ServSafe Chapter 10 Quiz Answers – Cleaning and Sanitizing

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True or False

  1. Surfaces must be sanitized before they are cleaned.
    – False
  2. Cleaning reduces the number of pathogens on a surface to safe levels.
    – False
  3. Utensils cleaned and sanitized in a three-compartment sink should be dried with a clean towel.
    – False.
  4. Soaking items for 30 seconds in water at least 171˚F (77˚C) is an acceptable way to sanitize items.
    – True

When to Clean and Sanitize

  1. List the four instances when a food-contact surface must be cleaned and sanitized.

Answer: A food-contact surface should be cleaned and sanitized at these times:

  • After it is used
  • Before food handlers start working with a different type of food
  • Any time food handlers are interrupted during a task and the items being used may have been contaminated
  • After four hours if items are in constant use

Clean In-Place Equipment

  1. In what order must the steps for cleaning and sanitizing stationary equipment be completed?
  • Unplug the equipment
  • Take removable parts off and wash, rinse, and sanitize by hand or in a dishwasher if allowed
  • Scrape or remove food from the equipment surface
  • Wash the equipment surfaces
  • Rinse the equipment surfaces with clean water
  • Sanitize the equipment surfaces
  • Allow the surfaces to air-dry

A 2
B 1
C 6
D 5
E 7
F 3
G 4


  1. List the five factors that affect a sanitizer’s effectiveness.

Here are the factors that affect a sanitizer’s effectiveness:

  • Concentration
  • Temperature
  • Contact time
  • Water hardness
  • pH

Cleaning and Sanitizing in a Three-Compartment Sink

  1. Place the following steps for cleaning and sanitizing in a three-compartment sink in the correct order.
  • Rinse, scrape, or soak items before washing them
  • Wash items in the first sink.
  • Rinse items in second sink.
  • Sanitize items in third sink.
  • Air-dry items on a clean and sanitized surface

A 4
B 5
C 3
D 1
E 2

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