is important to
Ready-to-eat TCS food must be date marked if it will be stored for longer than
Cut melons should be stored at what internal temperature?
What action should a manager take when a food handler reports having diarrhea and being diagnosed with a foodborne illness caused by Shigella spp.?
What is one factor that affects the growth of bacteria in food?
Which item is stored correctly in the cooler?
What step must managers take after creating a master cleaning schedule and training staff to use it?
Why are preschool-age children at a higher risk for getting a foodborne illness?
Which does not require sanitizing?
To work with food, a food handler with an infected hand wound must
To make sure that the chemical sanitizer being used on a food-prep surface is at the correct strength,
Where should staff members eat, drink, smoke, or chew gum?
Which action could contaminate food at a self-service area?
How high should floor-mounted equipment be from the floor?
Using one set of cutting boards for raw poultry and another set of cutting boards for ready-to-eat food reduces the risk of
How should food handlers keep their fingernails?
A broken water main has caused the water in an operation to appear brown. What should the manager do?
When preparing to wash dishes in a three-compartment sink, what is the first task?
Which food item may be handled with bare hands?
Peanuts and soy products are two possible food items that can be dangerous for people with
Which agency enforces food safety in a restaurant or foodservice operation?
As part of handwashing, food handlers must scrub their hands and arms for at least
Wheezing and hives are symptoms of
What is a cross-connection?
Pathogens are likely to grow well in a meat stew that is
When pouring sanitizer from its original container into a spray bottle, the spray bottle must be labeled with the
A catering employee removed a tray of lasagna from hot-holding for service in a hotel conference room at 11:00 am. By what time must the lasagna be thrown out?
Which is a TCS food?
A recall has been issued for a specific brand of orange juice. The store manager has matched the information from the recall notice to the item, removed the item from inventory, and stored it in a secure location. What should the manager do next?
To prevent the deliberate contamination of food, a manager should know who is in the facility, monitor the security of products, keep information related to food security on file, and know
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